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Description : First track using Superior Drummer, and a return back to the glorious bass guitar. We start off with acoustic pleasantries, and build to darker things. Frog guiro, darkish choir, legato strings, flute and a weebit of bit-crushed guitar make appearances. Let me know what you think of it. I'm open to thoughts, criticism and ideas.

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  1. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Fri 6th Jan 2017 - 3 years ago

    Heavily delayed regreetings.

    But you can't be surprised as you know I'm rather into delay. With the setting I'm using here, it takes about two weeks to hear any repeated notes. So it's best suited to tracks at least a few weeks in length.

    Excellent 'Nomad destruction' answer. One of your very finest lengthy bits of creative writing. Thoughts:

    1) Shit To Death could be a track title.

    2) The butler will accept the hand-job but probably won't go through with the offing.

    3) That might work. Well, it would if I didn't have various delay plugins.

    4) I probably don't actually smell of Guiness or honey mango so the carefully trained attack rats will probably just head for a Guiness factory. Or mango plantation.

    5) I can't say how many scruffy white Alexes there are in the UK. I'm sure we get about so probably many more than 7. Bring lots of ammo as it's damn hard to get over here.

    6) That's a cunning plan. I guess this means that if/when I do meet some fantastic, Nomad-completing female, I will always be suspicious that she's really just an Evanator agent. In your cruelty, you will always deny it if I ask. Sorry to hear something like that happened to you. But that's what you get if you date Tally Pruit so it's also kind of your own fault.

    Back to the track:

    1:40 has an odd, metallic, rubbing bass tone. Pretty cool.

    2:11 sounds like a synth but I doubt it. Aha - maybe that's bitcrushed guitar.

    2:42 good, huge reverbed bass tone.

    This is sitting, grooving away nicely. Irish prog chill jig is the genre name.

    3:13 nice legato strings to add some depth.

    Watery fadeout ending is good. No complaints.

    Still Intact Nomad, smiling and dropping the cliche

  2. Neomorpheus
    Neomorpheus on Thu 22nd Dec 2016 - 3 years ago

    This is a killer track Evan, so the name is very appropriate. I love the Celtic flavoring you are able to produce. The acoustic intro is so Renaissance festival, I'm instantly picturing the ample bouncing breasted wenches and smelling the Turkey Legs and mead. But then this quickly melds into a shifting cacophony of suspenseful interlude which is quite masterfully composed. That sharply toned bass is so wicked along with the flute and (are those guitar?) plucks. Nice tension building here and then the addition of percussion and choir really pumps up the production value. The second half continues the bass driving groove with some segmented percussion to sustain the tension. I have to complement you on the drum work through out the track bro. It really put this on a much higher level percussion wise than I believe you have been before. My only critique with the track would be to point out there at 2:43 the guitar and bass are seemingly battling for space a bit, not sure if its volume or separation that's the issue, and its a very minor one to say the least. The orchestrated synth that kicks in to start the outtro is very cool and just puts the finishing touch on this amazing piece. Your really raising the bar with stuff like this Evan. Seriously.

    Reply by Evisma

    Greetings, good sir.

    I'm very happy you liked this one. Sorry for my late response. Ah, my track evokes titties and intoxicating beverages in the mind. These things are all good.

    "...(are those guitar?) plucks."

    Yes, high up on the neck of the acoustic I'm about to part with. I don't record much with my mic, but my crappy little acoustic Squier has been in several things.

    "....there at 2:43 the guitar and bass are seemingly battling for space a bit...."

    Here is where I call complete and total bullshit on you,.... because it's all bass. (I win!) The lead and the backing are both bass guitars, and I'll bet they're going through the same pickup configuration on both parts. Good ears. They don't get along because I usually roll the blend pot on my bass a touch for recording different parts to separate their tone. So yes, you are correct. They probably are fighting for space since they're the same instrument.

    Thanks for the listen, and the feedback. I've got a new one now that is heavier and lighter. Using amp sims out the wazoo!

    Take care.


  3. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Tue 20th Dec 2016 - 3 years ago

    Destructive greetings, glorious bass g wielder.

    I will have you know that you will not have me destroyed. But it's interesting that you're so confident about it. For a start, I doubt you'll be able to find my secret lair. But if you were to manage it, how do you think you'd do it? Just destroying my good name in the media or actually obliterating my fantastic body? Would you toss me in a car crusher? Brush hog me till I disintegrate? Dynamite up the ass while I sleep?

    Now let's get down to mothafuckin' business:

    Intro is jaunty, acoustic Irish jigging stuff that maybe fades in a bit too much ie should start at a higher level.

    0:15 and we're totally rocking with addition of fat bass and drums. This is good shit.

    0:46 that little riff is too cool. It's actually pretty hard to tell what it is. I guess bass g. And the frog guiro is amusing and adds some unusual character.

    Some lower bass g gets effectively added and now 1:09 comes the coolest addition, the "darkish choir". That's the kind of additional flavour you need to add to your music.

    1:33 I see why ToastMan says Fantasia. Because it's some dreamy, far out soundtrack music. A bit like something Danny Elfman might come up with. You know - the composer who's done loads of scores for Tim Burton. And The Simpsons.

    Drums sound great, as I suspected they would. Spivkurl recently said that he wished Superior didn't exist and that it "always sounds like phasing noisy junk". But let's not worry about that negative, weird and irrelevant opinion.

