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Description : A rock tune that has the lead held back except near the end...so you musicians out there can add vocals or lead to it. Starts out with a synth and then builds.

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  1. Iwahstore
    Iwahstore on Wed 26th Dec 2012 - 7 years ago

    Your work is professional in every way. Hope you don't mind if I added vocals to Rock This Way. I'd like your feedback so listen to the track Auction My Love on my page. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi there Iwahstore,

    I did listen to your vocals in my song here. Sounded ok to me overall. But I think it would have sounded better if you had added some reverb to your voice as it sounded kind of dry is all.

    Thanks for letting me know about your adding vocals.
    The rules here are that your suppose to ask the artist permission first.

    Take care,

  2. danke
    danke on Mon 3rd Dec 2012 - 7 years ago

    hi Randy

    hey, hey, hey
    That's awesome, marvellous, first class rock music. In the good meaning of the word "Mainstream!!!". Bro, you think equally to music like me. Vocal centered music you make as a guitar player. Hats off...I love your art extremely,
    Regards, Danke

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi Danke,

    Another good choice for you to listen to.
    Thanks again for the compliments.
    As I may have said in another post, I believe in quality, not quantity. If it takes me a month or more to make a song proper, then that's what it takes.

    I am truly a 1 man band, altho back in the 60's to about '79, I played in other bands, and also had my own country-rock band.



  3. Jeff05C
    Jeff05C on Sat 28th Jan 2012 - 7 years ago

    Nice Bone Crunching drive on the guitars, I enjoyed the strings and all the levels/tones mesh together really well. Great song. Nice breaks in there, accentuates the drive I find.


    Reply by Randall822

    Hi Jeff05C,

    Thanks for your comments on this rock tune. I love trying different types of music, But mostly my songs cover rock and country...and some blues now and then. I am working on a slide blues guitar one now, and will post it when I get it done.
    I have a couple rock songs done as well, and am waiting for lyrics/vocals to be added by the people I sent them to.

    I left a review for your latest song as well.

    Thanks again,

  4. NeonStrawberry
    NeonStrawberry on Sat 25th Sep 2010 - 9 years ago

    lovely, also sorta perfect. Nice overdrive too, chipping my speakers :p and godly solos.

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi there NeonStrawberry,

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen to one of my tunes, and to also leave a review. Over 456 listeners...and only 16 reviews! But it was downloaded 103 times...so what does that tell ya. Guess others liked it as well. :-)

    Anyways, I am glad you also enjoyed it. I liked doing the Synth part. I believe I did it one in
    e-minor for the effect.

    I'll stop over and take a listen and review one of your songs in kind in a day or so. I am at work now and can't do much here. I am working on a classic type rock tune now.

    Thanks again,

  5. rei4real
    rei4real on Sun 2nd May 2010 - 9 years ago

    what a drive!!!
    I love the guitar sound here, so full and rich, awesome ...
    there's a song by an Austrian singer which is called "with 66 life begins" (that's the english translation from the german title) ... you prove that phrase right ...
    awesome my friend!!

    peace, rei

    Reply by Randall822

    Hello there Rei,

    Again I apologize for the delay in my response(s). I am glad you also enjoyed this tune. Since I have 2 Korg units here, I need to make use of them more, and that is what I am trying to do in my future tunes as I can.
    I am not a great keyboard player by any means, but since I can do anything I want in 'slow-mo' and then speed it up to the proper tempo without degradation, it makes it much easier and anyone can do it.

    So I haven't heard of that artist you mentioned. But 66 is just a number as I plan on keeping going for at leatst another 10 years if I can.

    The next tune I am working on is a Crunch type with mostly guitar and some ideas I have had for a long time. Nothing spectacular, but have to get it out of my head. :-)

    Thanks for your review.

  6. BenjiP
    BenjiP on Sun 15th Nov 2009 - 10 years ago

    DUDE you are amazing ! your songs are amazing!

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi ya BenjiP,

    I also want to thank you for listening and reviewing this tune. As I am working a lot now..12 hour shifts with no days off temporarily...I have not made anything since the last Techo-Trance tune.

    I didn't even have time to enter the last big contest as maybe some of my tunes might have won?
    Anyways, if you have any tunes up, I will take a listen and give a review back to you.

    Thanks again for your reply. Like the old Dorito's commercial, Don't worry, I'll make more!
    Have to go...I am still working.

