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Description : descending resonant pad made with pitchmap, may be fun as an effect or stinger

Description : convolution reverb swell with a long tail

Description : colour bass pattern made with a pitchmap/convolution effects chain

Description : resampled tail from an ambient experiment that sounded a little like an immense bell, may be fun for surreal stuff or ambient contexts

Description : generic detuned riser, pretty universally applicable in edm contexts

Description : ascending tonal stinger made with pitchmap

Description : descending tonal ambience made w pitchmap, could be useful as a stinger or transition

Description : tense ambient stinger, might be good for cinematic contexts

Description : spectral processing ambience with fluttering resonances, may be fun as a sound effect or in an track

Description : atonal resonant drone made with spectral processing, may be useful as an effect

Description : ethereal drone made from various metallophones

Description : suspenseful choral (?) drone of unknown origin and key

Description : simple saw pad blanketed in reverb, in the simplest key there is. may work well as a bg layer

Description : pitched and altered version of a previous ambient sample cut, slight metallic resonant quality that could be used in those good old bell situations we all find ourselves in

Description : sound drawn out from the very end of a long reverb tail on a piano, reminded me somehow of the surreality of monogatari

Description : little cut from a granular session, might work well as a stinger or little detail in a track :)) key unknown but I always advocate experimenting until things work !!

Description : dramatic cinematic ambience, may be good in climactic contexts

Description : tense cinematic ambience based around reverb, key unknown but could be useful as a stinger

Description : soft, nurturing ambience with occasional higher notes

Description : magical, spell-ish stinger made with imagiro celeste. may be fun as an effect or could work in something more ambient

Description : drone made from a clip of beetham tower in manchester resonating in high winds !! key unknown, and in this case maybe there isn't one

Description : Orchestral ambient sustain

Description : Underwater ambient motif with a dark mix and spacious reverb

Description : Ultra long time stretch ambience with crystallisation and multiple reverbs

Description : Ambient bed with crackling artefacts

Loops 1 - 25 of 264