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Description : yurrrrrr

Description : today is a good day

Description : i play guitar

Description : i play guitar

Description : 1. you can be great if you try

Description : hmu on ig

Description : shoutout nardwuar

Description : I played this on an electric tron the goat

Description : I played this on a hollow body guitar...electric guitar....hmu on IG

Description : help me get to 1k on ig

Description : Message me if you got questions

Description : Hello if you download this loop and make a beat then you wink get a placement O____o ??

Description : Chaquixcx - The Bad Guy

Description : hey it would make me really happy if you could follow me on IG thanks

Description : All i want is 1k on IG pls help

Description : why do you all keep editing my description?

Description : i can't say what i truly want to say but thank you for your downloads find me somewhere else online 2

Description : Chaquixcx - GET BACK

Description : Chaqui XcX - im not a veteran

Description : Dont be a hater

Description : followmeonIGplease

Description : Thx for showing love....I'll be uploading consistently for the rest of the year...if anyone needs Professor messer's study notes for A+ 1101 -1102 let me know

Description : Chaqui XcX - 1stdown

Description : please find me on IG

Description : Chaqui XcX - Its not real

Loops 1 - 25 of 230