10th Mar 2010 08:32 - 14 years ago
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Usage : minette did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : This is a much "cleaner" acapella I recorded for your use. I have been BLOWN AWAY by all the great tracks coming out of my previous acapellas. Hope you can use this one for spme cool tracks also!

Comments (51)

If you have used this acapella leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the song you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more acapellas.

blippobrainhamster 6th Mar 2015 22:13 - 9 years ago
hi. i made this.
please enjoy. thanks.
Lacrimose1704 22nd Jul 2014 22:55 - 9 years ago
Lots of good melodies in your comps :)
DJGuylo 15th Apr 2014 19:48 - 10 years ago
hey going to try to use this awesome vocal and see what can i do with it i will tell you when i am done with it on twitter
light232 9th Apr 2014 09:04 - 10 years ago
Love your acapellas! Working on this one now, here's a demo, let me know what you think.
ANDres6 23rd May 2013 21:46 - 11 years ago
Hi minette great vocals this is my version Hope you like it.
JCrews 9th Aug 2012 18:08 - 11 years ago
Hi Minette,

Very cool vocal!
cleverdisguise 19th Jan 2012 09:40 - 12 years ago
Hello :D

I made a song with your acapella.

hope you lkike it
lemontealevi 18th Dec 2011 22:09 - 12 years ago
I used your acapella "Cherry" in a track. I think your voice works rather well in it.
Hope you like it.
ArthurDmusic 16th Dec 2011 11:17 - 12 years ago
are these lyrics original? what's the song about? sounds like a young woman losing know. lol
TheElectricNote 4th Nov 2011 01:16 - 12 years ago
Hi Minette how are you??

Listen to this track i used your acapella.
Thanks so much for it.

Keep this style, you are a very good singer.
tryanothername 7th Aug 2011 08:38 - 12 years ago
I made a track with these vocals! I'm pretty proud of it, give it a listen. Thanks for having an awesome voice!
ColinR 29th Jun 2011 22:17 - 13 years ago
Hi Minette, you have a very original voice and great talent. Just to let you know that I have created a track with your vocal, if you would like to listen, that would be great.
TheElectricNote 14th Mar 2011 04:17 - 13 years ago
nice nice, congratulations, this is a perfect acapella
Hirogenium 10th Mar 2011 10:25 - 13 years ago
Thanks famillericoree!

I uploaded the remix of your track:

The download link below isn't valid anymore.
famillericoree 9th Mar 2011 16:58 - 13 years ago
i minette! Hirogenium has done a remix of the track I've made with your accapella (remember review below). you can hear it here :
Hope you feel good
JohnnyHunter 9th Jan 2011 17:25 - 13 years ago
JohnnyHunter 25th Oct 2010 23:53 - 13 years ago
Hi, been playing around with different ideas and have come up with this.
BippyMurkus 24th Oct 2010 13:28 - 13 years ago
Hey, your vocals are amazing, but i was wondering, you can hear a few "pops", do you use a pop shield? if you do then ignore this comment, but if you don't i think you should invest in one as it will make your vocals that little bit better.

Keep Up The Good Wokr =D
JohnnyHunter 24th Oct 2010 02:23 - 13 years ago
Hi, I tried to put something with your pella! Its not quite finished. Early mix, see what ya think. THanks!
SyntheticDialect 26th Jul 2010 18:52 - 13 years ago
Hello there! I used this track in a song I made titled "RecognitioN". I am having difficulties uploading it to this site but if you wish to listen to it you can check it out on my myspace page. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
StephenPotter 23rd Jun 2010 16:04 - 14 years ago
I still haven't finished "In my hands" but I want to start another one as well. Again, I'll let you know if and when I upload.

Ste :)
winston 17th Jun 2010 00:31 - 14 years ago
This is so good! I will try to use this, Its great.
6reenlight 16th May 2010 01:59 - 14 years ago
OK, so this is what i did with it, not such a big deal but here anyways...

If you like it you can subscribe here you can also be my friend at or be a fan on!/pages/AdFM/111059908909113?ref=ts and

Oh, and my soundcloud lol
DubCrimes 25th Apr 2010 20:57 - 14 years ago
Hey Minette thanks for the great vocs. I have made a house track out of them. Hope you like. Check it out on youtube here.

Thnaks again keep em coming.

