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Description : Acapella about love - e-mol
Starts with si 4/4 - - 100 bpm

Description : tempo is 120 mi minor - E- mol - The stress in rhythm falls on the second beat - so yoUng and yet - so strOng
you wAnt to be alOne
come hEre - embrAce me - chIld
my Arms are wArm and mIld - etc.
So - you shouldn't put this on rhythm automatically - better - manually - better put it on 6/8 - but also comes nicely on 4/4

Description : Acapella Am

Description : This lead will help to feel the main stress. With this help it becomes clear how to use acapella Silver on fire which is also on my page

Description : Em the stress comes on the word 'Fire'

Description : Eternal love

Description : adlibs to the vocal named My dream - they are the same length as the main vocal road - just put them together - beginning to beginning.

Description : 75 bpm - Am - G - Dm - G
Am - G -Dm
Dm -Am - G -Dm
ref- G - Dm - G - Em
It's aboutfalling stars dreams and devotion

Description : It is what we sing to our beloved little ones - 4/4 - it's Dm - C - B bemol - F_C - Dm - C - B bemol_C_ Dm.
Ref: (A-A-A) Dm - C - B bemol - Am
Dm - Am - B bemol - Am

Description : about spring

Description : acapella a homy one

Description : An acapella

Description : one more variant of the chorus part

Tags : 124 bpm | Pop | 1.84 MB | Female | Singing

Description : an acapella 4/4

Description : an acapella

Description : only for non - commercial use

Description : this pella is already given to the label GLUB REGS MADRID
so the songs you make with it shouldn't be for a commercial use

Description : The tune repeats - and the words - mostly the same - in english and in russian - repeat with the melody.

Tags : 98 bpm | Folk | 2.63 MB | Female | Singing

Description : A girl lost her mother. She is crying -she sees as if her mother is going away down the stream of the shallow river - bare feet...

Description : When somebody looses a person he loved - thus he sings... One more thing - the first stressed note falls on the syllable "sun" in the word "Sunshine"
o-o-o-mOOnlight -
hear my cAlling
you sEE-
(etc.)but in the refrain:

lEt the grIeve bE-
plEase, forgIve mE

The rhythm is 4/4. The furst treole is out of stress

Description : Tho children run through the forest to the bank of the river - to watch the sunrise. Pure words about the friendship - and - maybe - the first love. The rhythm is 4/4 or you may count on 8. But the melody starts with the 1/8 delay.

Description : A vocal in russian about the first rain in spring

Description : A song in russian styled like russian folk songs.
(not for commercial use)

Acapellas 1 - 23 of 23
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