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Tags : | Industrial | 2.89 MB

Description : This is the hardest track i've written... when you listen to it, there is a massively distorted sample in the beginning , so don't freak! Your speakers aren't blowing! The reason i say this is because my producer buddy played it on his studio system at high levels and jumped in his chair! The track is mastered so it won't happen :)

When i wrote this - i imagined a video of cuts made from scenes of extreme violence (protests / war / police brutality etc) with a grainy filter over the image in possibly black and white. The track reaches it's pinnacle in the last 16 bars, so its worth the 2:30 wait :) As always - CnC most welcome!

Tags : | Industrial | 3.42 MB

Description : Hey people! Here's another track i wrote a while back . It's got a bit of a fusion going that includes traditional dance flavours coupled with breakbeats. there's even a little hip-hop in there (scratches and beatboxing) but what makes it really industrial is that everything gets a healthy dose of distortion - near the mid i've layed over some deep ambience. Give it listen! As always - CnC most welcome. Cheers!

Tags : | Industrial | 2.69 MB

Description : I was a big fan of the Blade Runner movie and put together a contemporary 'tribute' for the film - going with the feeling that if the flick had to be remade today, it would have a strong digital edge to it. Hence the track you are about to / already listening to... Please drop me some C&C - it will always be appreciated. Thanks!

Tags : | Industrial | 3.84 MB

Description : This isn't a song per say, just a compilation of beats and riffs that will eventually for into a series of industrial songs. Literally recorded alot of this in a machine shop. Better guitar riffs are coming I promise. Comments and criticism are welcome. Used alot of original sound effects percussion beats and synths. Looperman guitar riffs for now working on some original ones.

Tags : | Industrial | 6.15 MB | Featured

Description : An alternate mix from that found on the 2008 instrumental compilation... "Brothers of Invention".

Tracks 776 - 780 of 780
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