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Description : 100 seconds recital pianO for thinking to deaf people ...
excuse me for quality ..in fact thi is an old trial of mine and written by Final 2004 ! .
dedicated to all deaf humans whom can't hear this .

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  1. topclass
    topclass on Thu 30th Aug 2018 - 5 years ago

    Interesting :)

  2. Prelude
    Prelude on Fri 18th Apr 2014 - 10 years ago

    0_0 !
    yes you're right Behnam !
    definitely my imagination about deafness was not true !
    thank you for helping me underestand deafness better .

    Reply by deciBel

    thank U Cindy .

  3. larrywiggles1
    larrywiggles1 on Mon 24th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago

    Hi Behnam,

    That certainly was a 100 seconds of so very thought provoking music, with such lovely key progression. I am privileged to have been able to listen to it. Thank you for sharing it.

    Great Respect,


    Reply by deciBel

    many thnx for your time & attention & shared idea Mark/Larry.
    it's nice to know a thorughbred musician like U has a possitive feedback about this shorT & old trial & I appreciate U . regards.___B

  4. Prelude
    Prelude on Thu 21st Nov 2013 - 10 years ago

    this is smartest musical idea i've ever found!

    music to remember indistinct people around our world !

    there's no otherguess to remind healthy people about

    humans who live unvoice inside themselves!

    and never joy talent of swiming in waves of music!

    ingenuity of yours inspired me for a poem for them.

    and I owe this idea to you decibel and this intelligent

    title for a piano piece !

    god bless you .

    * Prelude *

    Reply by deciBel

    dear Prelude , first many thnx for emmotional & poetry comment & all these kind words , buT who has told U that deaf humans live voiceless inside themselves ?!?!?
    No , as I have seen , there's no alive human who live unvoice inside , buT if he/she is in Coma !
    being deaf is not being voiceless inside...
    this is my problem , this is your problem if we can't
    underestand their voices when they want to pronounce our words...otherwise they talk with themselves like all of ours...best wishes.___Behnam

  5. janis71
    janis71 on Fri 8th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago

    Echoes in your track which echo in my heart for some reasons you can now understand, deary .
    I hear the word "gap" while listening to your track ...
    Between what deaf people hardly perceive or don't perceive at all, and what the luckiest ones can hear, ...
    and it makes me sad ...

    And you perfectly expressed this gap here, with this staccato structure . It always strikes me how you can faithfully depict human emotions or sensations through your music ... You allow us to almost read your mind whenever we listen to your pieces . That's true for me in any case, and you know that .
    This is what I call "talent", in the purest sense of the word : The natural skill you have to speak without words and make hearts thrill and remember they're alive.

    I'm conscious my comment looks dithyrambic and might make you blush, and I apologize for that, but that's what I really meant and felt like writing, deary .

    Do take care,
    Mibousamat .

    Reply by deciBel

    my dear Carole , always reading your review makes me think more and learn what does listener think & may underestand while listening to my musiX.buT U may underestand me to say there are some times that I ask myself did this 100 seconds music work & made listener to really think about deaf people or noT ...sometimes reply is yes and some no...anyway thanx for worthy attention & presence which made me to know one of most important commentor's idea about this trial...merci merci & merci ..manam shoma ro busidam khanume Carole...best wishes .___Behnam

  6. FaridHumanoid
    FaridHumanoid on Mon 4th Nov 2013 - 10 years ago

    I am always late and you know I'm sorry Behnam my So good friend.
    You know that my Mom was a Teacher of Deaf Children and I guess I can use it in this way.
    You always surprise me for your skills in composer softwares, FINAL 2004? sazandeye final ham shayad be sakhti betoone az barname khoroojiye behtar begire! ya to fekr mikoni betoone?

    Reply by deciBel

    ow!Mr Humanoid ! chaghal khane vakile zaminkhar .
    are manam kharam arvah ammat oh my friend i'm late i'm late.
    Golabi ..
    rut kam shod tuye public ham barat injuri neveshtam ?

  7. Evisma
    Evisma on Sat 2nd Nov 2013 - 10 years ago

    I love the delay here, but the fast run you do in the middle of this would benefit "automationing" the delay out for that second or two. I never know what to expect when I hit play on one of yours!

