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Description : Here's a melody that I made a long time in Sonar X3 Producer Edition with my MIDI keyboard and Nexus. I just remade it with Keyscape in Fl Studio 20.
It's a sentimental sounding melody that would work in many different genres.

Description : I manually did this on my midi keyboard and I tried to get it on beat with many attempts so I gave up after an hour and quantised it.
soulja boy, dababy, yung gravy, private home activites, home cooking

Description : I bought my first midi keyboard today, here's my first loop made with it

Description : I plugged in my midi keyboard and freestyled this, hope you'll put it to good use. drop links with what you've made!

Description : Dark piano played using a midi keyboard.
Comment what you make and I'll check it out
Made in D Harmonic minor.

Description : For midi/stems contact me on instagram BeatsByKhalil.
Hit me up after using this loop I'd like to hear the music!!

Description : I made this using a midi keyboard and omnisphere.

Description : For the production of this piano, DAW Studio One was used, as well as the midi keyboard m-audio oxygeb 61. This piano has a little compression and reverb.

Description : Sad nick mira Juice WRLD melody i played out on my midi keyboard

Description : Just play a couple of chords on my midi keyboard

Description : hello ladies and gentlemen.i wrote this loop on a midi keyboard. I hope you enjoyed it.leave links to your work in the comments.

Description : I recorded a single note of a kalimba and then I play it with MIDI keyboard

Description : Dark Chill Suffle piano melody recorded live as usual to fl studio from my midi keyboard.

Description : Slow Super Chill Out Piano recorded live to fl studio using my midi keyboard.

Description : Came up with this on my new Alesis V49 Midi Keyboard.

Chords are Cm, Gm
I'd love to hear what you make with it.

Description : just some thing i played on my midi keyboard them edited on fl

for trap shit

Description : Keys i played from my midi keyboard with built in pitch control. Its in D Minor

Description : so the last lofi synth loop. where downloaded very fast so here another in the lofy synth style of my Digital Dream Lofi Synth ( - Check it out guys!

I have a midi keyboard now...its easier to build Chords...So leave some feedback Looperman fam


Description : fl10 and edirol on the midi keyboard

Description : i ued reason 5.0 and a midi keyboard , actually is the chorus of my song enjoy it

Description : u used reason 5.0 and a midi keyboard , i loxer thr melodie and stop the arpegio

Description : made with reason 5.0 and ma midi keyboard this is the soft persion

Description : i use reason 5.0 and a midi keyboard send me you're song if you enjoyed it ^^

Description : I made this loop with a midi-keyboard (midistart-5 Pro Keys) and Magix music maker.

Description : Just a rock drum loop that I made in Garageband 09'. I only used software instruments. (No Apple loops). I played the notes on the computer keyboard, because I don't have a MIDI keyboard (right now).

some ke

Loops 1 - 25 of 39
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