27th Jan 2009 13:10 - 15 years ago
Description : A pretty new track I had worked on recently. Full title was Life and Love. Strange coming from the dark and depressed industrial guy I guess. Inspiration for the song? I would have to say the soundtrack from the film 'The Fountain' done by Clint Mansell. Choice film if your into weird romantic mescalin induced drama's. Cheers

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If you have time take a listen and give MCHN some feedback.

CyberSon 23rd Jun 2011 13:20 - 13 years ago
This is beautiful my friend! Sensual and dreamy, you could float away listening to it. I really like the production and arrangement. Excellent work.
kylemonk 17th Feb 2011 00:16 - 13 years ago
First off, the song is amazing. The drum is perfect with every musical variation you put around it. The sinking feeling that i get makes me want to sing about dreams, sleep, and love with a women. So, can i write lyrics and send them to you combined with this track? i would love to show you what i have. I would need your permission of course. Good job, keep up the skills.

One thing i would like to add...needs a hook somewhere. The hook can go off the same beat and melody, but i say add something powerful. Passionate, like some violin with a symphony to break away and let the listener feel the power of love. And then the soft melody can roll back in after a fade out of the hook so the peace that the lover feels comes back into the story.

or, you can emphasize on the bongos and add more of a bongo mash for the hook. So the hook gains more power, but don't overdue it you know? This was the hook isn't too far off from the rest of the song. The bongos can be free styled.

These are my thoughts. What do you think?

I will be writing and recording this week. I will email you on your user email with the finished demo when it's ready.
MCHN replied Unknown
Sorry for the late reply. This track usually seems to fly off the radar as far as reviews and replies go. Your free to use it. If you need a higher bit rate or the source files, drop me a email through the contact members page. Cheers and thanks for the review :D
FineRedMist 15th Oct 2010 06:16 - 13 years ago
This is beautiful i gotta listen to more of your stuff now.
JohnBoutilier 25th Sep 2010 01:08 - 13 years ago
I agree with thehumps, I see this as a sweet cinematic piece. Music like this just enlivens the imagination with imagery.

Great track

MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for the review John. I guess the track still works it's magic lol. Cheers :D
Thethanx 17th Sep 2010 21:22 - 13 years ago
Oh man, there are some things I'd love to do to this music... mostly have sex and smoke joints. I almost wish it had a little light scratching over it, but it's still totally a fav as it is!
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for the review. Haha yea man. Now that's a reachable goal right there. Couldn't agree more with the scratches. Some real ambient scratch textures would be cool. This track still plays in my ipod alot so I might finally dust it off and update it. Been saying that for over a year now though. Just a lazy mofo sometimes though lol. Thanks and Cheers :D
djquickrick 10th Sep 2010 21:16 - 13 years ago
I really like the vibe. Amazing pad n beat mix. Truly chillin. My afternoon blueberry waffles will easily digest as I listen to this one. :)
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for the review. Might have to add that as my tag line. McHn- Musice to aid digestion :D
Apologies for the late reply also. Email gets backed up and some stuff passes by me. Cheers :D
theHumps 31st Jul 2010 09:49 - 13 years ago
Oh yea, this is quite a nice track. Cinematic to a large degree, I could hear this in a love scene or music to represent a passage of time. It really took me to a very relaxed place. Liked the bongos, used nicely. Great job with this one!

MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks you for the review.
radumusteata 30th Jun 2010 09:25 - 14 years ago
I would listen to tracks like that all day long......good mastering...
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for the review and kind words :D
Planetjazzbass 6th Jun 2010 06:05 - 14 years ago
I really like slow tempo numbers for a few reasons...their difficult to get right and when they do it's usually with a slow drip impact that in the end has you totally submerged within the sound..this track is no exception,dark,slightly foreboding a chilled journey into uncharted territory.....excellent vibe and way chill!..cheers planet :)
MCHN replied Unknown
Very late reply sorry. Thanks for the review first hehe. I agree totally with the difficulty of slower material. Most the new stuff I have tinkered with is 70 to 55 bpm, and its a little hectic. Trying to keep someone locked in and get themselves immersed is a bit hard in the slow range. Worth every second of effort though. Thanks for the review again and sorry for the l8 reply. Cheers :D
ChaseManhattan 17th May 2010 03:30 - 14 years ago
this is old school chilling.. your description should read. shut up and listen lol. thats the way i feel when i listen to this. just shut up and relax lol. nice workk and track
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for the review. Don't think I'm at the level of just saying shut up and listen yet lol. Someday maybe. Cheers :D
nepaul 16th May 2010 19:16 - 14 years ago
putting me in chill mode with this man, that's dope. that panning is nice in the headphones. feels like my head is stretching. lol. cool track for sure.
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for the review. Haha that stretching sound always bugs me out when I hear it still. Cheers :D
Mechanic 8th May 2010 23:29 - 14 years ago
Very sweet track, must see the fountain now.
Cool with a capitol C.
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for the review. Highly recommend the film. Nothing like 'Requiem For A Dream', but beautiful in it's own right. Cheers :)
alividlife 24th Apr 2010 20:38 - 14 years ago
I really love it man...

Life and Love huh?
Totally fits the bill....
I was hearing delay on the Rhodes lead.. and fading into chaos...
Some drum variations.. but I know how it goes....