    Reply by deciBel

    yes,true matter U've pointed Evan .althoughT that's not dalay , I've added a considered echo that maybe sounds like delay because U can't imagine how horrible sounds piano in final 2004 (as U can read in description it's written by final 2004..and in those years ago)! ...and withouT that echo & 2 sort of reverb that pianO sounded like a toY ! but if U've used this word='delaY' for I forgot to send U that mail, I just can say : ''oh oh ! oops! I forgot , sorry ,this wacky mind & busy head of mine makes me forgot to see myself in mirror too !oops & aakh(We say Aakh or vaay in persian instead of your oops),I'll send that now after leaving looperman ''.
    and about what U can expect to hear when U play on one of my trials , I tink U can excepT to hear me thinking loudly & talking to myself & my beloved one..but by instruments .
    thank U very much Evan for usefull comment & worthy attention & true worthy critical point abouT delay(echo).best wishes for U Evisma both .___Behnam

  8. ElenaSatine
    ElenaSatine on Fri 1st Nov 2013 - 10 years ago

    I listened to those 100seconds tracks that you had sent to tonality for my collaboration with him after his comment and your negative answer and i loooooved that one that seems a group of aunts are singing an untidy chorus together in it . but we want to use another one of those unique ideas of yours for overture-or intro- of our track featuring tonality.
    but i wanted to ask you about that aunts track .
    can i use that for a rock track of mine ?
    i'll give credit to you for that by writing your name in title as collab . ok Behnam please?
    those aunts are very cute for me.

    Reply by deciBel

    yes colleague U can & just I'll be glad to hear the way U'll use that.so please inform me as U done.best wishes.__Behnam

    KAMPUTERA on Thu 31st Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Hi Benham,

    You are fine. There is no problem with your song. The words I used were used to describe the feelings I felt. The music is Peaceful. Reminds me of a Daydream and gently sways me like a Waltz. The word Recollection means to think about the past while in the present time. So you're okay. :) I did not mean to startle you. Please do not worry. You are a good artist. Relax. :)


    Reply by deciBel

    Mario,dear thnX aloT for your attention to my reply & second presence . and well , now this new description of yours makes me underestand your previous commenT & feel better about this trial of mine . as I told personalY It's important for me to never compose a music to be similar to someone else's music .best wishes .___Behnam

  10. StaticProjekt
    StaticProjekt on Wed 30th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    The emotion in the track is great, very inspiring

    Reply by deciBel

    I'm very glad if U've found it inspiring , & gratefull for your attention & time to commenT on this trial of mine, dear Staticproject.

    KAMPUTERA on Wed 30th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Peaceful Daydream Waltz - (Recollection)

    Reply by deciBel

    thanX for review , buT UnfortunatelY I don't underestand what U exactlY mean ...do U mean this makes U remember a track in that name ? google search doesn't find exactly that name..just finds ''the daydream Waltz''. do U mean this name ?

  12. brillbilly
    brillbilly on Mon 28th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    You create music that makes me always think and feel!

    I hear more than just sounds,i hear feelings,i hear vibes,so hearing becomes feelings through its wonderful vibes.!

    This was quite beautiful in its stripped back gentleness.!

    very nice work behnam!

    Reply by deciBel

    Chris forget about music , how are U man ? Mr BrillbillY paying the bills is noT such hard for people who live beside that university where I will never have enough money to can studY there hahaha...
    about music ,I just should say wished this could be usefull for deaf's world..wished it can help even as a epsilon for their word ..and regarding your kind words I should confess when I know this track didn't help and won't help & so has no performance about its goal , I don't find myself worthy of adoration and kind words...U're a good friend of mine & I know U'll underestand me.___Behnam

  13. Tonality
    Tonality on Mon 28th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    sorry for being late in comment Behnam , i had downloaded and liked it . i came to ask can i use it for overture of my new track feat ladyinred ?

    Reply by deciBel

    My friend why U should be sorry for being late or never writing comment for me or any otherone ?not needed to such compliments.regarding usage of this 100'' I should be fair & tell U excuse me for saying No,U can't use it if U ask me cause this not true to ignore commentors befor U BurT & Steve & Kevin who have told they want use it ,and as U see in description below track too I have written abouT the reasons why I've cancelled collab request about this . buT never mind,I totalY have 16 track 100'' and I'll send U 2 other proposal rightnow by mail.appology again,thanx & best wishes.___Behnam

  14. SikStyle1
    SikStyle1 on Mon 28th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Your about to pass my song in plays lol

