9th Jun 2009 12:18 -  14 years ago
Tags :
Description : big building trance!!!!!!!!!!

Comments (20)

If you have time take a listen and give smallpaul some feedback.

ElecTonicPro 23rd Sep 2012 16:00 -  11 years ago
***Great Production***

I like how you slowly progressed the intro...Good for an opening trance set...
my05 6th Apr 2012 18:33 -  12 years ago
This sounds awesome. Love it. Thanks for sharing it as a downloadable file :-)

Thumbs up!!
MCLA 24th Jun 2011 12:30 -  12 years ago
Love it!!! Arpeggio rhythms and synth sounds are great, wicked filter sweeps and great arrangement and timing. The only let down for me is that crash cymbal.
smallpaul replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi mate thanks for review, unfortunately the track is on the hard drive of another computer that no longer felt loved or wanted and decided to end it all!!! Will try and attempt some sort of edit when I have time, thanks again!!!
toddj 1st Jan 2011 06:43 -  13 years ago
I really love the intro. You created a lot of nice empty space with that synth arpeggio. When the drums kick in, it reminds me of Classic Paul VanDyke. Great Job through and through. It sounds like trance to me.
Andrey 14th Nov 2010 18:43 -  13 years ago
Hey - I would not call it trance. it's your imagination at the expense of trance - you have all the stained and clear - honestly, the word trance is not sound, you're just jealous of myself .... I Can pripadat learned skill
smallpaul replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Hi mate thanks for review, I think??!!
RogueAi 15th Jul 2010 02:35 -  13 years ago
Nice sounds great, but the mastering needs some work as it is clipping when the crash cymbal hits.
BluntsAndBeats 10th Jul 2010 18:29 -  13 years ago
this is amazing, added to favs. Such a fan of epic buildups and this is the best one ive heard in a while. Great job! Nothing bad to say about this one :)
DjBA5 1st Jun 2010 17:45 -  13 years ago
dude im gobsmacked the synths here are AWESOME !!!!

it reminds me of when i started listening to trance the feeling i got an then up to the lovely buildup an then boom comes in

excellent smallpaul keep up the gr8 work my friend
siensystem 23rd May 2010 20:55 -  14 years ago
Pretty nice trancer smallpaul. Very relaxing and chilled. The intro gave me the feeling like it was made for a intro to a movie or so, very cool.
After_The_End 16th May 2010 08:26 -  14 years ago
yeah big sound man, would love one of our trax to be rmx'd with this feel, ya cant beat it can you, great changes (chord)
EStallings 8th May 2010 01:17 -  14 years ago
nice work here!!!!
Wirth Much Love E.Stallings
vigwig 19th Apr 2010 05:12 -  14 years ago
Very clean, very pure. I like the build-up because you don't build me up just to let me down.
smallpaul replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
thanks for review mate always nice to hear peoples comments!! thanks to everyone else for taking the time to listen and review and download!!
Mosaic 19th Jan 2010 14:21 -  14 years ago
Hey man

Came across this one in the featured section, very nice build up, wow love the beat and bass kicks in, very good choice of synths my friend..Whole track sounding so professional man...Brillaint work..Fav'd....Peace...

CalifKen 23rd Sep 2009 05:30 -  14 years ago
cool melodies and of course builds - that's what caught my eye, and nice to hear that it doesn't hold out until the builds peak - it delivers all through. I like this a lot, nice melodic sections, very enjoyable.
codymeiser 17th Sep 2009 11:14 -  14 years ago
This is what trance is about right here. You have to listen to the whole thing. I like it.Good job.
U4EA 12th Sep 2009 12:39 -  14 years ago
Classy trance, what more needs to be said? :) Great work man, lookin forward to more!
Spudsy 30th Aug 2009 17:47 -  14 years ago
Great work fella great sounds also. Abletons Operator?

The only thing i could maybe say is i would have loved to hear a big long breakdown at about 4 mins. from near complete silence to another big build and drop. but thats just me, and it works perfectly well without it :)
JoyfulWAVE 19th Jul 2009 22:56 -  14 years ago
nice track...i love the synth...
smallpaul replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
hi mate thanx for review. I love your myspace will be back ther soon!!
ToxicVoltage 2nd Jul 2009 04:43 -  14 years ago
This melody sounds so familiar
reminds me of Nathan Profits song
Very good quality
and loving the buildup
well done and excellent work my friend
fav'd and downloaded
weapons01 9th Jun 2009 20:26 -  14 years ago
like this one mate good work keep it up
smallpaul replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
glad you liked it mate, and thanx for taking time out to leave review.

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