    I knew your first track using Superior would have good drums because you've been putting in the practice these last few years with lesser software. Now you can do some nice "phasing noisy junk", your drum quality has gone up a notch. Or three. Actually, hearing this makes me wonder if I should get the Progressive EZX. I now know partly what it sounds like. Good reverb on the drums. It's just a fat sound.

    Anyway, I'm running out of words so I'm going to run now and return when you reply to review the second half of this nice track bro.

    Undestroyed Nomad, unable to focus on anything but your surrender.

    Reply by Evisma

    Hmmmmm, how would The Evanator destroy The Nomad?

    A fine question......

    1. Replace your fiber powder with laxative powder and watch you shit to death as you keep unknowingly taking laxatives to stop the shitting.

    2. Offer your rowing butler a callous-free hand-job to finally off you the way he has always fantasized; with scissors, rocksalt and wearing Groucho glasses.

    3. Take away his delay pedal.

    4. Train a vicious horde of attack rats to sniff out the combination of Guinness and Honey Mango, leading them, of course, directly to you. Unable to defend against such a well trained, mighty and driven force, you will be slowly disassembled into tiny bits and redistributed all over the UK in what will appear to be tiny brown grains of rice.

    5. Fly over there and shoot your ass. How many scruffy, white Alex's can there be. I've got a revolver, so my hope is less than 7.

    6. Convince a beautiful, intelligent, sexy and loyal girl to make you fall in love with her. She will complete you, and you will feel that she truly wants you, and you share something that nobody else is worthy of..... then I'll send you video of her blowing thugs for meth.

    0:46 riff is acoustic guitar, way up on the neck, so it does sound odd, but thats what I liked about it.

    "always sounds like phasing noisy junk"

    He's a smart, great guy. A positive influence in the world, but this actually sums up what I think of his music, minus the phasing. A lot of detailed work for a product that seems to hate my ears. Other people love it, just not my thing. More power to him. I'm sure there are people who can't stand what I do.

    "...this makes me wonder if I should get the Progressive EZX. I now know partly what it sounds like. Good reverb on the drums. It's just a fat sound."

    A good amount of post-processing. A compressor, eq for some extra overheads, and a room reverb at half mix. Since you seem to have more expendable income, you should go for the Progressive Foundry SDX. It's about 66GB of samples. I've got 107GB of empty space, waiting for expansions. I've been thinking of EZMIX. Tutorials make it look pretty awesome, though everyone will have access to the same presets. Just have to finagle them into something special.

    I hope Number 6 wasn't too depressing. It's pretty close to my last relationship before I met my wife. That was a shitty stretch of life. I wish it on no one.

    Evan, gets just what he came for, then he's out the door again.

  4. BLEEP
    BLEEP on Mon 19th Dec 2016 - 3 years ago

    epic track, with a fascinating progress!
    your bass line is awesome: for me it's the track spine.

    really good work

    Reply by Evisma

    The bass must be in the face, yes. I'm one of the few people who believe the bass guitar is a lead instrument. It's just good stuff. Thanks for the listen and the kind words.


  5. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Mon 19th Dec 2016 - 3 years ago

    Hello mate,

    Sorry I havn't been around to enjoy more gems like this track.
    The guitar the bass the drum are wow.

    Great job great track mate.
    Happy christmas and have a wonderful new year.

    Well done

    Reply by Evisma

    Greetings, Jamid.

    Never apologize. We all come and go as we please. Its always good to hear from you. Yes, the instrumentation is kind of big in this one. Not many quiet sections. I'm glad you liked it and I hope you're around when the next one rolls out. Thanks for the kind words!

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Take care.


  6. toastedavalanche
    toastedavalanche on Mon 19th Dec 2016 - 3 years ago

    This is pure, beautiful insanity! It's like Tool rescored Fantasia. The different motifs are so expertly blended that new images are conjured to the mind with ease. It's carnivalesque at first, then the ghostly choral comes in before the bass growls a low warning of the dangers ahead.
    The tension holds as all begins to fade into the distance. We are left to wonder what horrific wonders we have just witnessed. Then silence.

    This is really incredible stuff. Fav'd


    Reply by Evisma

    "It's like Tool rescored Fantasia."

    That gets me right here, man. (taps chest)
    I've gotten several Tool references over the years. I'm honored by the reference, but hope I never sound like I'm trying to sound like them. I'd like to think that I inject a bit of my sense of humor into my music, but I learned to play bass by learning Tool songs, so comparisons are going to happen I suppose.

    Thanks for the listen and the kind words!


  7. Fl4zh
    Fl4zh on Mon 19th Dec 2016 - 3 years ago

    Damn i love that guitar.

    Also love how the theme changes trough the song.

    Reply by Evisma

    I love that guitar, too.

    I dig progressive music. I do repeat phrases a few times to establish it or to do a lead on top of it, but I really never revisit a movement like verse, chorus, verse, chorus. Shit drives me mad. Each song gives you a few minutes to showcase your mind, why keep repeating the same thing? Oh, right, catchy equals profitable.

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Anyway I added a Bass, in the Bridge and 2 Guitars to the
track, keeping it as simple as possible. with a little Guitar Rock Space with the Bass and Funk with the Guitar jump...
Now if someone has something to say, with a voice
big enough to ride this Monster...Do your Thing...
Send us a link to hear it...

Having fun...Hope you all like it...


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