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Description : One day, you have to leave.

Description : Excessive guilt

Description : Loop made using fl studios

Description : Piano sullen in c minor on fl studios

Description : Drifting Without Response

Description : Disappeared into the void

Description : Mel-Lofi does wonders

Description : Had a dark bass project, don't think will use. This sounds pretty dark and epic, so you can freely use it! (there is no sax in category so i had to use clarinet, don't mind)

Also I've posted a bass with the same name and keys, check it out in my profile

Description : A choir loop made from my own voice. it's about 16-20 layers in total. Panning on every track except 1.

All the effects used were light saturation at the beginning of the chain, ssl EQ and COMP, Valhalla reverb for life and lushness, and then finally some imaging, just for that extra spread. Was a joy to make.

Description : Nothing special, I made it using some piano vst lol

Description : a pattern for enchanted ventures

Description : Warning cry

Description : Follow me on IG for exclu and custom (Click on profil picture)
Greetings and love from Belgium!

Description : Well... Handel died 400 years ago so this loop inspired in his Passacaglia in Gm it's legal lol. It's amazing how after almost 500 years some music patterns sounds similar to new ones nowday. I'm curious about where you gonna use this loop (if you use it) so let me know by sharing your work in comments :) Also you should listen to passacaglia in Gm I'm sure you gonna get fresh ideas for modern loops from there.

Description : I was playing and improvising around and then I thought: Hmm Can baroque music be loopable? then here you have lol. I don't know if someone would download this but if you do share your work. What did use this loop for? :) For custom loops, MIDI, Sample packs and original music contact me. You can also support me to keep uploading loops. Contacts are listed on my profile by clicking on my profile picture

Description : Actual inspiration came from Harry Potter Music and from Five Nights at Freddies

Description : strings chords

Description : A furious sequence played on a complex synth patch.

Description : For u, my sweetie

Description : People always pretend to suffer more than others

Description : maknae lovbug hollowtekken genkos ways lilac bladee hyperpop 2022 pop soundcloud anime aesthetic

Description : Like Part 1 its the same thing but with more depth.

Description : Just some chords I put together in FL Studio for some nice string depth.

Description : It was when the telephone was attached with a wire that humans were still free.

Description : LABS-Felt Cassette

Loops 51 - 75 of 1870