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Tags : | Trap | 3.62 MB

Description : Some hardcore shit.

Tags : | Hardcore | 9.16 MB

Description : I tough i was going mad. It's not my usual style, but i always love hardcore! Yesterday i was searching something about HC on Looperman but i realize a lack of songs or other stuff of this genre. So i decided to reprise an old Fruity Loops project, forgotten for long time, remake it completely in just one day and this is the madness i did. Hope you like it and... play it loud, jump to the ceiling and go mad with me! (PS) There are no samples taken by Looperman Users.

Tags : | Hardcore | 4.16 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : DJ The Observer ft OMAR SANTANA - Slamma Jamma (Obby's Mix)
Banging and Slamming Hardcore !!!
With samples from Omar Santana -Slamma Jamma
i also used loops from Loonygoon, SpivKurl , TGO , and Hardcore kicks made by Blueeskies.

Guess nobody likes it ...

Tags : | Hardcore | 11.56 MB | Featured

Description : FULL TRACK NAME: Happyman - I Won't Think About It (Extended Mix)

For all fans of UK Hardcore music, from Sy & Uknown, Breeze & Styles, Scott Brown etc...

I was inspired by a friend of mine when I heard his Hardcore track and thought I'd go back to where I started and track to make something half decent.

Tags : | Hardcore | 5.46 MB

Description : Great hardcore hip hop beat, anybody wanting beats for projects email me.

Description : Hardcore track made completely on an android cell. In Caustic 3. 168 bpm. Mostly pure automation. Some samples from freesound.org.

Tags : | Deep House | 922.45 KB

Description : description

Description : Old School Hardcore , Samples from The Natural Born Chillers.........UPDATED 10-11 ..........

Percussion by Loopermanmembers Dj Robert G ,
Rasputin, AlabaFruit , Symetric
Synths made by JeroenTia BakOven..
EnJoY !

Description : Hardcore lit joint about undercovers and fakes. If you're not about that life you should just go straight.
Due to space restraints this is a low fi and short version of the song, but I wanted you to hear it. I have the accapella on looperman for you to experiment with.
Check the tempo
holla at me on facebook kamalsupreme or kamal.imani



Tags : | Hardcore | 5.17 MB

Description : My new energy hardcore track with 170 ppm. enjoy!

thanks in advance for playing and sharing it!

Tags : | Hardcore | 2.29 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Hardcore mixed with Hardstyle, insane combo. More than 200 likes on my instagram will unlock full preview. ig frisko_skiez04

Tags : | Hardcore | 3.50 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : some hardcore/crossbreed :D
enjoy !

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.01 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : $h!t another beat made with the help of people here.. id love to do collab stuff.. ive done a couple collabs with people and itll eventually go up here, but yea jus makin music livin life



Tags : | Hardcore | 5.15 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : DJ The Observer FT MINOR2GO -Reality is a Nightmare...First Impression....
Used Loops from MINOR2GO and samples by PINHEAD from Hellraiser...Bumping Hardcore....................UPDATED 12-7 ..........................
It has been a while i made a track cause i have also a very nice hobby > i make nice photo's from SunRises and Sunsets and the nature arround my hometown . You can see them here https://twitter.com/rootje011?lang=nl
But i gonna try to make more "Music"

Description : HardCore Underground Hip Hop Beat.
Mc's spit....let me hear what you got.
Trying to put a comp together.

Description : Hello, Looperman Community

I am the God of Core and I am a Producer / Artist from Atlanta with a style I like to call "Hard Trapstyle" Not to be confused with Hard Trap. Hard Trapstyle is best explained to be a mix between SAYMYNAME and Headhunterz. Many more tracks to come.

Find my Youtube and Facebook to collab


The first full release by Atlanta native Hardstyle EDM Producer and DJ, God of Core. This mix is a cumulation of mostly original God of Core productions and a few artist tracks. Mixing Hard Trap, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle and Hardcore to create massive drops, Hard bass lines and jaw dropping melodies

For Booking, Email ?

2017 God of Core and this mix are owned and produced solely by God of Core. Any unlawful usage of any sound on God of Core produced mixes or tracks other than public samples is strictly forbidden.

Tags : | Hardcore | 5.43 MB

Description : Fl studio, Fenchcore/Hardcore

Tags : | Hardcore | 6.68 MB

Description : epic melodic hardcore

Tags : | Trap | 9.82 MB

Description : New single called Blaze. this track is a fusion of chill trap/hardcore trap and future bass. It is structured to be very very different styles and dynamic ranges all throughout the song. It is to represent fire and how it can be chaotic and beautiful simultaneously, feedback is encouraged, enjoy!

Description : DJ The Observer FT Spivkurl -The 1 and only Hardcore Future.............
UPDATED 21/11.........
Many thanks to the lovely Oooh made by ESORENI
and Percusionloops from DANKE and LIMINN.
Synths are from AEREAS (1st part) and SPIVKURL (2nd part)......

Tags : | Hardcore | 5.25 MB

Description : "Sound Of Silence" is an hardcore track with 170 bpm. Enjoy!

Tags : | Hardcore | 2.71 MB

Description : Hardcore Overdose is an hardcore track with 170 bpm

Tags : | Hardcore | 7.29 MB | Featured

Description : 175bpm.. Experimental , Hardcore..

I was in a bad mood LOL :D

Description : S3xy Hardcore is an hardcore track ("beta" status) with 175 bpm

Description : djfriskoskiez04.wordpress.com

*Hardstyle, not Hardcore.

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