Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.87 MB

Description : hey, first of all this is both, rnb and hip-hop. but i can see this also in acounstic, cinematic..its also a good piano ballad. so everyone can listen to this. i just didnt know wich genre i put it in. so i have to say that i must be crazy to give you all this one for free. i composed everything by myself. no samples or something, started from scratch.
this is one of my best produced piano beats. lots of hours are in this one. started back on 18th.march and finished today ! the duration of this beat is 4:50 mins. . i put so much time in it. hopefully it pays ^^. so listen to it and tell me what you think of it. if you want to download it...just do it its for free. this is crazy..
keep on fire ya all.. IBoBeatz

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  1. Music4Life
    Music4Life on Sat 12th Mar 2011 - 9 years ago

    Very well made. The pianos were awesome, the clapping was a little bit weird, but it works. Nice job on the sound FX. Great job. This is going to be on my fav.

    Keep it up, my friend.

  2. ReignMD
    ReignMD on Tue 4th May 2010 - 9 years ago

    Love the variations on this piece, everything really comes together.

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you i really appreciate it. i worked on this one more then 1 week. it was not easy to create such a beat !

    god bless


  3. Jeffierenee
    Jeffierenee on Mon 3rd May 2010 - 9 years ago

    Hello, you music is very welcoming to me. I like it and have written a song for this order. I would like permission to do this song in the studio. Its an awesome song. I listen to it almost everyday.

    Reply by IBoBeatz



    god bless !


  4. xKeMox
    xKeMox on Sat 17th Apr 2010 - 9 years ago

    Du machst gute beats...falls du nix dagegen hast würde ich mir einen davon nehmen und mal drauf aufnehmen ? ...lg KeMo

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    danke..kannste gerne machen

    RoCkYPRODUCTION on Fri 9th Apr 2010 - 9 years ago

    Sting.....wow....Piano wowwow....nice work dude!!!!!!

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you bro

  6. doomgotbeats
    doomgotbeats on Fri 9th Apr 2010 - 9 years ago

    this track is ILL dog...if you get a chance check out my beats and my group's page:Prosthetik Intelligentz page...peace


  7. ChrisMac456
    ChrisMac456 on Tue 6th Apr 2010 - 9 years ago

    This is amazing, I absolutely love it, it has a very poetic feel to it. You are very gifted, as for the other track you reviewed; Shatner would be the man to talk to if you was doing a remix, but like I said in my other reply if we get something cooking then I'll hit you up...ONE

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you for showin love bro. just contact me man..i will wait =).
    god bless


  8. str8outdapot
    str8outdapot on Mon 5th Apr 2010 - 9 years ago

    lovin ya tracks man all of them we might need to collab on a joint get ate me

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thanks bro..i will check your tracks out first.

    god bless


  9. Alen9R
    Alen9R on Thu 1st Apr 2010 - 9 years ago

    I'm really a fan of piano-strings beats, but this is level up, beautiful and well coordinated.

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you bro. i really appreciate that comment.
    for real.

    god bless


  10. theassociation
    theassociation on Thu 1st Apr 2010 - 10 years ago

    yeah this is good i like all stuff but this has a cool background, very emotional, well done!

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thanks man..that was mind

  11. ShiftyFellow
    ShiftyFellow on Wed 31st Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    a very well produced track, shows dedication that i sometimes lack, takes a lot of time and effort getting a beat feeling so "full"

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thanks man..yepp it takes a lot of time to master it.
    but i take the time i need...


  12. JHolmes
    JHolmes on Sat 27th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    You hit up one of my tracks so I thought I should return the favor. I tend to start listening and typing, so pardon the lack of grammar and/or tact.

    Great start. Pulsing sound is driving.

    The random ringing at ~1:00 is not to my tastes.

    Choir at 1:20 fits well with the sound, and the xylophone glock thing sounds on key now.

    Strings lead at 1:45 is a little too detuned to me. Piano sounds great still.

    The pizzicato strings that walk sound great throughout.

    2:25 ahhs are good.

    Break down at 2:42 with the guitar is brilliant. I hope it comes back nice. Yep, it does.

    Beat change up at 3:00 is well done, but those strings still bug me a bit.

    3:25 violin sample fits much better.

    3:39 where it's just beat and synth is kinda meh. Timpani roll comes in nicely

    Beeps at 3:50 are great.

    Piano-y out is well done. Synth beeps continue, nice. Not sure how you're gonna end this. I'm hoping for a big sound.

    4:40 piano does not disappoint. That would be a killer "oh yeah, I'm still beat matching that track" in a mix.

    [Hope you liked it. Take what you like, leave the rest. Thanks for posting this. Your control of the sound is awesome.]

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    okaayy..thats a review bro...^^

  13. RonG251
    RonG251 on Fri 26th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    Nice Track....Working on something of that nature, so stay posted!

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you =)...

