30th Jan 2015 22:40 - 9 years ago
Tags :
Description : A relaxed Trance-Trible-Electro-Wave track. Feel the power of the alien tribe connection. Dance your dream or dream your dance. Just be part of the connection.
This is what you get when i try to make a Free Radical song.
In the end, it does not sound like something I've ever heard from him.
But it was, after all, a try.
Thus, it is not completely different, ´cause i have not sung this time.
And it is electronic music but .....

However, I like the resulting song. Hope you too. Only 1 sample was used here - Anubis-Anubis-Loop all the synth´s are played by me and i added some drumsounds with powerdrums2 played by myself Comments are sure welcome.

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If you have time take a listen and give joecramer some feedback.

RogueAi 26th Feb 2015 08:45 - 9 years ago
Great vibe on this! It would work very well as part of the sound track to a fantasy/sci-fi game. Makes me think of some of the music in the Metroid games (Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, etc). Sounds alien, yet ancient and mysterious. Like it came from an advanced, yet ancient civilization.
joecramer replied 26th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
What a nice comment.

I had almost the same feelings on my side. Cool :)
Who knows, maybe one of this advanced, ancient civilizations send it, in magic waves, into my mind.

thanks a lot for your friendly words
stay tuned
markrobert63 13th Feb 2015 16:03 - 9 years ago
Nice feel Good combination goes very well
joecramer replied 13th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Hello Mark

Thank you a lot for your very kind and gentle words.
Nice to know that you enjoyed the listen.

stay tuned
ZankFrappa 9th Feb 2015 17:08 - 9 years ago
Can't blame you for not sounding like Rammstein, I guess.
joecramer replied 9th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Who knows? Maybe there are some "secret" tunes from them, with almost the same sounds on, anywhere in a hidden safe.

So maybe it sounds like Rammstein!
And because it is so, so you can blame me for sure for that :)

stay tuned
Spivkurl 8th Feb 2015 16:56 - 9 years ago
Hey, that was an enjoyable listen! I agree that it went far away from a FR style track, but you came out of it with something creative and interesting. This really had some parallels with some of the 70's stuff like Eno and Bowie when they were in their early ambient phases. Had some cool classic sounds in there, and the drum parts were nice as well. Well done!
joecramer replied 8th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks Spivkurl for your gentle words.

Eno and Bowie - big boots to walk in ......
Nice to know that you like the sounds i made and found it in a way creative and intresting. Being intresting is the point. All else ...... :)

stay tuned
StaticNomad 7th Feb 2015 00:41 - 9 years ago
Thanks for the reply, Joe.

No, you don't need to take pills for making music. No unless you've got some particular medical problem.

Interesting to hear about your working method. I'm similar as I also try to go with the things that I feel really inspire me. My simple belief is that good parts that I really enjoy are most likely to inspire other good parts and riffs and new ideas. But if I only think something is OK/average, I won't really care much about it and probably won't be able to come up with anything to improve it.

So, I think it's good that you gave up on the FR direction when you felt the power of that Anubis drum groove.

One idea is that if you doubled the tempo of the Anubis beat, it would be much more suitable for doing an FR track. So, maybe a fast, tribal dance track. You could try doing that and seeing what happens.

I find that the same good groove at either half or double tempo (half if it's already fast, double if it's slow) makes me play other instruments in a different way. That's one reason I have lots of double time/half time tempo changes in my tracks. The same riff usually sounds good on top of a fast or slow groove.

Just a few ideas for you.

I will check out your other Anubis track.

Maybe he will return to Looperman sometime. He is a talented musician/producer and also seems to love a lot of my music.
joecramer replied 8th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
:) i looked a bit around and found something!!!!
Itz someting that is almost 16 years old - a special mix, made from two life tape recorded rebirth session from 1999.
Soundquality could sure much better but it is much closer to FR then my music sounds normaly. If FR not made music then already, then he makes maybe music in my "older" style :) ???

This is also a kind of a StaticNomad track :) cause it is over 20 minutes long.
Also it is in a way very close to this tribes ......

easy to get as download from lastfm
looperman has no space for this length
promenade2239 6th Feb 2015 20:11 - 9 years ago
Hi Joe. This one is very cool. Tribal and tropical. Chilled! Keeping the steady groove throughout the entire composition is really something I like.
The sound-image of your track reminded me of SeriousSam PC game soundtrack. Don't ask me what version - I played it over 10 years ago. Truly I was never into an alien-vampire kind of thing ever but this one opens up a space to many possible interpretations for sure!
If you found my comment far too ambivalent do not worry - I really enjoyed this chilled music! Best, Alex
joecramer replied 6th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Come on Alex, sure not!

Music is ambivalent itself and needs ambivalent comments.
I think so, maybe i am wrong.
But i love pictures and feelings and emotions to talk and or write over music. That gives me so much more then a "technical ok" or else.

Nice to hear that you like it and that you had "things" in mind while listen :)

stay tuned
StaticNomad 4th Feb 2015 22:42 - 9 years ago
Hi again Joe.

Well, it was a good guess that Anubis would probably like this.Surely he must do if it's his main beat, right? I have not seen him on the site for a long time. Maybe you should send him a message that you used his beat to make this track.

Even though it is a great beat you could do so many things with, the synths you have added are still good. I'm thinking it coukld still be a decent track if you removed the Anubis beat and made it just a pure ambient thing. I'm not suggesting you do that, just making a point about the other synth work.

