Description : I recorded this song several weeks ago, live in studio. It was a very spontaneous reaction to some experiences and interactions only an hour or so before.

I recorded the audio tracks, as well as a video on my old digital camera. The video has been up on youtube for a while:

This was recorded with my 100 Proof microphone, Eat Lead Copper modular synth, Breaking Blue tabletop synth, modified Yamaha DD-20, and Zoom RT-123.

In the last couple of days, I finally got around to mixing the audio I had recorded into a better quality rendition. The stems were used as is, simple being mixed a bit and mastered.

Have fun listening!

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  1. OdotZED
    OdotZED on Sat 23rd Sep 2017 - 6 years ago

    reminds me of happy hardcore from way back when...good work Spiv..

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Ha ha... I guess I was pretty happy in a way, when I did this, and the influences were pretty hardcore. That park is a freakin far cry from the chill times of twenty five years ago when we all sat in a circle tripping and smoking, and discussing who got the first hit off the pipe. Life is so different now... I'm lucky if, when I go out to the parks, I do not see someone get arrested or close to a flat out battle. Life is hard all over, hence the HARD in hardcore. We'll all make it through! Thank you for listening and leaving your words! Good to hear from you!

  2. mrwolf14
    mrwolf14 on Thu 21st Sep 2017 - 6 years ago

    Hi Spiv,
    As usual, brilliant and unconventional piece of music.
    Quite repetitive, but that was your intention.
    Liked much as one can like poison :-)
    Many nice words were already spent on this, so I will keep it short: very very good.

    One question: you mentioned you just "mixed" the audio tracks, but did you apply any effect to the vocal part or was it just recorded like that? I find it a powerful distortion, not warm but strangely good sounding.

    Take care, Domenico

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hello Domenico! It is always great to hear a comment from you my friend!

    I would agree wholeheartedly that the drum beat is repetitive, and it is so since the only thing I changed with the drum machine during the performance was the volume. Otherwise it is the same short loop throughout, one which I made quite a while ago. The volume was changed for one reason only, because the drums were what was causing the envelope follower to react, which caused a bunch of other things to happen in patched items down the line. This change in volume adjusted how the threshold was triggered for the gate and trigger outputs, essentially switching the items down the line to a "half time" rhythm. Basically, only the loudest drums were tripping the trigger, rather than all hits.

    I didn't make a selection of drum beats for this one, so definitely it would be repetitive without any changes.

    Regarding your question about the vocal distortion... I added a multiband overdrive to the sections written "there doesn't seem to be a record filed." This was intended to be in the original live video, and I was toggling it manually, but I had a monitoring mistake which made it not happen live. All of the other parts are just the natural saturation of the transistor preamp that I designed for the condenser. I too like the way that microphone breaks up when I speak very close. It can be an expressive mic, since getting further away creates a very different tone. I use that mic on almost everything these days... :)

    Thank you for taking a listen and leaving your words! Have a good day!

  3. crucethus
    crucethus on Mon 18th Sep 2017 - 6 years ago

    A singular sound you have created. I love the analogue synths, the minimalist two step beat that just hammers it into your brain like a power press drill. If you really wanted to mindfuck us, you could have segued in a gabba sound by doubling the bpm for a few measures. but then I might have crapped my pants and recluded to the nearest wall in a fetal position rocking back and forth making a gurrrgghh like sound. thats the power of your music my friend. Powerful Poison indeed.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Ha ha, gabba... now there's something you don't hear brought up every day! I try to avoid "brown note" and similar situations, since I would hate to be asked to clean it up. Plus life is hard enough as it is!

    Happy to hear that you think it has some power to it. It's been taking all of my self control to keep plugging away at this album. Hopefully I am within a song or two. The record heat in the past couple of weeks did not help at all!

    Just thought I'd take a minute to respond here, and return the favor before I finish making seed milk. Thanks for listening friend!

  4. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Wed 13th Sep 2017 - 6 years ago

    coming from an orchestral background, with all those old school values, I appreciate how uniquely different your work is from that school and my own style, but appreciate also the mastery and artistry that you have achieved in your style. I hope deejays continue to pick up your stuff and I hope there will be wider recognition for your stuff, and some bank as well.

    I know this comment says nothing about the track, and if I "enjoyed" it or not. Your work is an inspiration to me. Your obvious dedication to continuing to grow artistically is obvious and an inspiration as well.

    Bundle up my friend. Winter will jump upon us soon!

    Regards - Dan

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Your words are not taken lightly my friend!

    Technically, part of my background is orchestral, but I did not fit in with the idea of playing classical tunes and being chastised by teachers when I did something "wrong." My cellos were always borrowed from the school, since I was low income. I would love to have one again. I remember how satisfying it was playing pizzicato on the cello, or switching to the back of the bow. It is a lovely instrument.

    I was hoping to do some internet radio DJ sets myself again, but the current state of FL Studio made it very difficult, so I set the idea aside for now. There recent additions of tempo automation are pretty much broken in my opinion, since they are based on the grid... Either the audio will stretch to a tempo, or the grid will - so either way, the results are not predictable. The clip will end in a totally different place than where it was when it began. Annoying!

    Thank you for noticing my dedication... in all reality, my lack of dedication to music is mainly due to my dedication to many different aspirations. I could spend all day in the studio or practising instruments, but then my garden would wither, I would stop eating, I wouldn't know anything about native plants or fungus, I would stop adding to my blog, and I would have no time for local activism, and and and, well you get the idea. Even as it is, I have no time or energy for local friendships. :)

    I honestly wish so much that I could bundle up! We have had many days around and above 31 degrees C in the past week, and today is supposed to be about the worst. We've had maybe .2 cm of rain the past several weeks. It's getting bad, especially with the wildfire smoke and ozone. There are air quality warnings today. I've been watering the garden before sunrise just for safety of myself and the plants.

