Shed your skin in the twilight
  • From : BROOKLYN, United States
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About Me

Hi My name Is max and you can hit my email. Im honestly not doing all that much with this music stuff, I havent yet put out a song because Im too much of a perfectionist. Please take care of yourselves no matter how much you tell yourself that your no good. Hang in there.

Cashapp: $Ninestarz

Instruments I play

Im a beginner to all instruments. I would however love to learn how to play drums, piano, guitars, harps, violins, synthesizers, etc.

Software I Use

FL Studio / FL Studio mobile

Hardware I Use

None, just me and my phone and laptop

Listening To Right Now

Plethoras of different artist alike and around, I love underground music, a little iffy about the mainstream. But will literally listen to anything.

10 Favourite Albums

To many too count, I have so many saved in my archives that I havent listened too

My Influences / Fav Artists

A lot to discuss, would honestly love to have a whole debate on it. Wont reveal it here because Im not fond of having back and forth with people about their favorite artist. Music is art, art is subjective. Then again music is something beyond our own comprehension

My Music Sounds Like

Repetitive nonsense that cant break the monotony

In My Other Life I ...

I am a simple person, I wake up, take care of my dog (hes a son to me), do my task, complain about not having stability, make beats, eat dinner, take care of my family, and then stay up all night having racing thoughts and hallucinations, eventually pass out, and then repeat.