Just added it on my tracks here.
Optym 17th Apr 2010 17:23 - 14 years ago
WOw, first off THANK YOU for sharing this with the LooperFam! I started to play with this acapella last night and ended staying up till the sun came up! I have a rough edit mapped out and I'll post a link when I post online here. Thank you again
Mosfer 28th Mar 2010 23:41 - 14 years ago
c_man 27th Mar 2010 03:19 - 14 years ago
to my original mix. hope you like this better:

thanks again for sharing your lovely vocals & composition.
UpNorth 22nd Mar 2010 20:12 - 14 years ago
yo im trying to do something to this i llike it a lot but the tempo is off its not lining up properly can u help thanks
cosmick 22nd Mar 2010 00:24 - 14 years ago
confu 21st Mar 2010 20:34 - 14 years ago
Thank you for this great acapella.
Hope you like this kind of music.
c_man 21st Mar 2010 14:18 - 14 years ago
thanks for sharing your vocals. I did a little something with it.

Hope you didnt mind that I remixed it into a pop dance tune. I'm not sure that that's your cup of tea. thanks again.
wordplay6 21st Mar 2010 11:16 - 14 years ago
nice girl for real i like it alot for real
topkracker 21st Mar 2010 06:56 - 14 years ago
baby girl i wanna use this n my new beat
Mosfer 18th Mar 2010 22:28 - 14 years ago
Minette. Our Song. will be in the top spot.
minette replied Unknown
sooo... where do i get to listen to this awesome track? *smile*
CSoul 18th Mar 2010 15:37 - 14 years ago
This is very lovely,dynamic and smooth pella.I so loved it.I made a track and uploaded here ''Cherry''.I hope you may enjoy it.Many yhanks for sharing it.
ShiftyFellow 17th Mar 2010 20:10 - 14 years ago
ParkerMusic 16th Mar 2010 21:14 - 14 years ago
Wow....fantastic! This is another great pella.
IchiroHideaki 16th Mar 2010 17:13 - 14 years ago
So...I made my first song today...working for 3 days on it...and I used your a capella for it...I think it came out pretty well...hope you like it and tell me what you think...
P.S. Very nice voice...^o^
lendy 16th Mar 2010 13:48 - 14 years ago
i whipped up this beat this morning was in search for an accapella came across this one and i think it was meant to be. if interested i'll give a sample of what it will sound like. thanks ,keep up the good work.
minette replied Unknown
would love to hear it... email me on ! thanks - look forward to hearing from you soon!
helven 16th Mar 2010 00:53 - 14 years ago
One word. AMAZING!

Im going to try and make a dance track out of this, will get back to you
ziskinater 14th Mar 2010 20:06 - 14 years ago
Beautiful acapella I would like to integrate it into a beat but just "I Long for recognition".. I would like to use it for commercial use u wont be able to tell its you but I don't want you to sue me lol.
minette replied Unknown
no worries - won't sue... but i would like to hear the finished product if at all possible?? email me on
sergio81 13th Mar 2010 20:30 - 14 years ago
Hi cherry, i'm goig to make a house - dance track with this. I'll tell you. Great voice, it inspires anybody. See you soon.
SuspektNum1 13th Mar 2010 18:44 - 14 years ago
Hi minette let me first say your vocals are beatiful and very clear, lovely to work with. We have made a song with your vocals in called recognition on my profile page. I hope you like. its a cross between dubstep and house :) again much appreciated for sharing your voice .

Thanks Sus1
RBmusic 13th Mar 2010 12:46 - 14 years ago
i really love your voice ...i can feel the really can sing and you have nice flow...keep doing great stuff
DSPSTUDIOS 12th Mar 2010 06:14 - 14 years ago
GREETS Minette
well I'm here for acapellas and this is as great a chalenge as it gets. nice ta meet cha and ya creative works. See ya soon.

Hi Minette hope ya like it. and THANK YOU. DRE/DSP
frankien2003 12th Mar 2010 05:53 - 14 years ago
nice track.. ill let u see my finished product of it soon
Nicooo 11th Mar 2010 18:28 - 14 years ago
O MY JESUS!!! you should stop this, you keep on blowing my head away ;), I am only joking, from now on ufficially you are my muse, you really have a fantastic gift baby, you do honestly.
By the way listen to this and let me know what do you think and be honest please I need honesty to grow :D
famillericoree 11th Mar 2010 12:29 - 14 years ago
You can hear the track here
Lot of thanks. Hope you will enjoy it
Kisses from France
BigPete 10th Mar 2010 23:40 - 14 years ago
great performance full of emotion again, you know you have another one coming to you from BigPete, thanks again for sharing, you'll be getting an e-mail from YouSendIt soon.
solosoulja 10th Mar 2010 18:25 - 14 years ago
Hey im jus droppin in to say I love the vocals. You seemed very comfortable with it. Ill be in touch to see what else you have up. And be sure to chekk bacc with me as well. (1st to comment! Good Job)
GlobalCrash 10th Mar 2010 18:25 - 14 years ago
Really great stuff, you have a very amazing voice, and this has a really good flow to it, and the sound quality is top notch of the recording. This reminds me of the music of Lamb and their vocals. I'm gonna try to do something with this, I'll let you hear the results when I've got something done. Keep making these amazing pellas!!!