  14. CalifKen
    CalifKen on Fri 26th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    wowowowowow. yep.... alls i can manage to do is let my sight drift up across those 10s of however manys of reviews and feel the same way.


    i rushed down past all those reviews at first running to tell you how you can get a better string sound, but then the strings started doing that trippy thing they are doing, and this is just seriously unique and it's got that cool shadow on it, it's got just the kinda thing someone wants to own, i totally concurr with your 'giving this for free' cuz i would totally pay to have this in my car today and again. nice!! nice!! nice!!

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    wow. i never expect a review like that.
    thank you. just download it ..as long as i havent a contract i will offer all my beats for free. =)

    so thank you four your kind words Calif

  15. MNikz
    MNikz on Fri 26th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    This is pro stuff right here bro! All the time was worth it man, perfect beat. Really feeling it. Keeep 'm coming.

    Peace, M-Nikz.

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you bro. for every beat i produce i take the time i need. =)

    god bless

  16. Tiltedbeats
    Tiltedbeats on Fri 26th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    always a pleasure listening to your stuff.

    pretty much fire bro... love the piano. great arrangement.
    big ups bro...

    keep this coming all day
    Butcha d-_-b

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    i can say the same things to you bro.

    thank you for showin da luv back !

    god bless ya

  17. Emjai
    Emjai on Fri 26th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    I'm really feeling this beat and wanna do a collab witcha on it

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    you can do what you wanna do with this beat bro.
    and thank you for your review

  18. Picton
    Picton on Fri 26th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    sick beat man, love the piano...defintely a deep vibe to it keep em comin

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thanks bro. i appreciate that comment.

  19. KhlasickBeats
    KhlasickBeats on Wed 24th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    Fire Fire Fire bro. I could see this in a movie or something very dramatic. One day ill be able to make music like this. I only been doin this for like 6 months so far. Keep it up bro. 2Stooges

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    you will bro. def. your beats are not bad..they´re good. you just have to take more time to finish your beats.

    god bless and thank you again homie.


  20. AceRuiz
    AceRuiz on Wed 24th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    much respect to your hustle u have quality work quality work keep it up

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thanks alot bro. i appreciate that you took the time to review.


  21. Jpipes24
    Jpipes24 on Wed 24th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    Nice beat I can Dig it... Keep up the good work.

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you and i will =). hopefully LoL.

  22. santiagosky
    santiagosky on Wed 24th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    Wow this is great man. It's really something ya can rock to. I love all the great sounds working together in this mix. Everything is right where it should be. Perfect!

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    wow, thanks for your kind words men. i really appreicate it.

    god bless


  23. Ciderhouse
    Ciderhouse on Wed 24th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    This is nice good job on this , real smooth , I';m really diggin the lil violin accent . Again Good job!!

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    hey, thanks for listening.


  24. yatoon
    yatoon on Wed 24th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    nice rnb chill!!!i enjoy it and take to my favs!!;)

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you. i appreciate it, that you took the time to review.



  25. SHPInc
    SHPInc on Wed 24th Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    I like it man thanks for the review on one of my beats i am going to work on some of my work to make it a little better. I am just getting started on some of my work. Good luck and the hard work you do on your music and beats.

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you


  26. richardperry
    richardperry on Tue 23rd Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    amazing! i will take on board your criticism and take more time over my own work. i do like the piano in this track and would say is very good considering you dont play instruments. nice i like this one.

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you, but it dont meant that your beat is not good. never, it is good. but put more work into. ;)

    god bless you

  27. Vizronics
    Vizronics on Tue 23rd Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    Wow! you are very skilled and creative. I am trying to listen to more hip hop/r & b these days. This is among the best new ideas I have heard. I am going to check out more of your music.


    Reply by IBoBeatz

    i saw on your profile that you´re not the biggest rnb/hip-hop listener as much more i appreciate that you reviewed this one.
    thats a big compliment for me. thank you


  28. yeshintae
    yeshintae on Tue 23rd Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    Holy mother of jesus,
    this is one dope track.

    Even though it was long, i was feeling the vibe the
    entire time!

    Mad Respect from LA

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    shout out to LA bro.

    thank you for the review. and i know its long because i give all my beats for free that i upload here. so it must be finished and good quality =).

    thank you again for takin time


  29. ProphetProductions
    ProphetProductions on Tue 23rd Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    this is nice homie absolutely lovin the choir n the piano is dope
    be a good beat to either sing to or jus spit suttin deep
    really dope trak

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you bro. what i love in this beat at most is the beginning. because nobody would expect after the lil playing with the piano such a big strings, choir and piano.

    it would be great, when somebody sing on it.

    god bless you bro.


  30. oasisduke
    oasisduke on Tue 23rd Mar 2010 - 10 years ago

    gorgeous piano melody. nice use of the solo and pizz strings for flavor. great lil percuss accents keep this piece entertaining. i think youve got 2 or 3 songs rolled into one here.
    really good work!

    Reply by IBoBeatz

    thank you very much. i love to create beats with passion. every beat i produce have a lil story.

    and hey, could you reword the last sentece.
    "i think youve got 2 or 3 songs ROLLED into one here" what you mean with rolled here ? ^^..
    sorry. i cant speak english very well

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