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Tags : | Rock | 12.73 MB | Reaper

Description : This is a Free to use instrumental utube track. This cover is done as a duet with my other half. Thank you bb for singing one of my fave "Dream Theatre" songs with me, it's just a rough draft, we are having a little fun! putting our own twist on this. It felt good to sing this one.
Love you babe xx

Tags : | Rap | 7.78 MB | Adult Content | Cubase

Description : Russian dream-pop/dream-hop/abstract hip-hop/lo-fi
Track about typical russian 20 y.o. whore

Tags : | Rap | 7.59 MB | Cubase

Description : about my homies
Russian Dream-Hop; abstract hip-hop; dream-pop, indie-rock.

Description : hello everybody..in beautiful sunny sunday,I was busy on summer vibes (or at least tryin :) tried to creat some chill out tunes to listen and dream about sea side etc...chill out is something I am not good at it but I like to listen...I got some samples from mmj to make it more quality
hope you guys like it

Tags : | Weird | 6.18 MB | Ableton Live

Description : First song off Beat Tape: The Dreamscape

Tags : | Trip Hop | 5.14 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This song has a mix of R&B/soul and pop with a trip hop and electronic beat as well as having orchestral textures and dream pop aesthetics.

Tags : | Rap | 6.33 MB | Cubase

Description : this is song for people who wants to live in Moscow
Russian Dream-Hop; abstract hip-hop; dream-pop.

Tags : | Rap | 6.10 MB | Has Lyrics | Cubase

Description : Russian Dream-Hop; abstract hip-hop; dream-pop.

Tags : | Electronic | 8.92 MB

Description : Pretty long track with some dream theater influence!

Tags : | Ambient | 9.70 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Chilled ambient Track

Tags : | Rock | 9.64 MB | Reaper

Description : Dream Theater song

Tags : | Reggae | 2.23 MB | FL Studio

Description : My First Audio track.

Description : a song beginning but not finish

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.72 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Heavy Dubstep Mix with some of my own sounds and vocals was done out of pure smoking the green and being bored as heeeell but sounds great to me real spooky ...O.O..talking about a dream i had what it sounded like what was said things like that where i was in a car and well you can hear the rest :D

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.43 MB | FL Studio

Description : A few mixed up Biggie samples and some guitar I recorded and looped. All other instruments and drums were samples manipulated through FL Studio or Instruments I designed and mixed myself. This is from my earlier collection, but I like it. Even if it is a dirty mix...

Description : hello guys , thank you supporting me , today i'm giving you my 2nd track on my album

Description : Song with the beautiful voice of Euginia Ratsouk

Tags : | Pop | 2.71 MB | FL Studio

Description : -Made on FL Studio
-Ariana Grande Type Beat

Description : Just a little composition.Dont hesitate to write your thoughts.

Description : Lead Melody - DRZA 1994 Piano - Nexus 2
Counter Melody - Codeine Dream XP - Codeine Dream #2 - Nexus 2
Big Choppa 808
R Loops Vinyl Sample kit - Drums
Antidote soundkit - FX
I'm Not A Regular Rapper by Bear Castro (Acapella from Looperman)
Beat Produced by Fibanaccii

Description : I hope you have a little delight

Description : track made with dream bells melody sample provided by PRODADH on looperman.

Description : Blending of a hypnotic backwards cymbal with samples from a horror movie and some live guitars. The whole end part is a backwards guitar track.

Description : oldschool

Description : A song i put together with my son, he raps first and i do tha second piece of it, not long, needs mastering and still got vocals to be added and vocals to be fixed, so enjoy, Larry

Tracks 26 - 50 of 834
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