9th Dec 2009 12:10 -  14 years ago
Tags : 120 bpm
Hip Hop
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Usage : TheHx did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : Another soulful yet haunting chorus. This one inspired by the disillusionment of the soldiers war.

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CSoul 24th Feb 2010 15:27 -  14 years ago
Hi TheHx,
I so loved meaning of your words in this acapella.Your singing style is very interesting to me.I used it in my track ''Why you wanna treat me so badly'' , I hope you may like it.Thanks again for sharing.
LAmuzic 7th Jan 2010 22:00 -  14 years ago
I made a lil sumthin if u wanna chk it out... :)
QuarterPastFate 20th Dec 2009 03:52 -  14 years ago
Nice work man we might be using this as a chorus in a song we are working on and will be sure to give you full credit for it. If you have any objections to us using it please contact us. Excellent work. Cheers
TheHx replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
free to use for all non commercial projects
McKnightGotSoul 17th Dec 2009 19:14 -  14 years ago
i did used your vocals on one of my beats its called own my own check it out on my track page
rc191191 16th Dec 2009 22:00 -  14 years ago
You said the verse was about the disillusionment of soldiers who have gone to war.....Nice job, I can relate, did two combat tours myself, as a flight medic and in spec ops.....
People dont relate and cant really understand unless they have been there.....

You never feel the same way as you did before you left....

TheHx replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
Im glad you connect as a vet. I've never been there either but I have talked to many a vet who have reflected these sentiments. Thanks for the reply
jopapas 14th Dec 2009 15:24 -  14 years ago
bravo man!!!
loudmouf 14th Dec 2009 04:34 -  14 years ago
im a veteran and luv it
TheHx replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
I'm glad it moves you. The full song will be on my debut album coming out soon.
ReignMD 13th Dec 2009 20:10 -  14 years ago
this joint sounds real soulful. I'll throw something 2gether and post it up 4 u
TheHx replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
sounds good ma
kurtwalander 12th Dec 2009 13:47 -  14 years ago
Nice dude !!
Blasfamous 11th Dec 2009 23:04 -  14 years ago
Very cool. Has a southern soul to it.
Gabaholik 11th Dec 2009 20:39 -  14 years ago
I like this accapella quite a bit.... i think i could definately use it in one of my up and coming projects in the near future. Nice soulful tone that simple and not overdone.

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1. My name, Hayden Hunt, must be credited in the project title and/or description.
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Hip Hop
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Key : G#
Usage : HowToLootBrazil did not set this field. Assume non commercial use only
Description : hey guys, this is the acapella of another side project of mine.

watch the original on youtube: "The HIFI Blood - Gum Drop"! - too bad i can't drop links here anymore...

if you plan to release this, please hit me up first. if your remix is great and i approve of it, you may release it, even for commercial purposes under the condition, that you name it "The HIFI Blood - Gum Drop ('your name' remix).

have fun!
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