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Description : FPC Drum Machine - HQ Funk Kit - Breakbeat2 30 Jam

Description : Piano for Rod Wave,Hotboii type beats click in the picture for more loops.

Description : This funky bass line will work against the infamous Funky Drummer loop or something similar. For more than a loop check out my bass playing services at - my profile is named "engels"

Description : enjoy!

Description : Fruity loops... Info for loop pack in my bio

Description : I guess that's inspired by Cypress Hill, but of course it's original. Played on real bass guitar with strings and knobs.

Description : Played on a real bass guitar made of real ash wood

Description : Played on 1993 Aria CSB380 bass

Description : Played on 1983 Aria Pro II bass guitar, unaffected direct signal. Yes, it's 9/8 which is pretty unusual for a loop on this site. The same riff is first played in Ab then it goes down to F (and then back up). Get that prog breakdown down!

Description : Played on 1983 Aria Pro II CSB 380 bass, no effect or EQ, just a clean bass signal recorded direct. Will happily work with funky drummer loop or something similar in 4/4

Description : A Hammond B3 organ plays a funky rhythm.
Harmonies: Cm7---D7---Dbmaj7

Description : See my profile info to get my TRUMPET and SAXOPHONE sample packs! Or .midi files, or anything else.
Performed on Dingwall NG-3 bass guitar.

Description : Loop by SUNSHINEBEATS
Send in the comments what you did with this.
More information in bio.

Description : Recorded using electric guitar!!

Description : prod. by CF Beats (click on picture for contact info)
funky loops, groovy, slap bass, 70s pop, retro hip hop

Description : guitar with a little reverb, comment what you make

Description : This is funky..i culd break this down further but i'll keep it

Description : I got funky with the Saxophone
Made with nexus

Description : Something fresh that i couldnt manage to develope. Show me your skills!

Description : A generic trap drum loop with counter snares and rolling hi-hats.

Description : See my profile info to get my TRUMPET and SAXOPHONE sample packs!
Please carefully read the information in my profile first before contacting me.
Contact me to get my SAMPLE PACKS, custom loops, drum kits, .midi files and .MIDI PACKS.Fender Rhodes Stage electric piano (MADE IN USA 1973).

Description : Funky Clav and Piano - Soul Frank Ocean Type Sample
100 BPM
Try this with different drumstyles!

Description : Thumping medium-tempo funky dance rhythm inspired by the 80's hit "Don Quichotte" by Magazine 60.

Description : Funky acid bass in the style of Detroit and Helluva Beats
Detroit Bass, Helluva, West Coast Bass, G-Funk Bass, Tee Grizzley

Description : A Fender Rhodes piano plays a syncopated riff.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1017
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