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Tags : | Reggae | 3.87 MB

Description : Reggae blend with a lil hip hop influence

Description : I swear I can't just stay in one genre for a week. I've tried getting back into trap beats and it ain't working.

Check my most recent post on the forums if you wanna collab. This recent outbreak is giving me alot of time to work with others, so if you wanna collab, let me know there.


Description : Hey...
Used an acapella from "LOOPERMAN" Star, Mrshammi and I think it came out really great!!

Description : Zakaria Premier feat Mr Shammi

Tags : | Reggae | 4.95 MB

Description : Smooth upbeat reggae beat

Tags : | Reggae | 7.24 MB | Ableton Live

Description : A quick idea I did in one day, 2 mixes, more an exercise for myself than anything serious. Inspirations were a Peter Tosh docu for the reggae feel, a surfing vid on what a point break was for the vox, the Ace of Bass vid The Sign for the drums and Jaco Pastorius song Crisis for a bit of inspirational bass thrown in. 2 drum loops used and a vocal effect loop for the heck of it in the middle, he. Live percussion, cabasa, guiro and double maraca. Me on git, bass, vox. Here comes Summer!

Tags : | Reggae | 3.11 MB

Description : Smooth reggae beat with rock and a lil trap influence. Enjoy!

Description : A very smooth blend of reggae and trap influence with a touch of rock. Enjoy!

Description : Very smooth beat with reggae , hip hop , and trap undertones. Enjoy!

Tags : | Reggae | 5.10 MB

Description : Another Installment of Reggae / Hip Hop / Trap beat Vybzzz , enjoy!

If you feeling the vibeee , I'm eager to hear what you come up with

Description : reggaerock experiment

Tags : | Reggae | 4.95 MB

Description : A blend of Reggae , Hip Hop , and Trap. New kind of vibe , enjoy ! Much more to come

Description : Fear is spreading like a cancer..selfishness is your guru
Check out my lyric music video type in utube like a cancer 2nick8
wrote and sang this song to a Utube reggae instrumental by RP beats..
the acapella is up

Description : west papuan music

Description : Wrote and sang this song to this solid Utube reggae instrumental by LionRiddims.

Tags : | Reggae | 6.95 MB | Featured | Cubase

Description : Tune for the steppers featuring 2nick8 in the lyrics

Description : My first song

Tags : | Reggae | 8.32 MB | Cubase

Description : Produced by Reggae By Post with Mr Shammi in the lyrics

Tags : | Reggae | 5.65 MB | FL Studio

Description : A sunshine island beat

Vocals & Lyrics
"B4 Summer Ends" Mr Shammi (Mrshammi on Looperman)

Music by m8 (packit on Looperman)

Description : My first song

Description : reggae middi

Description : indonesian reggae

Description : reggae/dub trying something new free for all hope you enjoy

Tags : | Reggae | 7.63 MB | Reason

Description : my personal version of this beautiful traditional turkish song.
voice by Evrim here on looperman

Tags : | Reggae | 8.68 MB | Sonar

Description : Reggae-ish music backing Madam Snowflakes Vocals.

Tracks 51 - 75 of 629
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