If you want to do an FR track, you should definitely go for a faster tempo! When I pressed play, I thought this was going to be at least 120 BPM, probably more like 140. But this is only something like 90.

"Good to know that i not waist your time to much"

No, you didn't waste my time at all.

Good luck with any other tracks in the style of other people and I hope they all come out as different and good as this one.
joecramer replied 6th Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
:) Thanks

I already done a track with some more sounds from Anubis
-the twelfe elf-
and i tryed to tell him ..... but i never hear any or see him here. Maybe i try it again.

When i sit down and start with doing a FR track, i used some samples to get into the right mood. Fast beats, drums and so. At the moment where i make the first test with some of the synth´s i played and the Anubis beat, it was, for me, absolut clear that i dont will make a FR track BUT all starts realy with the will to do so.

I have a little hyper activity syndrom thing and have a problem to concentrate me realy hard on things i dont like/love 100%. If i do in between something that i love more, then my concentration went to 110% to the more loved thing. So there is only one way to change that. I could take some pills for a better focus. (but i never done that for makeing music befor, cause normaly i can hold the focus perfect on my music) ......

I love the way my brain works :)

stay tuned
StaticNomad 1st Feb 2015 00:17 - 9 years ago
Hey Joe.

Big congratulations on coming up with this track. It doesn't sound like FR's stuff but that's absolutely fine. I thought some people might try to do somethng in the style of another Looper and the track not sound anything like them but still sound good. It was just a fun idea that I thought might inspire some people.

I do like this slow, tribal vibe. It has a lot of space in it so works well as deep chillout music.

I like your intro melody and then we get the big main beat. I think you could make about a million good tracks out of that beat!

This is actual original trance - not the modern electronic dance genre known by the same name. This is much closer to ancient tribal music than hands-in-the-air drug music. Definite dream state here.

Someone on the site who will definitely like this is Anubis as he makes cinematic music quite close to this.

I like all your synth sounds and this has a good length for a hypnotic piece of music. It doesn't change much but that's fine for dream music.

Very well done!
joecramer replied 1st Feb 2015 - 9 years ago
Hello StaticNomad

First, what a nice and friendly comment. Thanks for all the time you give to all this music.

I tryed to make a Free Radical track and failed. But maybe it sounds like a Anubis track. And if i told you i tryed to do a Anubis track then you believed that i done it realy well. But that would be a lie and i try to not to do :)

There is an easy point why this sounds so cool and deep and Anubis would (hopefully/maybe)like it - the main beat is from Anubis. I realy forgoten to tell that in the discription and changed that :)

Good to know that i not waist your time to much :)

stay tuned
soundhound 31st Jan 2015 18:28 - 9 years ago
Very Nicely Done, love the groove has a soft jungle feel to it...
Sitting in a house on a hill, and below all around you is nothing
but miles and mile of deep dark jungle...

From there it's ok, cause you've got your honey with you and a
nice bottle wine, made from local grapes...And your just about
ready to get it on... :-)

Cool track Guys...

joecramer replied 31st Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
A cool place with a nice view is a good thing while listen.
A good wine for a stressless moment ......
Yeah thats always a good thing,
Something endless for the eys and the mind and for the feeling of "being alife"
And with the right person around, the univers is on your side :)

Nice to know that you enjoy the listen.
Thanks for your nice comment TG

stay tuned
crucethus 31st Jan 2015 03:01 - 9 years ago
Geez, this is an awesome tune Joe, not exactly in the FR style as his head is squarely in the late eighties and nineties style of rave and underground K dance. This is like eighties tribal wave (I just invented that sub genre). The synth you used reminded me of Douglass Adams Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy for some reason. This is a very cool tune and I am glad u were inspired to make it.
joecramer replied 31st Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
:) I hope you had the old BBC version in your head and not this unfunny new.... the idea of alien nativ tribes could be realy a Adams thing.

Nice to hear that you like this tune.
Alot of dynamic of this one goes to Anubis. I used only 1 sample for this one but it is realy tribellike stuff that he pruduced.

I had a lot of fun doing this one, cause i didnd used my midi keys for longer times and i used my old DD-11 just to see how it works with power drums.

Thanks for youre nice and friendly words Cru

stay tuned
Leandro7020 31st Jan 2015 02:41 - 9 years ago
Nice track man,good work!
joecramer replied 31st Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
Thanks a lot Leandro for your friendly words.
Good to know that you like it.

stay tuned
Burtsbluesboxes 30th Jan 2015 23:36 - 9 years ago
Breaking News: The Mars rover has discovered a tribe of Native aliens performing a ritual dance and smoking the peace pipe :p FR was the the chief :D I could picture FR doing one similar, well done :D Maybe this was their war dance? I just listened to War of the Worlds radio broadcast.
joecramer replied 31st Jan 2015 - 9 years ago
We are not alone :)

Humans are also just another native alien tribe, waiting a while on planets face, for there next move into the deep dark space .......

I think there is to much time and to much space, for having stupid wars in univers.
It is a love conection on an emotional level. It moves mutch faster then light. It looks like love is a kind of a space travel craft, that needs no time to cross the univers. Just a dance, or maybe only a dance, can send you anywhere you want to go to :)

Nice to hear that you like it

stay tuned

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