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Description : if you want to download the loops separately send me a message on my facebook page, Sir. Adrian Lancelot

Description : Track 4 on the "$oul $ociety Tape$" project I got streaming now on my SoundCloud. Featuring the man FIWURK who was dope to work with, check out his stuff on here & SoundCloud. Constructive, positive criticism is always welcome! I love to hear what people liked and what I can improve on with mixing & editing my vocals or my beats. Stay Up... Mo$hpit Mu$ic!

~Kidd Ichigo on SoundCloud~

~FIWURK on SoundCloud~

Drum Loop by IcyyC

Sample Loop by rmce

Prod by SDTrappin

Tags : | Spoken Word | 6.51 MB

Description : I think of this as "melodic talking" rather than "spoken word" or "rap", but I always struggle with what to label my stuff. The music is drum and voice, very basic. Mixed using Audacity (not in the list).
Look back to your forebears, look ahead to your children and their children, and that - that chain of generations - is your river - of life, of DNA, of blood. It's a potent metaphor for me and I keep trying to capture it in a song. What do you think of this one?

Tags : | Dancehall | 1.14 MB

Description : this is just a short file to get some feedback on. I used loops from Looperman and Jade Guitar. I'll give the Looperman users creditwhen I remember which files I used !

Tags : | Rock | 8.00 MB

Description : Ever wanted to build a monument for love, like the Taj Mahal? That's what this song's about. It's another case of less = more, production-wise. Was heavily orchestrated then I stripped it down to basically drum & voice, which I'm doing a lot these days. Back to basics. Loops remaining are from leosmg, LankFrampard, CosmicRayBeats, dxedlxrd, Travis Scott, BlackMansta10, SoleilxLune and Centrist. I wrote it, sang it, recorded it in my noisy living room. Thank you.

Description : drum and bass vocals from looperman/user/3310611 salute and much love and respect for sharing the sample, hope you all enjoy the track any feedback appreciated.

Tags : | Boom Bap | 698.61 KB

Description : Sampled from youtube.com/watch?v=TRHaR1I-byI

Description : A drum and bass, electronic something or other inspired track. The main Melodies taken from short loops I cut from some sessions my bro &e's recordings he had made at my location. I had been meaning to use his sounds for a minute and he said it would be cool. Finally did.
#Drum and Bass

Description : This is a new track I have written it's a bit of a chillout Drum & Bass Track. witch starts with a few chords a voice and a seascape sound.
most of the sounds in this have been programmed by myself on the Access Virus A the Roland JP-8080 and System 1m oops almost forgot the Juno-106 Still Love this synth. anyway Enjoy

Description : Made with:
1. Kontakt 5 Guitar Plugin
2. Sylenth1
3. Cymatics Drum Kit

Description : reggae drum hip/hop electronic

Description : A hard hitting drum & bass hip hop like beat with elements of dubsteppery and vocal sample chops in the hook part of the song.

#Drum & Bass
#Hip Hop

Tags : | Ethnic | 3.66 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Violin Loops drum loops, children choir

Description : Drum & Bass, Neurofunk, Piano and lots of compressed snares!

Description : I made this beat with my homie Johnny Quid using a drum loop I found on here

Description : #BLACKCOFFIN

~Kidd Ichigo on SoundCloud~

Drum Loop by meikbeats

Flute Loop by DUKE229

Prod by SDTrappin

Description : electronic metal instrumental salute serum for versatility everything bar drum set my mod serum presets :)

Tags : | Deep House | 4.36 MB | Mixcraft

Description : I like to dance.

Main Loop: Dubstep/Future Bass drop with growl by Tubulum

Additional Drum loops and vocal snippets by Looperman members

Didn't use a DAW, just used Audacity

Description : #BLACKCOFFIN

Description : ~Kidd Ichigo on SoundCloud~

Drum Loop by Scantor19

Sample Loop by Nightclub20xx

Prod by SDTrappin

Description : drum&bass

Description : Deep logical drum and bass. Produced and Engineered by AK47OG.

Description : A space song I'm working on. Still trying to figure out what else to add...

Looperman samples used:

Epic Drum Loop by MukarMusic
7th Heaven Snap-Claps by teddybeatsdc
128 EDM Snap Riser by TheNerve
Cinematic Percussion by TheCosmicEffect

Description : #BLACKCOFFIN

~Kidd Ichigo on SoundCloud~

Drum Loop by MySavess

Bell Loop by yungboikinuta

Prod by SDTrappin

Description : Drum and bass

Description : Dark heavy drum and bass

Tracks 51 - 75 of 3220
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