    Reply by deciBel

    ooooh ! about what a hard things U care in looperman .
    personalY I think , quality of listener and commentors is more important that quantity of them .
    buT if passing in play , make U don't answer to any other asians in looperman in that way U answered me in my last comment for U when I wrote U cello can be added and do like that in an RnB track(what a hard genre!)of yours and U asked me about what can I compose instead of appreciating someone who has listened your track seriouslY & commented for U honesT , tell me to pass U again (again cause as U see I usualy upload my cinematic trials in looperman & I've alreadY passed U about cinematic if U look that way )..buT as I told in first too , quality of listeners and commentors is what I prefer to quantity of them .___Behnam

  15. JamesDavies
    JamesDavies on Sat 26th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    the notes are like words to the song, the song has a thought of it's own and i think if anything the sound quality adds to that effect because if not it would sound less natural (it's almost like ya can hear the piano's thoughts at work) or at least that's how i felt it... this isn't my usual genre but i found it really pleasant and it's got a strong ending where ya can hear the piano echoing off ! keep it up :)

    Reply by deciBel

    dear James ,accordinG to that collaboration of mine with Chris(BrillBilly___althought that track was all by Chris & I just had gave him some haunting sound ,& actually Chhris ,my gentle friend had made me glad by writing collab) I know U & have listened your fantastic track .it's great to read your comment.beautifull explanation & analysis of yours is so lovelY & true for me .thnX for attention & taking time to comment James.best wishes.__Behnam

  16. johnnyproducing
    johnnyproducing on Sat 26th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    I owe you an apology behnam, what it mean't though was that I was talking nonsense and that's how most of the younger generations would feel about it when they view a comment like this, but I shouldn't have put that there. Wish there was an edit button right now.

    Reply by deciBel

    never mind man ! We're friends and such things happens between all friends.and mistake , belongs to alive people Johny...& We are alive .......I'm a collection of greatest mistakes U can't even guess....take care buddy .___Behnam

  17. johnnyproducing
    johnnyproducing on Fri 25th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Sounds emotionally, Could picture a number of things with it. It's like the track expresses that deaf people see many different things which influence them and the shortness expresses that they miss a great part in life too not being able to hear. At least that's how I view it but I am probably talking out of my ass

    Reply by deciBel

    Johny good underestaninding of yours abouT deaf people , and the same moments while commenting on this trial and thinking to deaf abilities is so greaT & what I meant from this track . personalY it was more a sympathic sensation for me and didn't want to make them glad by justifications like adoring their other abilities...
    Johny every year many of deaf humans are dying just because not hearing sound of a car in street by carless drivers..and althought I had no god and religion , buT I think if there was any hypothetical god , then he should be ashamed of deaf & blind people ..well , Mr Johny ! did U see U were talking to me and not your ass when you are commenting below my track ....this last sentence of your comment annoys me !! my friend,JohnY !U're so young, I know ,buT as I had seen U underestand very better than your generation ..and I didn't expecT U write like that way about writing comment for me ..!!U know I usualy write most respectfull and even longest replies my friend !i didn't expect my good friend Johny write that way about commenting for me...!___Behnam

  18. Danke
    Danke on Wed 23rd Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Dear Behnam!

    I will write a happy song and we will play together... :-)
    Your guitar solo is what I need...It will be a positive song, to smile through the internet...later I'll call you, hope everything is O.K.
    And again hope that you don't misunderstand this comment :-)

    Reply by deciBel

    for sure my friend . and U know how I'll be glad to can work with ojne of my best friends whose musical style is always
    lovely for me ..just , man , my shortest finger in write hand is broken and has brace ...so we can't count on my fingers and leads for a while , buT U send your track and I'll try for leads , even whith the same brace and broken finger ..for sure It would be a pleasant to work with U ...
    and U've written about smile...I remember this word ...yes...there was a word calling laugh..calling smile...I remeber this word...just don't remember how was its act ...
    I should see some pictures to can remember how I was smiling before ...but beyond kidding , Danke according to your cool personality I usualy talk with kidding and smile with U one ..it's wonderfull to see U've underestod I usualy don't smile ...how U underestood it man ,, ?haha,hehe,and ther human's voices which trying to explain someone is smiling in the end .take care .___Behnam

  19. Sherris
    Sherris on Wed 23rd Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    you know my idea about this from those old days , but i just want to ask do you think enough about yourself too crazy Behnam ? oooho chera javabe emaile mano nemidi aghaye alaghemand be afrade karolal ? telephone ham zadam ham man ham Radin mobilet off hast . az inja ham ke az hichvaght nemishod baraye to yeki message dad . khastam begam hamdardie ma ro babate salgarde pedare faghidet pazira bash . man ke ishoon ro nadide boodam amma ghatan ishoon bayad marde besiar sharif va bozorgi miboode bashand ke pesari ba
    shakhsiate to tahvile jamee dadeand .
    atusa va Radin .

