12th Jan 2015 18:37 -  9 years ago
Tags : 174 bpm
Drum And Bass
1.78 MB
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Description : important

Only use for non commercial tracks.

Put my name GadManDubs , in your song title

Comments (44)

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the song you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

hack89 8th Apr 2023 11:07 -  1 year ago
1Lockdown1 29th Dec 2021 20:37 -  2 years ago
Keksgregor 8th Dec 2021 20:06 -  2 years ago
what up mate!!! love your vocals, hope u enjoy it
KrasHBeatbox 20th Sep 2021 20:13 -  2 years ago
Thanks for your accapela !
Check out my "remix" :
Mascuvy 26th Jan 2021 07:44 -  3 years ago
GadManDubs - No Beef (Mascuvy Remix) by Mascuvy on SoundCloud
ElixyrDJ 31st Oct 2020 09:30 -  3 years ago
ElixyrDJ 31st Oct 2020 08:10 -  3 years ago
so much remixes all garbage
BAYGUSH 10th Jul 2020 19:40 -  3 years ago
NipekOfficial 30th Dec 2019 05:22 -  4 years ago
Hey Man! Maded a dope Electro Bassline House track with that Check out!
rapvolg 28th Dec 2019 11:19 -  4 years ago
Sylerus 29th Apr 2019 08:53 -  5 years ago
hello brou ! i have some sample of my track with your accapela :) its non profit and for free download here you have a link on my soundcloud and , i like you and if you like the beat what i did, write me on my social sites , SC Fb or something :) i will be wait bro !
criticalmes 20th Apr 2019 23:02 -  5 years ago
scorn19 27th Jan 2019 17:02 -  5 years ago
Very nice, will be using this for sure
kanze 15th Mar 2018 14:19 -  6 years ago
Dazodaz 27th Feb 2018 18:07 -  6 years ago Thank you so much for the acapella its the first time I have created my own tracks give it a listen and see what you think any criticism will be welcomed
tr4pic 27th Oct 2017 23:49 -  6 years ago
heres a neurofunk track i did a while ago :)
markmachine653 17th Feb 2017 03:11 -  7 years ago
hi man i make this track whit yours vocals check it please :) and you have the lyrcis of demons took you? keep the good work!!
jdnp 1st Jan 2017 02:09 -  7 years ago
Thanks for the upload keep up the good work!
I uploaded a track check it out hope you enjoy it
Randyx 16th May 2016 03:49 -  8 years ago
This acapella is really good!!

This is my track ;D
raulus55 12th Mar 2016 09:03 -  8 years ago
FroggyDJ 27th Feb 2016 20:28 -  8 years ago
DEPIETER 2nd Feb 2016 18:52 -  8 years ago
Brabus 16th Jan 2016 21:56 -  8 years ago
Zel1987 23rd Dec 2015 05:35 -  8 years ago

Perhaps commercial use. If interested, please contact us by . If not - there will be a free version.
322m 2nd Dec 2015 02:48 -  8 years ago
DjDeivy 29th Nov 2015 00:46 -  8 years ago
2tymasta 10th Aug 2015 23:42 -  8 years ago
This how you need to do it guys!
Check this out!
mronoff99 26th May 2015 15:52 -  9 years ago
Mzabeats 11th May 2015 12:10 -  9 years ago
Hi! Listen my remix here:

Hope you like it!
jjff 7th May 2015 08:29 -  9 years ago
jjff 6th May 2015 13:37 -  9 years ago
dude such a track. i used it in a song and once i upload it ill post the link in a comment. thanks.
Joly 2nd May 2015 00:18 -  9 years ago

Stupid linking- sorry here's the actual link to the song. Many thanks mate :)
Joly 2nd May 2015 00:17 -  9 years ago
Ebotiii 21st Apr 2015 16:45 -  9 years ago
hello there,

i just did a minute long track using this acapella.

if you want to listen:

you make some good pellas, keep it up!

fekasgt 3rd Apr 2015 09:40 -  9 years ago
Samhunter92 23rd Mar 2015 18:49 -  9 years ago .. i mean i havent uploaded it yet... but is this even good guys? .. and also my man gadman what aboutevery person that will take your acapella . do you want us to upload as ourselves feat you ? or somethinh more like a remix?
GadManDubs replied 24th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
Yeah Put GadManDubs-No Beef-(Your name -Remix)

johny007 10th Mar 2015 22:12 -  9 years ago
Hey dude, check out my mix, are you okay with the title?
Djbrazil0007 17th Jan 2015 06:27 -  9 years ago
Your acapella Is Awesome I used it for my track "Conscious Mind" On soundcloud I also put the link to your acapella so other can see how awesome you are Nice one

Link to song :
GadManDubs replied 24th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
hi love your remix them chords sound like classic hardcore

style from the 90's
djgendos 14th Jan 2015 11:30 -  9 years ago
mate please contact me :

this is important , we want to collab with you!
korte1975 12th Jan 2015 22:04 -  9 years ago

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Usage : RomyHarmony did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Free for NON-COMMERCIAL and NON-PROFIT use (such as Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube etc.). For commercial purposes (iTunes, Beatport, label releases etc.), please contact me for License Agreement. Details on my profile. I try to listen to all tracks, but I am running out of time with my projects as it is, so please understand that I might not be able to give feedback and comments for everyone. I have also other acapellas online, check my profile for links.
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Tags : 172 bpm
Drum And Bass
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Adult Content
Key : C
Usage : GadManDubs did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Not for Sale

Put my Name GadManDubs

in the title of your remix

GadManDubs-Tag On Your Back ( your remix)

contact me if your having timing issues;

listen to my version to see

If you want to sell your remix- contact me via soundcloud
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Usage : new5ense did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
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6.18 MB
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Usage : Kamalimani did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : We are one! The unity of life. Spoken Word Poetry by Kamal Imani

facebook kamal.imani
29th Nov 2020 20:10 -  3 years ago
Description : Not really sure if this is DnB, the muzic track said it was. :-)
9th Mar 2020 02:20 -  4 years ago
Description : all genre allowed
24th Feb 2022 02:46 -  2 years ago
Description : Key Scale of G sharp Minor
5th Apr 2021 17:16 -  3 years ago
Description : If you want to upload this to apple music and spotify and make money, hit me up on Instagram for approval.
(I don't want any money, I just want to authorise it)

IG name on looperman profile. if you wana collab

comment what you've done too.
20th Nov 2020 16:58 -  3 years ago
Description : James Bond flavoured song
First chord is Amin. Contact me if you like to have the MIDI.