    Randy Miller

  7. The_Acidizer
    The_Acidizer on Thu 29th Oct 2009 - 10 years ago

    simply amazing! one of the best tracks i have heard on looperman yet! the strings in addition with the excellent guitars is fantastic. you can definately go somewhere with your music if you continue to put out stuff like this. fantastic job

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi there Acidizer.....
    I very much appreciate your listening and reviewing this tune. Must be it came up under the 'Featured box' as it has been out for a little while.
    I haven't made much of any music at all since that Techo-Trance tune. I have been really busy at work on the night shift at 12 hours a night, and no days off! So...no new music. :-(

    So no worries..I will start again in mid December. I think I'll run back to my country roots and produce a modern country instrumental with the use of my Emmond Pedal Steel...it is sitting in the corner feeling neglected.

    Thanks again man, and I will listen to some of your tracks as well in a couple days...as I am at work now ...again.

    Randy M.

  8. d2d
    d2d on Wed 15th Jul 2009 - 10 years ago

    This is some of the best guitar work I've heard on looperman. I'm very impressed! Thanks for posting it!

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi D2d,

    Sorry for the very late reply. I have been working all my days off lately, and am slow in getting reviews back to people for this tune as there was quite a few.

    I will listen to one of your tunes later today and give a review back as I am off and have more time. I appreciate your comments very much!

  9. DextDee
    DextDee on Wed 15th Jul 2009 - 10 years ago

    Sir Randall, i like this rock tune very much. i just want to chip in one small thing i heard; just at the start, when the synths come in, they overshadow the violin synth just a lil bit. i think some compression on that one would solve the problem!!
    nice work.!!!


    Reply by Randall822

    Hello DextDee,

    Glad to have to stop by and listen to my latest tune. I hadn't seen your name before in any of my reviews, so that is cool to have a new person listen to my songs. I will review one of yours in a few minutes and give feedback in return.

    As for the synths taking over the sound of the violins a little, that is quite possible and I appreciate your advice. However, I also wish to say if your listening to the song with tiny computer speakers, then it will sound a lot different than say, regular near field monitors speakers about 5 inches on up.

    My Dell Laptop seems to compress the sound itself and it doesn't sound as good as it does with with bigger speakers. I have a subwoofer built into my laptop, but I doubt that it is much bigger than 1 inch in diameter from what I can see of it from the outside. :-)

    Anyways, again, thanks for your review.
    Randy in NY

  10. jahknow
    jahknow on Sun 12th Jul 2009 - 10 years ago

    One of the best new rocks tunes I've heard in years. By ANY artist! This kicked serious ass.

    Reply by Randall822

    Hello there Jahknow,

    Thanks for stopping by. I don't believe I've seen your name before in any other of my other reviews. So if this is a first for listening to my tunes, then your very welcome to listen to whatever you like. :-)
    Rock, Blues, Country is what I am into as I also play several different instruments.

    I appreciate your comments on this tune and invite you to take a listen to 'Heavy Metal Highway' if you like heavy metal. I am NOT trying to advertize my tunes, but it's had over 500 plays, and some say it is the best they have ever heard for heavy metal. So you be the judge I guess. I am not really in to metal much either. I did it for a friend in Serbia.

    I also play slide guitar and will feature a little in my next tune which will basically a Funk type tune. A 1st for me and maybe my last! :)

    I will take a listen to your tunes as well and give you feedback. Can't this minute as I am at work.
    Later then ....and thanks again for the nice review.

  11. TRIS
    TRIS on Tue 30th Jun 2009 - 10 years ago

    Wow, such great energy!!! love the beginning how its sets the mood for the guitar to come in. This would be nice driving on an open road somewhere in the western states just letting loose. Great work on this, its perfect in every way!!! *fav*

    Reply by Randall822

    Hello there Tris,

    Thanks a lot for listening/reviewing my latest track. As I mentioned in the description, I left the tune fairly empty so others could add vocals or some more lead. So go to it if your inclined to add to it.

    I am a little behind in giving reviews back as far as listening to others tunes because of work....but be sure that I will review one of your tunes soon and give a review back to you.

    Been working 12 hours a day lately and don't have much energy left to do much when I get home. (I am at work now in fact, but can't listen to tunes here easily).

    Thanks again,

    MEDICALMARIJUANA on Mon 22nd Jun 2009 - 10 years ago

    This has that 80's type feel and groove, I can see the highly sprayed hair bouncing around. Leather pants ha ha ha the eighties what a decade. peace

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi there M........!
    I appreciate your review and will return the favor shortly for sure.
    I am glad it brought back some memories for you.

    Thanks again,

  13. BigPete
    BigPete on Sun 14th Jun 2009 - 10 years ago

    this kicks ass, love the drive, the chord progression, arrangments, great bridge with the reverse effect I think on the guitar, this is a it entertaining and very musical at the same time, thanks for kicking my ass in the rock catergorie, lol. I deserve it.

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi there BigPete,

    Hey man, I appreciate your comments very much. As you have listened to my past earlier music, you can see how I am learning and progressing as time goes on.
    It certainly is fun and enjoyable to listen to the final outcome after many takes and experimenting of what will fit and what won't.