    Reply by deciBel

    Atusa yes I know and remember your remindable reaction
    while listening this track for the first time .and thanX aloT for your commenT my friend .man javabe emailam ro nadam chon hosele nadashtam , va are dige khob az inja ke kheili vaghte ke nemishe baraye man payam bezare kasi va to ke dige ino miduni va manam midunam ke to kollan daneshju budim ham ghorghoru budi .kheili manunam ke dar morede khosro yadet hast , va kheir , pedare man motassefane un chenan marde sharifo bozorgi nabud ke shoma 2 ta tuye payame telepphoni ham ruye peighamgire man dar moredesh gofte budid .
    man ro ham kasi tahvile jame'e nadade Ati va velesh kon man hosele nadaram in harfa ro nemikham bedunam nemikhqam bezanam , nemikham befahmam , nemikham beshnavam...
    va faregh az hameye inha migam jeddi to zendgi nadari ? hamash ke injaee chejuri 2 ta bache ro bozorg mikoni ?
    bro ye kam be bache hat beres ba shoharet baba jan .take care and bests.___Behnam

  20. mrwolf14
    mrwolf14 on Wed 23rd Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Hi Behnam,
    I take the chance to send you my greetings. Hope everything is well man!

    And at the same time I want to say thank you for sharing your "trials" with us: even if the recording quality is not the best, the music is very moving and deep. And that's what matters!
    Often we are are after the perfect sound and we forget about the importance of the message.

    I like the comment from SeriouslyJoking: it's like if the player is desperately trying to tell us something... something very important to him. And I think this applies to a lot of your music.

    Take care friend!

    Reply by deciBel

    how are U my good friend ? wish all is well there out of this vacuumed for U .Domenico I should say thnak U for your worthy attention to my trials . regarding quality of piano for sure I'm quite agree with U and U know thos old softwares and programs like final 2004 and the reason why quality is not good as I have written in description below track too .about ''SJ''as U know our good colleague , I should say I've always enjoyed her beautifull underestanding & worthy personality .and I'm agrree this comment it was one of the most beautifull comments I had seen from her below my trials .and in the end I just should say U know my greatest respects and appreciations about your presence and comment so I won't repeat them . take care & the rest in mail.___Behnam

  21. SeriouslyJoking
    SeriouslyJoking on Wed 23rd Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    This was almost painful to listen to, as if played by a pianist loosing his mind, grasping after notation and chords that are slipping away from him.

    Reply by deciBel

    SJ it's great to read such beautifull explanation from U . thanX for sharing your worthy perception with me and us my friend and my greatest appreciations for your attention , presence and taken time to commenT .best wishes.___B

  22. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Wed 23rd Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    i was fascinated by the effect at the end which prolonged the last notes. a beautiful, reflective composition.

    Reply by deciBel

    Dan it's great to hear from U . and I'm glad to read your positive idea about this .best wishes.___B

  23. ElenaSatine
    ElenaSatine on Tue 22nd Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    bright and limpid and over humanly and pure .
    shiny stars of a dark sky .
    thank you for sharing these moments .
    loveeeed this .

    Reply by deciBel

    hello and first seems i must say ''wellcome'' to looperman .
    and I'm gratefull for choosing my track to listen & I appreciate your shared beautifull perception in your comment with us ( and me ).glad if U've liked it .__Behnam

  24. DesignedImpression
    DesignedImpression on Tue 22nd Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Hello deciBel, The quality suits the feeling involved. I believe you did a good performance of your trial in this thought to the deaf. The topic you chose to write about with your piano goes into fine detail about one topic that leads to another of the same thing that has been blindly seen though unheard by the experience. The way the piano is played and what words you have provided us to imagine with go well with one another. Thank you for sharing with us, Stay tuned. Peace.

