8th Sep 2016 09:10 -  7 years ago
Tags :
Description : First trance piece for a little while, Strong beat and bass lines, nice synths and pads, with a few FX thrown in for good measure...Hope ya all enjoy.Please comment/review...Everything sounds where I wanted enjoy this trance, glad to put one up of my fav genre...Peace Love Respect...mosaic...

Comments (12)

If you have time take a listen and give Mosaic some feedback.

midiman007 11th Sep 2016 15:54 -  7 years ago
Nice track I like the synth lead.
Mosaic replied 13th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
Hi midiman.

Thank you for the review glad you enjoyed it...peace mosaic...
Orlando51 11th Sep 2016 14:53 -  7 years ago
Excellent example of a genre. Energetic and uplifting as it gets, well produced as well....nice to see you in top form again my friend !:) Faved !

Mosaic replied 13th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
Hi Orlando

Thank you my friend for the review, glad you enjoyed this one, hadn't done trance for a while, head hadn't been in a good place to be doing it like I know I can, health slowly improving so can get back to the genre I love, will be doing other genres along the way too, have another coming towards end if the week, one I think is right up there with this one, so stay tuned, thank you for the fav too my friend, hope life been treating you well, peace mosaic...
NateJMusic 11th Sep 2016 08:17 -  7 years ago
Was just listening again. Lead are heaven :-)
Mosaic replied 11th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
Hey Nate

Funny when your review came through I was actually listening to this track, just finished another which I think is right up there with this one, will try to load early in the next week...peace n respect mate...mosaic...
larrywiggles1 10th Sep 2016 22:00 -  7 years ago
now lets get three words: hits the spot!!
great track in every way!
Mosaic replied 11th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
Hey mate

Thank you for the review and 3 words :) very pleased you enjoyed this one, will try to get your way tonight if time permits if not def tomorrow...Peace n Respect...mosaic...
srob1234 9th Sep 2016 22:59 -  7 years ago
Solid track!!! Really consistent with the vibe throughout and the mastering is outstanding! The FX were in the perfect places too. Nicely done! :)
Mosaic replied 10th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
Hi Srob

Thank you for the review of this one pleased you enjoyed it, was happy with the mastering of this one, not my strongest part of music, a lot of it I do in the mix before getting to the mastering, hoping to have another coming next week, pretty much there with this one, will head your way today, if time allows...Peace n respect...mosaic...
swindla007 9th Sep 2016 20:26 -  7 years ago
That is definitely one groovy summer track man. You made my day. Thanks.
Mosaic replied 10th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
hi Swindla

Very pleased you enjoyed this one, have a few more coming maybe next week so stay tuned...glad it made your day, you made mine getting the review Thank you...Peace mosaic...
onlyhits 9th Sep 2016 15:24 -  7 years ago
Nice track. I'm enjoying the trance vibes. Very full sounding track, well mixed.
Mosaic replied 9th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
Hey Ed

Thank you for stopping by and checking this one out. very pleased you enjoyed the listen mate...will check out yours prob tomorrow if I get time...again thank you...Peace mosaic..
Tumbleweed 9th Sep 2016 03:26 -  7 years ago
Good to see the Trance Master back at it...those unique sounds you are using really do give this an amazing uplifting vibe (and we can always use more of that)...I hadn`t listened to much Trance until I got my ears into LM Mos so I tend to listen from a view of music I like and I really like this....this just makes you want to dance...but at my age I am happy to just sit here and smile.....fab job mate...standing ovation from an old guy up on the prairies....Ed
Mosaic replied 9th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
Hi Ed

Thank you for the review and your very kind words, very pleased you enjoyed the trance piece, will have more coming in the near future so stay tuned, I think we must be a pair oldies lol...This one from OZ...Peace n respect friend...mosaic...
BLEEP 8th Sep 2016 22:09 -  7 years ago
there's so many differents ways to match a same style (i don't know if my words are correct lol)

it's a full trance track and i enjoyed listen to it! glad to read you were victorious from the disease and i hope you will product us others brilliants songs like this one ;)

Mosaic replied 9th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
hi Dizzou

So glad you stopped by and checked out one of my trance piece's, first one for some time, yes I am pleased too to hear the news been waiting on for sometime now, will head your way again soon my friend...Peace n respect...mosaic...
NateJMusic 8th Sep 2016 14:57 -  7 years ago
Excellent. Its stands out and really makes you want to dance. Keep up the good work!!
Mosaic replied 9th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
Hi Nate

Thank you for the review pleased you enjoyed the track...Peace mosaic...
Spivkurl 8th Sep 2016 14:09 -  7 years ago
I can hear where Couchie is coming from with the science fiction reference... a lot of sci fi from the seventies had spectacular synthesis as the main part of the sound tracks and sound effects. Haven't seen war of the worlds in quite some time though. This song is a great representation of your special style of trance, and it is sounding very good! I don't hear much "piano trance" lately, and it is refreshing! Takes me back to the turn of the millenium a bit. I'm very pleased that you have been creating music, and also that you have some good health news. It was nice to awake to your comment today. Fave!
Mosaic replied 9th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
Hey my friend

Was going to check out Couchies reference to 1978 once he said it is scary I chickened out lol, Glad you enjoyed this one my friend, was nice to do some trance again, my fav genre, will have some more in the future, have sent you mail, plus a couple new versions of some tracks I sent you a long time ago...look forward to your thoughts my friend...peace n Respect...mosaic...
Couchie 8th Sep 2016 10:00 -  7 years ago
cool piece. is it wrong of me to be getting a 1978 War of the Worlds vibe from this?
Mosaic replied 8th Sep 2016 - 7 years ago
Hey friend

1978 War of the worlds? never heard of it, might need to google it lol...Tracks are meant for the listener to see where the track takes them when listening...Glad you the first to review matey...Have done anything with track you helping me with, hoping next few days or sometime next week, will see...Peace n respect...mosaic...

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Description : A blast from the past, came across this track I made in 2011, thought would share it with you all, would have had this one up here on the loop at one stage, from memory it was one of the highest review tracks when last here in trance section...One of my all time fav tracks...Strong beats and bass, sweet synths choir pads etc etc...Please comment/review and enjoy...Peace Love Respect...mosaic...
30th Mar 2024 23:07 -  2 months ago
Description : The original Sound is now more than 30yrs old and it is time to celebrate the beginnings of Trance. The beats should fit into my "Symphony of Dynamics and peace". Hope it makes you People still moving today :-)
14th Jul 2018 02:38 -  5 years ago
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Description : Trance style ,tribal drums....
23rd Apr 2018 03:53 -  6 years ago
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Description : Older track with a bit of rearranging, and remastering...Enjoy.
28th Jun 2016 18:08 -  7 years ago
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Description : First attempt at Trance I feel is good enough to publish, its much harder than it sounds. I'm actually still surprised at my ability to sausage-ify my tracks without actually increasing the levels like I intend. Rip. -- Used the usual suspects of the ES2 Hybrid Synth for a majority of the sounds, with the ESX24 Sampler being used for the reverb-y Marimba effect and the 'choir' section. FM8 is also used for the Pads, and Ultrabeat for the drums. Listening back, I think the high end is a bit too loud and/or a bit too noisy, so that will be edited some time later, but other than that I don't think it was too bad for my first attempt (actually fourth, but the other 3 were not published). -- Download will be available after the contest ends (judging begins today, Tuesday 28 June).