    I am geting up there in years and am relying on looping more as my fingers slow down. Many tunes I make, are originally slower as I create the 'tricky parts', and then I decide upon a tempo for the final output.

    Thanks again for your review and I appreciate your comments always.

  14. ChrisHall
    ChrisHall on Mon 8th Jun 2009 - 10 years ago

    great how you make that minor feel turn into a major feel with the chords man! this song sorta makes me wanna step my game up and spend some more time on my tracks! great tune bud and nice abrupt ending!


    Reply by Randall822

    Hi there Chrilsh,

    Your very welcome on your comments and I appreciate them a lot. Always do the best you can as in my note to AJ below, your music will long outlast you. How do you want to be remembered after your gone? That's how I look at things.

    But then again I just turned 65, so I won't be around that much longer. ha ha

    Thanks so much for your review, and I will get to your page and do a review in a day or two.


  15. AnomalyJ
    AnomalyJ on Sun 7th Jun 2009 - 10 years ago

    Totally blown away with this one...great from start to finsh, I get the race car feel to, now if I only had a race car...Seriously I love the drive and the various basslines are just awesome. I agree with planet this is the type of music that raise the standards on the whole site. Love the ending too. Excellent job. aj

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi there AnomalyJ,

    I appreciate your reviewing my latest tune and am glad you liked it. I hope you weren't blown away too far.. :-))).

    I suppose your right that this could be good for some kind of commercial even if they only used a small part of the tune.

    I always try and put up the best quality music I can amke as I feel it will be on the Internet a long time after I am long gone.
    I will get over to your site and listen to what you have and give you a review as promised in my forum note.
    Thanks again,

  16. Falter
    Falter on Sun 7th Jun 2009 - 10 years ago

    i'm so glad you asked me to check this little number out, amazing composition, production is impeccable, you are a master of your trade my friend. I love the subtle riff that kicks in at around 1:50, so smooth. I have nothing but praise for your work and i feel that even attempting to critique your work would be a grave insult on my part because you obviously know anything i could possibly say and far beyond.

    so thank you very much for contributing this tune to the site and to the world for that matter!
    always a fan,

    Reply by Randall822

    Hi TJ,

    I guess I forgot that your name TJ and Falter is one and the same. :-) Glad you enjoyed this tune and am always looking forward to reviews to see how I can improve.
    The subtle riffs and other guitar licks and chords strewn thoroughout, are what makes it more interesting and not a boring tune.

    Thanks again TJ. I appreciate your listening and commenting very much.

  17. Planetjazzbass
    Planetjazzbass on Sun 7th Jun 2009 - 10 years ago

    Hey Randy...I like to be the first cab off the reviewing rank on your tunes...Man!..super cool rhythm crunch,with that sympathetic orchestration it's killer (Excellent intro by the way)..I think you've been holding out on us man..your a rocking demon!.Have you bought a pair of leather pants lately? lol...Your tracks have always been great..but lately you've somehow raised the bar quite a few pegs..anything to do with your keyboard work I wonder..hmmm...Not only is the musicianship and production values first class..this track is going to be very popular with a broad audience I think......fantastic!
    cheers Dave

    Reply by Randall822

    Hello there Dave,

    Ha....your quick on the draw! Thanks for the glowing review. Glad you liked the tune throughout. I love my new Korg M-3. No...I don't own any leather pants, or never have. haha.

    As far as raising the bar, I don't think I can do any better. I messed with this one quite awhile trying different parts out to see what would fit best.
    Didn't even know how I wanted it to end....except I didn't want to do a fade out as I sometimes do. So an abrupt stop with a little echo after effect from the keyboard sounded ok, but still a little strange to me. :)

    I actually think most anyone on this site that has been playing for a time, could do what I just did...but it's not an overnight type making tune. Have to know the ins and outs of your effects and how to make them work for you...plus some playing skills of course, and thinking outside the box.

    I don't play drums, so those are loops. Getting the drum breaks right are a real challenge.

    Then I learned how to 'master' as well from reading and watching a fellow studio owner in a local studio. He is pleased with my progress thus far.
    I recently got a slew of Line6 RTAS software amp and effects simulations. Those are fun to mess with. Can't wait to do more with them.

    So anyways, I appreciate your review and I'll review another of your tunes shortly.

  18. alividlife
    alividlife on Sun 7th Jun 2009 - 10 years ago

    it's really beautiful randy.

    i like this song!

    Reply by Randall822

    Hello Abe!

    Congrats, your the 1st to review this new tune. I am glad you enjoyed this tune. I am getting better on my synth I guess.

    I have some really cool stuff I want to do on it still. Just that I am not a bonafied keyboard player.....yet.

    Thanks again friend.

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