    Reply by deciBel

    dear desinedImpression , your beautifull underestanding about this track and title , and remindable analysis of yours about this trial (track)of mine , is worthwhile and I'm gratefull of your attention & comment .
    thank you for presence , and sharing your beautifull perception to me and us .I'm senind my greatest appreciations to U .sincerelY.___Behnam

  25. ShortBusMusic
    ShortBusMusic on Tue 22nd Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    My dear friend,

    First let me say I have not received any of your emails. The only message I got was the one just now through Looperman. I believe my government (or perhaps yours) or perhaps both governments have intercepted our attempts to communicate. So, unfortunately, we may have to only communicate through Looperman. I do hope you have been well. I have been extremely busy and limited in the amount of time I have here on Looperman. Please know that I would never forget my friend, or what you have taught me these past years.

    I truly enjoyed this piece, as I do all of your work. You have much talent, and it is my hope, that with your new leadership in your country that our two countries can become friends in the future. Until then know that I will always call you a friend and a brother.

    I tried to send a message through your profile but the contact is turned off. Again, my apologies for any discomfort I may have caused in my absense. Take care of yourself, and it was good to hear from you. And keep making music my friend. It makes our world a smaller and better place. All my best.

    Your brother Bear

    Reply by deciBel

    dear Bear , U know your words all are appreciated and worthwhile for me . and hyour presence makes me honoured
    as usual .and I wanted to answer U here , buT I thaught It's not logicall to I share my opinions opposit to Islamic regime of Iran here & as U too have told me many times I should be carefull althought there' ain't happen any thing,but anyway ,I thaught it's better sent U an email and a private message.just here I want to add for sure Iranian nation have greatest respects for all oter nations and American and europe and Asian all are brothers and sister and human kind is totally a unit existance for our nation and nation donoT follow what islamic murder regime tries to
    say about many of other countries .
    personalY I think human kind is a unit existance and human is beyond his passport , and no heart and no brain have no borderlines like countries and nationality is a subordinate factor for definition of us (humans all) which can never define who we are in facT ..and personally I know many American who I really love them , and many Iranians who I have hated them ...and personalitY & perception are somethings beyond where we born ...and for sure We all know it's not Barry Morgan's choice to attack to Afghanistan...and it's noT Behnam Zandi's choice to support terrorist groups like hezbollah in lebanon & palestine...otherwise Iran & America was calling eachther '' Hello Brother ''......thank U veryvery much for your attention and worthy comment and words which means aloT for me . Bear beynd music , I appreciate your prsonalitY & thaught and perception.best wishes brother.sincerelY.___Behnam

  26. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Fri 18th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    I've never heard piano done so well! It's soothing and disturbing at once! I like the atmosphere and the recording quality personally! Great stuff! Faved for sure!

    Reply by deciBel

    Patrick my friend first appology for my latency for the reason U know and then I should say I'm very glad to see your possitive idea and kind words about this trial of mine ..
    buT ..U know Patrick ?..I ask myself , have I been really usefull by this track and this thaught about deaf world ...and when I see answer is '' NO '' , I feel disapointed ...
    I know U can underestand me...thanx again for your worthy attention and energetic comment.best wishes.___Behnam

  27. Samina
    Samina on Tue 8th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Dear Behnam
    Thank you for giving me another chance to take some time and think about a concepts around me in the universe.
    100 seconds piano for thinking about people with hearing problems makes me think about several things ... to put it more precisely ... I have listened to this piece for several times and each time I am sooo much drowned in my thoughts that can't really collect my scattered thought because I am led from one concept to another and another and other so that I find myself trying to figure out what is really hearing something and listening to something ... and whether the reality of what I hear is what I really hear or what is produced in my head according to my capacity of thought and knowledge and the wy I realize the world ... Since we first started talking about this concept and when I saw your sign language avatar here in looperman I,ve kept thinking and thinking that, OK, I am able to hear and to speak and to see, walk and move and so forth and live a normal life... but do these qualities guarantee that I am living a normal life and disabled do not... does it realy make me special...of course not... The main difference is that they know how precious each and every of these abilities are... no matter how limited their capabilities are but I take them for granted...
    I am rather wordy and talkative in this comment Behnam ... I am quiet aware... but these are only seconds of what this piece or as you call them 'trial' makee me think of... Thanks beyond words for sharing.
    Best wishes

