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Description : An EDM song for those who have picked up forgotten hobbies in these times of isolation. Stay safe everyone!

Description : its an EDM track made it for my girl,for the good times we have

search for the visual on youtube @ major drey-beautiful us

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Tags : | Classical | 4.41 MB | Mixcraft

Description : hand done no loop's used done all in one go classical styled with some edm echo with it.It is about my strugle with D.I.D goggle it if you do not know what that is.4 year's ago I could not play any music at all now I can and I was never taught it just happened.Even I feel cheated out of learning such an art from this mental illness.I do not see it as a gift more a curse.

Description : New release!
#chill #EDM

Tags : | EDM | 8.04 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : Made in a day, like most of my tracks. I wanted to try something different from my normal stuff so here is the result

Description : It's a track with a feeling of Eurodance born from the boredom of being locked in at home because of the corona Virus.
Please feel free to use it and sing your lyrics on it.
Just add "Papa Bear prod."
Its 122 BPM. Cminor

Tags : | EDM | 5.87 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Hm here is another crazy bass dance/edm track from us :) Enjoy!

Description : my first ever EDM or whatever eletronic music remix.

Tags : | EDM | 7.62 MB | Has Lyrics | FL Studio

Description : A track I made in about 8-10 Hours time.

Description : Gemtlicher.Electronic Dance Music mit Future Pop EDM House Trance Elementen. Weiblichen Gesang volle Acapella Update 06.03.2020. Ich stelle dieses Lied zum Dowpnload frei zum persnlichen hoeren. Ich interessiere mich fr deine Meinung. Fr commerzielle Zwecke kontaktiere mich.Ich habe dieses Lied mit hochwertigen lizenzierten Samples und eigenen lizenzierten Synthesizer produziert.

Description : EDM mit futurepop Elementen bisschen gemischt auch mit eigenen lizensierten Synthesizern produziert} hochwertige lizenzierte 0Samples. Der Melodieteil Harmonien bestehen zum0 Teil aus eigenen lizenzierten Synthesizer Musik soll vor allem Spa bringen. Ich erlaube dir den Song zum hoeren runterzuladen.Ich interessiere mich fr deine Meinung. Fr commerzielle Verwendung nur mit Erlaubnis dahepr Rcksprache mit mir.

Tags : | Trap | 8.79 MB | FL Studio

Description : I've started doing alot more beats as well as my usual stuff and got plenty more on the way!

Hope you enjoy this one it came from a track i did not long ago with an artist on here. it has sort of a Edm/trap feel.


Tags : | EDM | 9.67 MB | FL Studio

Description : a playful edm one

Description : EDM Techno Trance Song

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.90 MB | FL Studio

Description : If you'd know me personally, you can tell I'm a big fan of Guapdad 4000's work. His music is honestly slept on, and he's created his own style. I got most of the ideas from this track from Gucci Pajamas and First Things First.

There is a'lil EDM influence in this track too, with the layered brass bass and sidechained kick. Sounded nice to me. Let me know what you guys, think, I'm not looking for anyone to rap on this yet.

Description : Try to make dance beat,like house or EDM
Sounds trip and poison

Write me if u wana some cooperating

Tags : | Electronic | 7.04 MB

Description : Too Late - Jani Milfsson
Of Your Throne - Sergi Yaro

I love creating Mashups as a hobby.



Description : Hey everyone,
As promised, here is the first freebie that i provide to you guys of this year. Throughout this year i will do this 3 more times, after this song. Always keep in mind, whether your creating loops or melodies, always credit the music creator for its work and effort, before using it in a fair way. So yeah some of my tracks can be used as stated in a fair use agreedment & as stated in law & regulations. This track is a instrumental slow EDM & Pop Elemented track 90 Bpm to be precise.

Description : Dance/EDM Electronic Track

Tags : | Electronic | 5.10 MB | LMMS

Description : It's been a minute since made anything EDM style, Personally i think this sounds like a game soundtrack of some sort.


Tags : | EDM | 11.29 MB | Ableton Live

Description : EDM/house track

Description : Ruhiger Song mit Future Pop Elementen EDM. Ambient Techno Electro

Description : I used a few loops from Danke to create this one.
It`s an ambient EDM track with a little bit of rock guitar
Let me know if u like it.

Description : A melodic EDM track with a kickin' Drop. Sounds a bit like David Guetta and AfroJack.

Tags : | Techno | 5.20 MB | Featured | Acid Pro

Description : #Euro-Techno #EDM #Beats

Tracks 76 - 100 of 503