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Tags : | Electronic | 2.60 MB | Featured
Description : Dark Wave.
Description : This is something I put together using loops from this site.
There are so many people to thank, and I've forgotten who
they were...sorry.

I had great fun doing this. I've never really entered this sort of musical world before, but I shall return :)) Anyway, hope
you enjoy it, and a BIG thanks to you all for your generousity
Tags : | Trap | 2.79 MB | Featured
Description : Electronic / Trap. If your interested I have a Soundcloud account "Luca" with all of my music. Ive been working hard lately to put out a lot of music so it would mean a lot if u could give at least 1 song a play, thanks :)
Tags : | Cinematic | 11.64 MB
Description : Instrumental, electronic and melancholic creation. Guest starring - danke and fanto8bc.
Tags : | Electronic | 7.26 MB | Featured
Description : This Santa has a ferrari and a black beard he also has a twinkle in his eye i dont think i would trust him round mummy heeeeee Best wishes of the season
Tags : | Electronic | 5.81 MB | Featured
Description : Hey Everyone Here Is My Original Tack Called Stuck On You. Hope You All Enjoy Cheers.

My Soundcloud
Tags : | Electronic | 6.04 MB
Description : Ben Phipps - Mrs Mr(feat. Lizzy Land)[K/\NØ Remix]
Progressive House Track

Soundcloud: K/\NØ
Tags : | Electronic | 5.03 MB
Description : have funn guys!
Description : Unbothered.
A new electro hip hop joint by me, just a preview. Depending on the feedback, I'll release the full song.
I loaded this verse with tons of references, metaphors, and punch lines. See if you can decipher it :)
Beat and lyrics by yours truly. Let me know your thoughts!
Tags : | Electronic | 3.27 MB | Featured
Description : Edison's phonograph - first promotional recording.
Tags : | Electronic | 6.10 MB
Description : Like the title says....
Tags : | Electronic | 2.82 MB | Featured
Description : Ügynökség - A pillanatok boldogsága (Khiflee Future Mix) --- A pillanatok boldogsága / Valóság tud lenni (remix) [maxi - 2017.11.12]
Description : Been working on this one for awhile, it starts out with a deep dubby tech sound then works its way up to a heavier beat with more techno and deep house influences. Thanks in advance for listening, feel free to comment or download :)
Description : I'm not sure how to describe this one. Listen to it, and then maybe you can describe it for me in the comments. Everything, with the exception of the drums, I made from default settings in both Sylenth1 and Massive. Everything from the E-piano sounding synth, to the chimes, to the "vocal" synths, and everything in between. Enjoy. Skol. V.
Tags : | Electronic | 9.55 MB | Featured
Description : electronic, house, electro, rave, edm, dance, techno
Tags : | Electronic | 6.94 MB
Description : serum and spire vst
Description : New track I'm working on for my new EP, which will be more electronic-focused. Really really into it. Let me know your thoughts!
Description : What a cool and brave Astronaut he is, come with me and meet Major Matt Mason and his friends. :)
let´s have an exciting trip to the moon ;)
The spoken words are sampled from a TV commercial of the 60´s ;)
I extended it a bit. ;)
Tags : | Electronic | 1.62 MB
Description : Hi, this is my track Apex.
This is also available on youtube : https://youtu.be/Yp2kvS1jERk
Description : the last attempt at a solid EDM track didn't really pan out the way i would have liked it to. this one is turning out to be alright. its being uploaded as a rough draft, ( really don't like to upload unfinished work but i wanted some opinions on what needs to be done still) so it will be updated a few times i'm sure. the vocal clip if you can tell by the title was Hurricane by E-40
Tags : | Electronic | 5.84 MB | Featured
Description : Look who's back.
Description : I'm looking for someone who could use his voice for acapella this piece is a 70 bpm chil type so for the word I trust you and for the others you can remixed
Description : My first time uploading here. This is a song I just made, I experimented with some new sounds. It's a mixture of indie rock and electronic. Hope ya enjoy!
Tags : | Electronic | 2.85 MB
Description : Tried making a track out of my usual style. It's not done yet, but let me know your thoughts!
Description : Sacrifice of the self for utility through disutility. Is it really worth it?

This is the final version of a track I posted yesterday. I took all the feedback I got and did as much as I could to improve the track by adding more elements, mixing the genres more, and fixing the mixing.

This track incorporates future bass (0:27), trap (1:46), and classical elements (2:13) and puts them all together.

Check out the art here, and if you like my stuff hit that subscribe button: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jERNJJG0vsg

And as always, criticism and feedback is more than welcome, no matter how harsh it is.
Tracks 1 - 25 of 6159
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