    Reply by deciBel

    Mina , first excuse me for being late in reply for reason U know about my joB ..
    and then ..abouT your thaughts ...your words,sense,and underestanding,is more beautifull than this trial of mine ,and wished I could compose your words by musical instruments to share this beautiful thaughts of yours with more people .
    as U know , casual explanation of the reasons why,and the quality of how a music makes us to think or feel , is a lesson which I'm learning here in looperman ,buT your explanatorY shared perception in your commenT ,can be a good subject for another trial for me , when I learned my lessons good enough . and this comment of yours was instructive for me to know some times listener of a music , can go over & over beyond its composer's expectancy .
    honesty I should confess,Wish U , Farid & Sherris , who have seen me from near in physical world too ,don't talk to me in a way which I'm not sure if I deserve that or noT ..althoughT no doubT it's so great for everyone to read his friends are such kind , and having such beautifull perception .buT Mina , do U know ?...
    there are moments when I ask myself :
    ''is this really of avail to compose for thinking tpo deaf people and invite listener to 100 seconds think abouT them?''...
    and I have some doubt about true answer ...
    ...anyway..human is addicted to the hopes , & I'll try to
    try...try to try to hope..these type of traX can really help
    deaf peoples world ...
    this is great question :
    '' did this track really helped as long as 100 seconds to
    deaf peoples world ? ''
    buT...a '' No '' ...
    is an untented facT ..
    which means I've not been succeeded ..
    best wishes of mine for U,all humans who have such beautifull perceptiveness while listening to a music , and also deaf people in this plannet of humans .

  28. SikStyle1
    SikStyle1 on Tue 8th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    I love piano and this my friend is amazing skills keep up the good work.

    Reply by deciBel

    it's so great to see your possitive idea & thnx aloT my friend for worthy attention and commenT.best wishes.___Behnam

  29. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Mon 7th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Hi Behnam....it is quite a unique piano sound...very bell like...but I know and you know...it is the feeling that the music conveys that speaks to the mind....you are special Behnam...and I am happy to have met you and your music here....Ed

    Reply by deciBel

    Ed , master ,how are U ? lastnight I was thinking should write an email & ask '' How are U '' ?,cause there was no news from U for a couple of the days , and now I'm glad to see U fine .
    and ...regardng your kind comment,first I rally wish U know this is not a compliment by an eastern guy if I say no doubT , I'm honoured to know U ( & some others too) here ..in fact I was so lucky Ed ..that day when I joined to looperman peradventure and U may don'T feel by yourself , U may don'T think so by yourself such about yourself if I honesty say beyond music & your lovely guitar playing style which I adore , I've learned ( & am still learning) so much from your personalitY( as a true manner of a master behaviour & talking )your insight & even talking ...
    things which no doubT ar so more important & more worthy than the way we play instruments,and things which won't be teached in no college...
    & has made me learn abouT personality & actually life for my future ..the days will pass and I may never can be honoured to see many of my unseen friends here who are dear for me ..like U , Danke , Steve Brown ,Chris ( brillbilly),Mike Stokes,Wayne , Domenico, even little Corina or even VickyDan & Patrick(spivkurl) althought we have never sent email to eachother and also many of others whom I don't make my reply longer by writing their names now ,humans who I knew them all here & We may never meet eachother , buT they are alive and will remain in my mind beyond the time ...... looperman worked as a college ,or some how a new university for me ,and more than music I've learned about personalitY & mastership behaiviour and insight in this site ,which is so worthy for me.
    appology for long reply and my gratest appreciations to your attention for listening to this trial of mine & in he end as usual my best wishes . Sincerely.__Behnam

  30. SoraSolitudine
    SoraSolitudine on Sun 6th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    It's a good intro!
    Sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi movie!
    I love it!
    Good job! :D

    Reply by deciBel

    thank U very much for presence , attention & commenT .great apprciations.___Behnam

  31. Tonality
    Tonality on Sun 6th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    you thinking very nice Behnam . i love your thinking .

    Reply by deciBel

    Mumivand your nice percepT is the reason of your kind sentence & I appreciate your thoughts so much . wish I can be the same U think .thnx alot my friend for attention,and comment.best wishes.___Behnam

  32. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Sun 6th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    This is great :D i think I'll put a track together with this! Thank you Benham :D I'll leave you a link when done.

    Reply by deciBel

    It would be great to see what U'll do with iT Burt .
    I'll looking forward to hear from U .thnx for yor attention and interest .best wishes.__Behnam

  33. crucethus
    crucethus on Sat 5th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    I liked this, I downloaded and may do something with it as well!

