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Tags : | Ambient | 9.56 MB

Description : Beautyful Ballad With Beautyful Voice Of Ian Collen.

Description : Country ballad

Tags : | Pop | 771.50 KB | Has Lyrics

Description : A Piano-Led Ballad, Written and Produced by Myself.

Tags : | Rock | 8.57 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : This world needs more love. A straight forward slow dance song; a rock ballad if you will. Using Gibson Les Paul on the left, Fender Stratocaster on the right, Tak acoustic, Ibanez bass, Reggae and rock organs blended together, MIDI drums, MXL studio vocal mic.

Tags : | Pop | 773.03 KB | Colab Request

Description : A Dark Ballad featuring electronic Drums and soft vocals. Song written and drum production by myself, also!

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.40 MB

Description : A combination of some samples found here on Looperman! Basically started this with a cello VST on Fl and then it turned into a Christian ballad?? I want thank the following people for their awesome samples:Patricia Edwards, Mykahc, Yappy, Slap Johnson, Ferry Terry, A Crooke and probably a few more.

Tags : | Chill Out | 5.41 MB

Description : Made this little ballad on the piano, did the vocals, added some strings, guitar and drums at the end. lyrically it doesnt really make sense. lol not finished yet. need to re sing some stuff aswell..its been a couple years but im trying to get back into it.

Tags : | Ambient | 4.81 MB

Description : After some heart attack from my Alternative Waves I decide to do my first "slow-mo" music.This music is to honor my mother who wanted a melody! With 100 fails because im better with dance, "lound" music not because I suck. So this is my first soft music so I hope everyone enjoy this.
Any feedback are welcome like usual but because its my first "ballad" I need more if its possible constructive feedback!

Tags : | Pop | 4.19 MB

Description : A power pop ballad with no lyrics but feel free to put your own to it. Can also be used for free style rap and R&B. Dont forget to add MykeyC and send us a link. would love to hear your work :)

Tags : | Breakbeat | 4.40 MB

Description : guitare and....

Tags : | Pop | 3.41 MB | Featured

Description : A slow ballad cover of Habits by Tove Lo

Description : guitar, horns and breakbeat

Tags : | Pop | 4.56 MB | Colab Request

Description : Song I wrote/song using Looperman user MINOR2GO's loop entitled "Piano Quality- If You Could Stay." I would love if someone could spice this up to make it more "power ballad." Would love to hear a beat to this. BPM= 90. Key= G-minor

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.40 MB

Description : loop - 0754067-0070550-mooz-romantic-ballad-guitar-chords-2; 0754067-0069795-mooz-romantic-ballad-guitar-chords

Tags : | Dance | 7.66 MB | Colab Request

Description : Hi
Search still urgently suitable vocals for my track Does anyone have an idea or can help me with this?

Throughout the fall and winter we worked again on the track. Originally, the song was intended as a piano ballad but then while we worked a dance song become.
It is not perfect yet, on the bass drum and others has yet to be worked
So we are looking for a strong voice

Tags : | Rock | 5.85 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Slow.
First take. No chorus. Rough.

Tags : | Chill Out | 9.29 MB

Description : A dark acid pop ballad (if there is such a thing) with some creative instrumentation. Additional credits go to: Artjanis - rhythm, guitar, West Tracks Music - Bass, Babygee - lead vocals, Taratoxic - background vocals, Styrmonix - horns.
Hope you like and will let us know what you think. Franco and Scott

Tags : | Pop | 5.62 MB

Description : A Ballad based on saraband theme.
Strings, Bass and S.Gainsbourg feeling, by "Housework"

Tags : | Pop | 9.90 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A first track this year, which could be representative of the external image of time also, that there has here on the edge of the Atlantic, in France.
Rebecca (reblaw27) of ccMixter accompanies me, for this little musical ballad ....

Happy new year to all.

Thanks for your listening ....

Description : This power ballad was originally written as a lullaby for my new born baby, but it ended up as a rocker. It took me several years to find the right groove! I appreciate all your comments and thanks for listening.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 8.97 MB

Description : I give you one track (ballad) for me means a lot, I hope you enjoy listening nice.
I have used Cubase5 and WaveLab
Bass guitar, piano, acoustic guitar drums are made ??live.
I hope you will like

Description : Short ballad, to be continued :)

Tags : | Rock | 9.63 MB

Description : This is something a little different from us. Originally, it was a track I (Scott) was going to do myself, but I thought some additional bass and guitar would be nice, so I recruited Franco which really added more spice to it. The result, another of our collaborations! Anyway, this would probably fall under the category of an indie rock power ballad. A little something different from us...Hope you like and take a moment to comment.

Tags : | Acoustic | 8.81 MB

Description : A heartfelt ballad a bit Rod Stewartish its been a long time since i posted anything here so ithought i would give it a go thank you for listening Lee

Tags : | Acoustic | 5.96 MB | Featured

Description : This ballad makes use of a very simple melody over an uncommon chord-progression, all in piano (accompanied by strings, bass and percussion).
I hope it sweeps you along and leaves you with positive feelings!

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