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17th Jun 2020 15:00 - 4 years ago
Description : *A LIE - VERSE IS ON MY PAGE*
Collab with @mansasworld / @ashleyzeal01

*Key is D# Minor* (100BPM)

Comment your song links below. Make sure to add 'feat. NJ'.
Want custom written verses or to buy commercial licenses?
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Email me - natjamesworld(at)
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contact me (info on my profile) for full song & comment pls if you do make anything!

making more soon lmk
9th Dec 2021 22:50 - 2 years ago
Description : Post in the comments if you use this id love to hear what you do with this hook
(If you use this hook put ft TORIN In the title)
21st Apr 2010 14:02 - 14 years ago
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Usage : lasttriedtherapy did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Made in april 2010 with reaper and A BIT of antares auto-tune. If you wanna hear it with sound -> visit my tracks and listen to the same called demotrack.

If you use my acapella -> it would be really nice to hear your songs which you made with my acapella. =)
18th Dec 2017 14:49 - 6 years ago
Description : Watch the original on YouTube: "How To Loot Brazil - Box Room".

Free usage for non-commercial purposes under the following terms:
1. Be a treasure and follow 'How To Loot Brazil' on Spotify and YouTube
2. Your instrumental HAS TO BE in time with the acapella and in an appropriate key!
3. You have to name it "How To Loot Brazil - Box Room ('your name' Remix).

For commercial purposes: Hit me up directly via howtolootbrazil(at)gmail(dot)com!

Have fun!
25th Jan 2021 20:03 - 3 years ago
Description : Feel free to use in whatever projects you might have. This vocals with some of the lyrics I wrote! Hope you like it

Please share your work with me I love hearing your creativity!!)
If the vocals are used, please provide credit featuring me (feat. Odarka remix)

If you'd like to use it for commercial use or if you need something exclusive and something similar for one of your tracks please contact me for pricing!

follow me -
inst: @imodarka
twitter: @imodarka
soundcloud: @imodarka
29th Oct 2022 12:03 - 1 year ago
Description : Can be used with 'Never Know' previous upload, didn't edit it too much to leave some room for anyone who wants to do something with it. Please add links for anything made using it I would love to hear them :)

*Please add a credit to 'Ft. PixieVomit' in either track title or track description.
*Commercial use must be authorized first
20th Mar 2011 01:47 - 13 years ago
Description : Spotlight
4th Sep 2020 19:20 - 3 years ago
Description : NO SPOTIFY OR ANY PAID STREAMING without contacting me plz, ill find your song anyways..

Chill smooth tropical track acapella

Credits: ft. Sergi Yaro

You are free to use this acapella in your track as long as its a free usage(soundcloud, youtube)

This acapella is also available for purchase for exclusive buyout or royalties split + recording fee. So if you plan to pitch the track to labels or selling it somewhere, plz contact me first through my email in my bio...

Thanks, cheers
1st Mar 2020 15:55 - 4 years ago
Description : Could be used for melodic trap, electronic, pop,rock, lo-fi, etc.

Just add to your remix (Ft. Ashesndreams)

Envíame un mensaje si quieres colaborar conmigo

16th May 2018 14:15 - 6 years ago
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Description : Please put (ft.Luke Strawson) in the track name. This vocal could be used in many styles of music!
Feel free to send your tracks below for promotion!
9th Sep 2023 11:46 - 10 months ago
Description : Acapella for my song "hate being here without u"

Tempo: 130 bpm
Key: C minor

If you post what you make, please name it "Lil Xeem - hate being here without u (-your name- Remix)"

Feel free to send me anything you make! Contact information is on my profle (click on the profile picture)
11th Jan 2016 14:06 - 8 years ago
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Usage : currybienchen did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : French woman voice, in english lyrics: My name is Marion, I hope we will meet soon
19th Jun 2019 11:44 - 5 years ago
Description : Please listen to the song on spotify, I'd greatly appreciate it and you'll get what I was going for :)

For any inquiry please hit me up on instagram.

(both links are in my bio)

Autotune was set on Db Major
29th Mar 2021 03:13 - 3 years ago
Description : FREE TO USE FOR NON-PROFT PROJECTS (provided that you include me as a featured artist, "Amvis" in your title, etc.)

For commercial license message me on Instagram @amvismusic

Good for hiphop/trapsoul/edm/future bass