    Reply by deciBel

    glad to see U've liked iT Steve , for sure hearing what U'll
    do with iT,would be a pleasure & according to different taste of your wonderfull musiX with my trials , I think your usage would be so interesting & I absolutely like to hear
    it . thnx alot my friend for your attenition and presence & comment.best wishes.___Behnam

  34. evilarmy83
    evilarmy83 on Sat 5th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    I downloaded it and Im going to see if I can create something to add. Your looper buddy, -Kevin (evilarmy83)

    Reply by deciBel

    for sure would be great if U may create anything to add to this as U've told Kevin , my friend . thnx alot for your presence & attention ,and CommenT buddy & as usual in the end best wishes.___Behnam

  35. theHumps
    theHumps on Fri 4th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Short pieces of music can be very powerful and can impact the listener in so many individual ways. I never know what to expect when I listen to one of your songs but I always know I will be drawn in and take a little musical trip, thanks to you!!

    Always a great time when I listen in on your latest upload, and an interesting concept behind the song, thanks for sharing your insight into the track. Take care Benham!



    Reply by deciBel

    Wayne reading such a possitive analysis in comment from a throughbred & expriencefull mucisian who U are , is so great & means alot & else ,I want to say this is so good to read compatiblity of point of views of ours abouT duration & Timing in music for expression of a concept to an audiance(listener).personallY I think
    Music , as a tool , as an instrument ,can be impressive & shorT and enough! .althought as U underestand, I'm not talking abouT this piece of mine,I know this may have many week points too & know this piece is not that good one between short traX , but I mean to say it's great to see U too think music as a tool or an instrument has this strength & ability to can express & affect on Audiance's Mind .
    thnx aloT wayne for your attention to this trial of mine &
    as usual in the end my best wishes for U._______Behnam

  36. domr30
    domr30 on Fri 4th Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    j aime bien

    Reply by deciBel

    glad U've liked iT .thnX for attention & comment.cheers.___Behnam

  37. XmafaX
    XmafaX on Thu 3rd Oct 2013 - 10 years ago

    Hi my friend. Nice piano. It meets the title of the track.
    This "sad" piano strings gives us a nice ambient sound
    Good Work

    Reply by deciBel

    Paulo how are U my friend ? it's nice to hear from U . thnx for presence ,attention and shared perception of yours in your comment regarding this trial with me(us) .take care buddy.__Behnam

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Description : Hey everyone, here is a quick cinematic track I created. This one was not made with any particular project in mind. But, I definitely may use in the future. If you have any criticism at all or would like to use this in one your projects be sure to leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Description : Banda sonora de un videoclip que acabo de producir.Cuenta la experiencia de una pareja de astronautas y los recuerdos de ella al perder a su compaero. Espero que os guste. Animo y suerte para todos.

Description : Been awhile hasn't it?
2016 has been quite the nasty little cunt, honestly didnt know if i would make it. A Cinematic Spoken Word about how I deal with things, and why i still go on..

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Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Enjoy!

Applied loops (fully or partially):

CENTRIST: 0079105-0057561 (Leaving a Legacy - Main Strings Build), 0079105-0057560 (Leaving a Legacy - Main Strings),0079105-0057559 (Leaving a Legacy - Final Strings),
XXSNIPERXX: 0798480-0081769 (TRAP PACK No2 Hat Loop), 0798480-0083534 (TRAP PACK No4 Bass),
DRMISTERSIR: 0208341-0073663 (offpoint), 0208341-0073326 (stay bizy trunk thumper),
THEOFFICIALFROSTBITE: 0797099-0065711 (That Generic Trap String), 0797099-0065712 (That Generic Trap Trombone),
EBCOTT3: 0626891-0069594 (Dark Piano and Synth Trap Loop), 0626891-0079497 (Deadly Drums),
SHORTBUSMUSIC: 0500098-0072481 (Tokyo Lights Polophony),
LOOPFREAK: 0531700-0073756 (Stuck in the Dirty South - Tubular Bells),
SEANKH: 0677589-0069246 (synth while you work),
KRISTIJANN: 0711069-0071946 (LOOK AT ME),
BDENNEY: 0805869-0068329 (Wild For The Night INTRO DRUMS),
STREETSBEATZ: 0959110-0062623 (Ratchet Gutta - Ride),
NEURO: 0674084-0075917 (Fingers Crossed),
KRITEX: 0823832-0076627 (Normal Trap Beat),
YGPRODUCTONS: 0754277-0081190 (Im Back Clap),
STEVEJAZ: 1118799-0069952 (Jazz loop in F),
SINTHETICRECORDS: 0403648-0051082 (Sinthetic - Sub Bass),
3RDNIPPLEMUSIC: 0609523-0068579 (nv flpluck ethereal 90),
ULTRAMEADOW: 0242823-0014943 (Electro Dirty Loop),
TECHSEEKER: 1107241-0073336 (5 Seconds Only - Delayed Percussion Fill),
NEEZLE: 0689209-0077281 (Squeaky Trap Lead),
BLAZINS: 0321894-0028473 (Low Blow),
BUG: 0067564-0001416 (Minimal),
ANDULAH: 0267062-0074744 (Celt Islam Future Bass),
DOZYDEVIL: 0668753-0057186 (Class Wobble Loop),
DUBTEK: 0831304-0060241 (Dubstep Skittish Bass loop),
DANKE: 0671112-0082860 (Ghosty drum),
REFL3XDUBSTEP: 1045829-0068786 (braken-to-the-stars-melody-synth) - deleted user?

