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23rd Mar 2022 22:52 - 2 years ago
Description : One of my better tracks from when I could find time to produce.
2nd Aug 2020 06:07 - 3 years ago
Description : The reality is that many of us are somewhere on the spectrum, we're the best but yet the worst and to most people just pests, so it's a hard life giving rise to the Artism Complex.
8th Feb 2020 03:20 - 4 years ago
Description : The machine fails, a repetitive cycle of loneliness fatigues the soul, broken as we walk right through one another, we dream of worse divides within our world than if we were universes apart.
15th Sep 2019 11:07 - 4 years ago
Description : The excitement for those in the pursuit of their dreams is a catalyst for the retribution of passion between us, the opportunity to share ones experiences when universes collide.
9th Aug 2019 09:30 - 4 years ago
Description : This song is inspired by the engine of modern day oppression which has worn away the ambitions of billions of people as they work in the eternal servitude of one another amongst a system which favors the few. However I, like many, should fight the depression with a subtle arrogance to proclaim that we are the masters of our own universe.
5th Aug 2019 12:02 - 4 years ago
Description : Our reality is like the event horizon of a black hole from which our mind is bound to experience a medial existence. So I like to imagine every now and then fracturing the horizon and escaping into the void of abstract thought, only to abruptly return in lapses of judgment.
3rd Mar 2019 11:07 - 5 years ago
Description : A beautiful track inspired by the progression of society to cleaner, whiter and brighter spaces which signify our determination in the struggle against chaos fueled by the flow of entropy.
25th Dec 2018 03:27 - 5 years ago
Description : A collection of hip hop sounds from users such as cod2pac, minor2go and julietstarling in an eerie ambient setting.
8th Mar 2018 01:28 - 6 years ago
Description : A nice chilled track with great percussion.

Big thanks to; Franko for their "chilled" set, cod2pac for his Illusion style samples as well as tycrsio and raphael for their hip hop and trap beats.
23rd Jul 2017 11:51 - 6 years ago
Tags :
Description : I was inspired by the style of Zivonmusic, another artist on this site, who demonstrated this sort of interesting combination of trap and ambient music. I took hold of some beautiful samples from Miazyo and combined them with some trap sounds by Kadoontrack. Hope you enjoy.
15th Jan 2017 05:59 - 7 years ago
Tags :
Description : Big thanks to Justze3 who released the four loops to his drake ovo style piece because he didn't plan to finish it, challenge accepted. I would also like to thank LankFrampard for the extra drum loop and av3 for the sample "trapped" which gave a lot of extra feel to the song.
31st Dec 2016 13:15 - 7 years ago
Description : After a year of discovering that my music was poorly mastered in retrospect to cheap commercial speakers Pyromite is finally back as Hertz Fidelity with a unique and beautiful song which always has me tearing up by the end.

Big Thanks to:

Minor2Go for the beautiful piano melody, joneschr002 for the deep and meaningful strings, samaskew20011 for the decadent drums and 40a for the dark and unusual sample; geometrics.
7th Feb 2016 07:07 - 8 years ago
Tags :
Description : A super dark and bassy track for those who like depression and causing earthquakes. Best listen from highly responsive sub systems.

Big thanks to KaloKid for the dealleviatingly dark bells, 7venth12 who produced the super wubby future bass drums, mrfunktastic for the dark trap strings.
30th Dec 2015 07:03 - 8 years ago
Description : Big thanks to Minor2go for his amazing piano samples.
20th Dec 2015 01:22 - 8 years ago
Description : Fully Remastered now so it won't give you a headache like the old one.

Big thanks to Xyilent who made the beautiful lead, tmandjievdo0 with his super groovy drum beats and Buffalonugaluss who produced the juicy bass line.
18th Dec 2015 05:24 - 8 years ago
Description : Remastered and Recomposed, The new Reality Void features an energetic start which drifts into a more relaxing finish.

Big Thanks to tmandjievdo0 who made the percussive samples used in this song.
17th Dec 2015 00:34 - 8 years ago
Tags :
Description : Big Thanks to Inklewinkle2 who produced the Lead Pad/Bass Pad and Stixthebest who made the super groovy drum samples.
15th Dec 2015 05:58 - 8 years ago
Description : Big thanks to Minor2go who made the amazing piano melody and Aldar Gurorakshiev (cod2pac) for the beautiful bass pad.
14th Jun 2015 12:29 - 9 years ago
Description : Finally got around to getting rid of that awful noise which was the previous version of this song. All new and exciting this time, hope you enjoy.

Big thanks to Inklewinkle2 who produced the awesome bass riffs and Xenovianlogic for producing the drum loops.
Tracks (19)