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Description : enjoy

Description : acoustic pop ballad keys sad
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Description : I made this melody when I got heartbroken. It's not my best obviously. It was supposed to be in my ballad, but I rather discarded it because I didn't like it that much. So I rather uploaded it here. Maybe someone will find it useful.
Plugin: Addictive Keys
Chord progression:
Eb - Bb - Cm - Ab
Comment what you made from this! I hope you find it useful! Feel free to use it ^_^

Description : Flashback but not too far...

Description : A nice simple loop played somewhat loosely in ballad style. Recorded with a Grand Piano vst and with a tiny amount of valhalla shimmer to enhance the ambience.

Description : if this what love is then i dont want it

Description : 12 bars piano including part a and bridge.

Description : Tags: love song, poetry, melancholy, emotional

Description : A soulful female choir in an expressive space sings "Shoo--Doop" syllables.
Tempo counted in 4/4, but the whole thing has a slow 12/8 ballad feel, with a triplet-eighth feeling.
Harmonies: C-----Dm7

Description : Emo piano with some reverb.
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Description : > Recreated sample inspired by Flowklyn - Klyn x Duzz
> I used the Nexus ''PN Ballad Grand Piano'' to achieve the most similar result possible

Description : A piano does some basic comps for a medium-tempo ballad.
Harmonies: Am7---Gmaj7

Description : An oldschool transistor organ plays a percussive riff.
Harmonies: Bb---Cm----F

Description : If you want to contact me please use Facebook (Click on my profile picture)
Powodzenia! Good luck!

Description : yo guys,
made this using nexus ballad piano, enjoy!
link what you make!
Playboi Carti Die Lit Pierre Bourne Lil Uzi Vert

Description : Flute pad Trap ballad. Part 2.

Description : Flute pad Trap ballad. Part 1.

Description : DeBeautiful Ballad Type Loop
Drop links to what you make with it in the comments

Description : A piano plays a vamp figure in 3/4 time.
Harmonies: C----D/C-----Fm6/C-----C

Description : A solo nylon-string guitar plays gentle chords in an 8th-note rhythm.
Harmonies: Eb------ Db/Eb (Eb Myxolydian)

Description : Piano Ballad

Description : warm low frequency pad loop
made with electrax and with effects

Description : A simple ballad drumbeat with an 8th-note basis.

Description : An orchestra plays a soft, floating background at a soul ballad tempo.
Harmonies: Gmaj7----Dmaj7

Description : A Fender-Rhodes electric piano plays some rhythmic chords.
Harmonies: A----C#m7----Bm7

Loops 1 - 25 of 182
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