Description : Ok...here it is! Another colab with maestro Tumbleweed! Ed provided the unfinished, basic track...I composed and recorded the long intro using different synths and then added piano (well to the fore) and some brass arrangements along the rest of the track (no violin this time...hehe) and then did the final mixing to wrap it up as it is presented now. I hope you will enjoy it and we both appreciate your listening time and your valuable comments:) Otherwise all thanks to Ed!

Description : Guys this is sound track I have created for a friend who is a documentary film maker.
The film is about the distraction of Earth neutral beauty and creating concrete jungles in its place. It was really sad to see so I came up with this track.
Majority of it done with minor keys to reflect the sadness I hope you all like it.

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Description : I had no particular intention doing this, but then it just came on me out of nowhere....How to make an antithesis Halloween work!? Prior to that there were no plans to make a track for the occasion, furthermore I've never been really interested in such a thing. It always seemed a bit silly to me if not outright childish. But then I remembered the Interview with The Vampire and Bram Stoker's Dracula. My gosh, there was some peculiar romanticism in there and I probably don't have to tell you twice that this must be a bait for Orlando, as is a cup of fresh young blood for a vampire...:) Furthermore I like people who are different, so I just have to like vampires who a different as well...hehe...so it should be dawning on you by now that this won't be your standard Halloween tune...haven't I mentioned "antithesis"? So...no growling zombies, midnight cemetery bells, creaking doors or any of your favourite horror sounds, although it's still a little bit darker in tone...hell yeah, vampires are still vampires...haha...but this one is mainly about a vampire desperately in love with a young lady, craving for her as a madman...I won't tell whether she's also a vampire or not, cause you might figure it out listening to the track...^^ Otherwise it was about time for me to come up with a new solo work, since I've been almost exclusively doing collabs in those past few months (which I love ofcourse)...afteral you can always ask Ed...:)^^____Happy Halloween folks!:)

Tags : | Cinematic | 7.38 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Guy, this track is for a video called Lucid Dream collections as part of a project called Music for Art.
I do hope you enjoy it if you do and like it then please leave me a comment.
The Link is for the Art Trailer please have a look.

Description : Its HALLOWEEN!!! So we made a waltz, kinda...

Enjoy and let me know what you think about it!
Every instrument is performed and recorded live. Piano, double bass, drums, strings.

Instruments Used:
-"Fender Rhodes Stage" electric piano (MADE IN USA 1973)
-"LIRA" upright piano (MADE IN USSR in 1973)
-"KAY" upright bass (MADE IN GERMANY somwhere in 1950th)
-TAMA Imperial Star + Pearl OMAR HAKIM snare + Various Ziljian cymbals.

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Description : a 277 second cinematic about human wars...
I know its a lot for a 17 years old boy to think about this type of things, but its me, and it cant be changed...
lemme tell you about story of the music...
first it starts from WorldWar2, one of the most sadly years for human. then after the war, you can see people are happy, kids are playing, but after some years, you can see the world is getting ready for the WorldWar3 and then you can hear the rest of the story in music...

Description : As first, just forget about the genre...I had to put something, didn't I?:) Otherwise this is something like enjoying sunshine, but to make the feeling a bit more complicated is also about not wanting to have it directly in my face...hehe...

Description : No more singing now...haha! So what comes next?
I belong to the nation which has a great passion for alpinism (not myself though)..:) This newly composed and recorded stuff is dedicated to all of those who stayed in the grip of Himalaya forever!...Respect!

Description : Guys, I was watching a documentary about the war in the middle east.The target was a mud house when the camera zoomed in I saw a little boy about eight or nine years of age playing on the roof top when he saw the unmanned Drone on the sky Approaching their house you can see the anguish and horror in his face.