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Description : ePiano chord progression. Sounds a little bit sad. Works with old school hip-hop beats. Please note: The gap at the end belongs to the loop! Play it in your DAW or in Audacity and you will see. Please let me know if you need variations, breaks or different chord progressions. Just write me :-)

Description : Sad melody loop made in FL Studio 20
(on looperman it doesnt loop properly, but I have tested in audacity and my DAW (FL 20) and it loops fine)

Description : Acoustic drumset recorded with AT2020usb+ to a macbook air 2012 with Audacity (switching to Reaper soon).

Description : Acoustic drums recorded with AT2020usb+ mic on macbook air 2012 with audacity (just need to get the hang of reaper and I'll switch to it for editing v soon!). Just a simple groove that could be good for a sad hip-hop song or a kind of progressive rock ballad or whatever. (it's supposed to have that pause at the end btw, it's not a loose remainder that I forgot to cut - you'll hear it when you loop it in your daw)

Description : Anderson Paak type beat recorded on acoustic drums, used Audacity to make the sample.

Description : Recorded in Audacity with my own voice. It may sound bad, but it went well with some drums. I used this in my song "Butts N Ashes" last week. So you can see how I used it. Let me know if ya use it! I'd love to hear what ya make with it. Feel free to message me on SoundCloud or whatever if ya wanna collaborate, or need a remix, or anything really. I'd be happy to help! Have a blessed day.

Description : more to come, just trying to figure out how to make theses wavs smaller. needs to be 6mb and they keep coming out at 7 or 8. :/ This was recorded using my legato keyboard, a snowball mic, and audacity. Hopefully after I can figure out how to make these loops, I can put out more (there's more pieces to this, just can't upload them yet cause they're too big...)

Description : The sound was created by an FM Synthesizer from Audacity. I Added a little reverb but it loops perfectly. If you use this loop, I'd love to hear what you've done with it.

Description : Made using Apple MIDI, FL Studio and Audacity. Maybe this can go with a slow hip hop beat.

Description : As always, made with Audacity/FL Studio/my laptop's onboard mic...

Description : This is a simple loop I made in FL Studio 12 and Audacity. Let me know,if and how you've used the loop if it fits into your project ;)

Made with Percussion Samples ;)

Description : A little fill fx I did when I was bored. Recorded in Audacity with my hands banging against my desk, and clapping. Enjoy! (It's about 128bpm)

Description : A cool big drum n bass loop of giant bass drum and crashing snares and a standard D&B background piece. This is the drum and bass-style beat. THIS LOOPS TOTALLY FINE IN AUDACITY AND LOGIC.

Description : My second big drum n bass loop of giant bass drum and crashing snares and a standard D&B background piece. This is the dubstep-style beat. THIS LOOPS TOTALLY FINE IN AUDACITY AND LOGIC.

Description : A not-very-modern sounding beat loop with vinyl sounds. Useful for D&B, Jungle, Breakbeat and that kinda stuff. THIS LOOPS TOTALLY FINE IN LOGIC & AUDACITY

Description : 2 of 3 loops in 'Transparent' pack; a song I started making but never finished as I couldn't get any notes to sound right. Try and see what better stuff you can come up with, I wanna hear it! This is the build up - it is weird as it is 6 bars, but sounds good when mixed with the song well. FOR SOME REASON, IT HAS ADDED SILENCE AT THE END WHEN UPLOADING, IT WAS FINE IN AUDACITY/LOGIC - JUST CUT IT OFF, BUILDS DON'T USUALLY LOOP IN A SONG ANYWAY!

Description : A cool but simple EDM beat of a sharp kick, high clap, and hard-hitting rides. Use in any Electro, House, Progressive, Tech, Dubstep etc. song! THIS LOOPS TOTALLY FINE IN LOGIC & AUDACITY!

Description : A fun drum and bass beat of 175bpm of bass drum and funky claps! Use as you want, I wanna hear what you guys can do with it! THIS LOOPS TOTALLY FINE IN AUDACITY & LOGIC

Description : A big, loud, hard-hitting drum loop of hats, big bass drums, crunchy claps, and a hard snare! Use it as you wish!

Description : Hi! Here is the vocal of Martin Garrix : Animals.
I've recorded that with Audacity. I've added a reverb.

Description : !WARNING! Very Loud!!!

Made with Audacity

Description : A build up with Christmas bells from my previous drum loop and with a monster's voice (audacity) saying 'Merry Christmas' as to end the build up and then bring the drop. Made drums using Sytrus in FL Studio.

Description : Sound of me saying 'Chica Chica Boom Boom' which can be used before the drop of a dubstep song. Made in Audacity. Also made a drum loop with this. Comment if you'd like me to upload it. Please comment your track if used.

Description : First loop! Trap 808 for your bass needs!
Please give credit if you use it! I would like feedback on how it sounds. If you want the pitch to change just whack it in Audacity and change the pitch. Also you will need to fade out every time as the Bass has a click at the end. Sorry for that part. Use it if you know what your doing! :D

Description : this is a kinda reupload from one of my loops, i changed the bpm from 128 to 185 for a member who requested it..the quality may be a bit worse than before because audacity isn't thaaaat good..but here you go :D
have an awesome day !

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