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Description : All these news stories were from one day. I put a mic in front of the TV and this song came about with it. That's me on drum machine, and guitar. A couple samples are included, such as Jimi Hendrix talking, and the Gregorian Monk Chants. The little girl saying, "I'm sad and stuff like that...but everbody has to die." is a real girl in the interview on TV! My guitar skills are unveiled! More to come.

Description : If you use this please send me track.

Description : This is a Lil Peep type beat that I prefer as a one of my favorite to make, as because I love alternative rock, sad emo music or just anything guitar. I hope that you guys (and gals) like this one.

Description : Shit got me in my feels

Description : sad rap song, heart broken rap song

Description : i made this let me what you think this song

Description : sad trap beat 110BPM piano, distortion

Tags : | Trap | 3.95 MB | FL Studio

Description :

beat =

Description : $uicide Boyz x Fibonacci Instrumental

Shatt3r - Sad Pad With Vocals(loop)
Josephfunk - Drug Money Stash Piano(loop) Reversed
808ice - Revenge(loop)Reversed

Description : a sad boi track i made after a breakup.

Description : This is a song that I worked on, it's a Sad/Emo/Pop Punk Juice Wrld, Lil Peep type beat; but I want to collab on this song with someone. If you want to collab, contact me and we can work on something.
Feel free to record and add some vocals, but send them in the comments so I can hear them. Thank You!

Description : trap, sad, piano. big bass
110 bpm
distorted. distortion. long sad beat.

Tags : | Trap | 1.31 MB | Mixcraft

Description : sometimes i lie awake at night
when i think of you it keeps me up
when i remember it makes me sad
because i never tried to hurt you
but i ended up hurting myself

Description : sad, bass boosted instrumental trap beat. made with arp chords.
thunders and rain. 130 bpm

Description : this is a personal song had to post it somewhere..

Description : Constructed this beat using various loops by the lovely people on this site.
"MCNorad": Slumps Chorus (melody)
"TheIlluminator": DRUMS YOU WERE LOOKING FOR (drums)
"UnknownBeats": Sad Harp (random arp)

This isn't fully produced, just had to lay down the words..
I hope you enjoy
Thank you for your time
Much love to everyone

Description : sad melodic and experimental track.
piano, chill sounds, 130 bpm, melancholic, bass boost, listen loud.
at the end there is an "extra beat mood"...or something like that.

Description : (FREE) "Only One" Metro Boomin Type Beat Sad Trap Beat 2019 (Prod.UNKNXWN)

Description : Description : New release. Do you like it?
https:/ / /sad-boy-999251098/akryto-3
Contact with me for collab and etc.

Description : sad, strange, weird, particular... maybe... 140 bpm
voice choir, guitar chords.

If someone use this track for every type of material, if someone wants, please share the result.

Description : Kinda sad

Description : Sad Piano Mellody Prod By : (EK R Beats {El_KhowaGa})
From Egypt

Tags : | Trap | 6.75 MB | FL Studio

Description : Yeah it was pretty sad year. We'll see what's coming forward. As usual please like, comment and share if you really like my music

Description : Description : New release. Do you like it?
https:/ / /sad-boy-999251098
Contact with me for collab and etc.

Description : Hello Looperman. Made a feels song and felt the need to share it. Sad yet the second half is kind of uplifting. What genre would you say this is? Because I have no idea. Oh yeah I used 2 Steelyvibe acapellas as well

Tracks 1 - 25 of 671
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