    Don't mean to complain, it's just forefront in my mind. One of those times where I stop believing that winter will come. At least we are getting a bumper crop of tomatoes!

    But, don't worry - A song like this is not exactly meant for enjoyment in the conventional sense. It is simply self expression and carrying on the "work" of others. I should have a slightly more conventional tune finished soon.

    Thanks for always being there to listen and give your support!

  5. dumarecht
    dumarecht on Tue 5th Sep 2017 - 6 years ago

    Poison from people? Well ... yes please : ) any kind at all.

    I love freebees, especially poisons.

    Cool 90's rave, simple yet frantic and certainly sets a mood.

    Cheers man

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Ha ha, I hear what you are saying there... Ironically, I was the one giving out freebies on this day, and the lyrics were mostly inspired by listening to people talk about the salvation army while they basked in the pipe smoke.

    '91 was the only actual rave I have ever been to, though it was technically a christian festival rave. Still some thumping old school stuff. Though some of the concerts I've seen were a lot like rave's, such as NIN around '93-'94 and again around 2000... plus skinny puppy always has that frantic dance vibe.

    The frantic nature of this song is definitely due in part to coming home with an idea, hooking things up, and then pressing record. It's hard to get that sort of feeling when I'm doing DAW based work.

    Thanks for stopping by to listen and comment! Have a good one!

  6. Allochtune
    Allochtune on Tue 5th Sep 2017 - 6 years ago

    Although it isn't my kind of genre, I can certainly appreciate the sounds you designed! I like the distortion on your snare and the highhat sounding electrical currents that come back during the beat (best way I can describe it). It's an itch in my brain! Look forward to your album :)

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Ha ha, my brain itches too, but I think it's just the wildfire smoke!

    I appreciate you listening out of your comfort zone so often! I know that this isn't a commonly accepted "song" in the strictest sense. I'm working to do my best within the confines of my physical reality, since I am just one person. Computers tend to make me pretend that I have more arms and legs than I actually have, plus a couple of brains.

    I think the next track I put out will have a bit more commonplace acceptance, but we'll see.

    Thanks for taking a listen my friend!

  7. BLEEP
    BLEEP on Tue 5th Sep 2017 - 6 years ago

    Hey Spiv,

    this track will have his place in a dj set during a teknival. The ritmic is particularly energic with this heavy kick. It made a long time i hadn't listened to hardcore genre!
    It's surprising to observe the sliding of the voice (at 01:34) which gradually bottom with the rhythmic.
    For the one who does the effort to listen to with big attention, there is one concerns( of the detail which demonstrates the amount of work to obtain a group so coherent and harmonious! I went to your video link before listening here your track so i already had an idea about it.

    People should see the video too, it shows what i said about your creativity!


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you Bleep for the continued attention to this track! I had not really thought of hardcore as a specific genre for this track, but it seems like some people agree in that respect. Much of the industrial which I listen to has many parallels with hardcore techno.

    It has been a good feeling working towards my goal of being able to do "my sort" of music, but do it all live and in the moment. Before this past year, most of the live things I did on my own were very abstract and simple. One could probably use those words to describe this as well, but I know differently.

    I hope to improve my video work, but I am just doing what I can with what I have. I like incorporating my gear that is build with super bright LED displays, since the flashing of the different colors blend with my ever-present smoke to create a bit of an old school light show. Technically can't smoke at most concerts any more, but still sometimes the bands will use smoke machines for that sort of effect.

    I've been to distracted to spend much time in the studio lately, but did get a bit of recording done yesterday. Hopefully that will turn into some kind of psychedelic item in the near future.

    Thanks again for playing this one!

  8. bitronix
    bitronix on Tue 5th Sep 2017 - 6 years ago

    At first, it sounded like hardstyle because of the distorted kicks and snares along with the synths used (may i say)

    Further into the track, just like topvega said, that repetitive (were you saying "what"? lol) which was at the 1:34 mark was really enjoying to hear.

    Well structured, I somewhat nodded my head with the beat of the music :)

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thanks for taking a listen!

    I kind of took it in the hardstyle direction with this mix, just for the fun of it. I have always had a special place in heart for a good hardcore track.

    I was pretty happy with the vocal part around 1:34, after I realized what I had done. Glad it came across well!

    I appreciate your words my friend!

  9. topvega
    topvega on Mon 4th Sep 2017 - 6 years ago

    I particularly enjoyed the vocals at 1:34. The whole thing seems quite frenetic.
    I definitely got a jolt from listening. Like an espresso.

    Nice work.


    Reply by Spivkurl

    As an old school espresso drinker, from the age of eleven, I can understand where you are coming from! I have moved away from it a bit, to try and limit my addiction, and due to not being able to get a decent machine. It's all aeropress or hand poured drip now, and I even go a day or two without lately!

    Those vocal parts you mention are indeed mysterious, and I'll leave it that way. Mistake, or maybe not...

    I'm glad it gave you a jolt! The frantic nature is due to trying to get a good recording right after the initial inspiration. It's the nature of the beast. All thanks go to the messes up people I ran into at the park!

    I really just don't feel the impulse to record lately unless the impulse is from a new idea. Things such as this.

    Thank you for listening my friend! I'm glad you stopped by!

  10. NateJMusic
    NateJMusic on Mon 4th Sep 2017 - 6 years ago

    What did you use for the snare?

    Reply by Spivkurl

    The true and recognizable drums are all from a single sequence built on the Zoom RT-123 (blue version). Thank you for listening!

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