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Description : One cute proposal hook with harmonies

If you're gonna use this acapella, share your work please


Description : One quick acapella I did with some harmonies

Voice 1 - C - A# - A - G
Voice 2 - D# - C - C - A#
Voice 3 - G - F - D# - D
Voice 4 - A# - A - G - F

Description : This is so far the best harmony loop I have ever done haha! I am pretty much happy with the final product, and this one is already a demo chorus for my first ever song for my debut album called "All You've Ever Wanted".

If you're gonna use the hook, let me know!
Thanks :)

Description : Verse for the song "Day By Day" I've written back in 2016. If you're gonna use the verse, let me please hear the product.
(share in comments)


Description : A lil 2005 inspired hip hop hook. I can hear it with some crunk type of beat with percs and stuff.

If you're gonna use this one, share your stuff in comment section

thank you very much

Description : A little Hook with harmonies I did today. It's feel good time pop/r&b thing.

If you use it, let me hear your result!

Thank you :)

Description : A little hook I did in E Minor

If you use the hook, share the link in comment section.

Description : I added a little bit of reverb and lo-fi vibe in it, so I think it fits with lo-fi kind of beats or little bit of R&B or Hip Hop/Rap.

Oh, and if you're gonna use this sample I sang, leave the link of your work in comment section, I will look it up! :)

So ecxited to hear, what you guys will do with it!

Description : One harmonized hook I did.
All finished stuff send here in comments bellow

Thanks ;)

Description : One Hip Hop hook I made. It would be dope as sung hook with rapped verses by rapper. It has that old school street swag, curious about your creations.

If you use it, share the link in comments bellow.

Peace! :)

Description : This is one of my first songs. Recorded in early 2018, it's kind of refreshing to put it out here.

I am pretty curious what you guys can do with this one. It has got pretty much R&B/Soul feel to it.

If you have something finished with this acapella, let me know in comments bellow

peace! :)

Description : A lil' electro/house hook I did. Send me link if you're gonna use it.

Thank you :)

Description : This is the hook I have written for unreleased song I have not finished. I am pretty excited to hear what you will make with it if you're interested :)

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