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Description : An Electronic/Cinematic piece to go with some other space flight tracks. See ya on the dark side...

Description : I picked an acapella form looperman and decided to make a track. This is what I ended up with. Thanks

Description : This is an electronic chill track that builds to a pumping electronic fast beat with vocals and FX. I used Dylan Matthews from "Splice" for vocals. I'm thinking it will be needing some more work.

Description : I guess this is an Electro/Rock Fusion track with a bit of Chill added to it. LOL I created it using a 49 key midi controller. Most of it was created using sampling software and different filters. Then I created some of my own sound using vst synths. And finally, a little guitar.

Description : Some Chill/Fusion to space out on while thinking about the next track.

Description : Another weird blending of genres I am working on. Track was all composed by myself using some sampling and an old 1983 Memphis Strat of which I am totally rusty on due to a serious left hand/wrist injury several years back.

Description : I wanted to experiment with different transitions in my track to see how well I could keep the individual
tracks into a somewhat smooth flow. This is the result.

Description : Electronic Synthwave fusion experiment trying to melt several genres into one. Hope it brings on some ideas.

Tracks 1 - 8 of 8