Everything is superb man...
I am really glad to meet your music MCHN.
MCHN replied Unknown
Yea a slight delay on the Rhodes. It kinda changes with that time stretch on. Just a slight tweak on a preset but really made it a bit better. Yea, biggest weakness is my drums. Usually program up to 8 bars all with variations but I just almost always keep the same 1 bar loop. It's something since the beginning that I haven't broken my writing from. Gotta expand more on that. Thanks for the review again. Cheers :)
jethro2010 13th Apr 2010 05:21 - 14 years ago
Love listening to this, perfect song to space off to when you are taking the train at night.
MCHN replied Unknown
Thank you for the review. I love ambient or really mellow type stuff. Just cant seem to always get one whole new song like 'L and L' together. Soon hopefully. Cheers :)
Jpipes24 11th Apr 2010 20:29 - 14 years ago
Dude this track had me in the zone it like sucks you in lol... Nice work I really like this keep em coming...
MCHN replied Unknown
Thank you for the review. I'm trying to finish up some more chill/ambient tracks up so soon I may have another one(maybe lol) Thanks for your time :)
bones2008 26th May 2009 22:04 - 15 years ago
lovin the ambience created in this track bud, all the sounds you used blended together sure this will appeal to people of many fav. genres overall
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks you for the listen :)
Jack_Spear 12th May 2009 18:25 - 15 years ago
cool track! i like it!! good work, kp it up!
blackryan 26th Apr 2009 16:39 - 15 years ago
really like this - may even dl. chilled but with a slight darkness (in case you were worried aboout not being dark!) edited - have downloaded it. The only track I have downloaded thus far - says it all really!
nepaul 17th Apr 2009 15:54 - 15 years ago
I listened to this during the day but kind of wish it were dark out. I like the slow creaking sound in the background that creeps out thought the track. It's not too loud, which make me listen for it. Nice work man props.
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for listening to it. It has that late night early morning vibe to it. Cheers
MRGLEEK1 10th Apr 2009 03:09 - 15 years ago
dats supa tyte man i like it
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanx for the review. =D
CONEYISLANDRECORDS 3rd Apr 2009 15:25 - 15 years ago
Ay, I like this right here! Do you mind If I DL it and put some paino and what not on it? Awesome mello drums!
MCHN replied Unknown
Yea man, I'm sure you will do something great with it. If you want a higher bit rate just drop me a line here. Cheers
sIcKoFtHeUnDeRgRoUnD 2nd Apr 2009 12:47 - 15 years ago
I Diggs it !!!FAV!!!
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for listening to it =D
Centrist 31st Mar 2009 12:17 - 15 years ago
'Friggin love that movie. ;p

If I knew anything about anything, I'd probably say that we would need some high-energy strings going on in this song!

Like... Requiem for a Dream [Orchestral mix] energy.


Well done though, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece.
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks =D Glad you liked it. Yea the remix for Requiem(Tower remix I think) has some great string work. I've been working on some other stuff with strings so hopefully I can come back and revamp this song in the future.
Pwnone 19th Mar 2009 07:10 - 15 years ago
hhhhmmm, yeah its wierd in a cool way.
i like those bongo's that came in. very creative way to use those in a beat like this.

i like the vibe off this...keep it up.
MCHN replied Unknown
Yea the bongos were a new thing to me. I normally just use the same things(bass drum, snare, ride, crash) but those bongos seemed to fit. Thank you for the listen.
DanielGtrman 18th Mar 2009 17:30 - 15 years ago
A very laid back track so I can see why you put it in chill-out but because of the weird and sad feel to this my first reaction was cinematic, then I read what you put. I shall have to give "The Fountain " a view and listen to the sound track. For me, your mix works very well and creates it's own moody broody atmosphere. Well produced and put-together.
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for the listen man. Yea definitely I can say it's inspired by 'The Fountain'. I won't say it has a very big correlation to the movie but it had an impact on how I heard this in my head.
InformalCircuit 8th Mar 2009 16:02 - 15 years ago
good track, not to much going on in the back to distract you from enjoying it
MCHN replied Unknown
Hehe, thanks InformalCircuit. Yea this track is laid back. Usually I just have a bunch of noise and nuance(nuisance?) stuff in my music. Thanks for the listen. Cheers.
JHolmes 7th Mar 2009 00:10 - 15 years ago
I didn't realize Clint Mansell did the soundtrack in The Fountain. I'll have to watch it again. I think the last film with his music I saw was Requiem for a Dream, and although I loved the music, there's no way I'm watching that film another time; too damn depressing. I'll have to watch the Fountain again.

This track has a great sound to it. The panning sounds great on speakers, which is usually pretty difficult to accomplish (or at least I can't do it), so mad props on that.

The percussive clicks (woodblocks?) might sound better with a bit of reverb/delay on them. Or they might not... but if you're looking to keep working on the track, it could be something to consider.
MCHN replied Unknown
Hey JHolmes, thanks for the review. I've been listening to Clint Mansell since the Pop Will Eat Itself days. I've become a bigger fan of his soundtrack work lately. As for the percussion on L and L, those were actually bongos sampled from a Korg patch. I still have the session so I may just have to try out some reverb or delay and see how that sounds. Cheers.
Randall822 1st Feb 2009 14:19 - 15 years ago
Hi there MCHN,

Thought I'd stop by and see what was new.

Nice easy listening tune here and relaxing slow beat.
It's good to try different types of music as I do some...from country to rock.

Thanks for uploading it...I really enjoyed it.

MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks Randy, glad you liked it man. Cheers :]
spliffyc 29th Jan 2009 15:36 - 15 years ago
I must say it's Very Calming.
What is in the background Panning From Left to Right?
MCHN replied Unknown
Thanks for having a listen to it. There are a few things panning actually. The main sound is a organ with a LP filter and some oscillation for the stretching. The drums also have two kicks that pan a bit so they don't have any freq collision. Lastly a violin with filters that echos and repeats in reverse that pans. Cheers =D

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