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Tags : | Trap | 3.43 MB | Featured
Description : This track was created with terror in mind! Listen and weep!
Tags : | Dance | 6.66 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : In the end it came up a cover of an old track of mine with a new arrangement. This is gnarly mega-glitch that has been hot-wired to provide the listener a cornucopia of dawg chasing and barking at breakneck speed to get one to dancing the Zombies (anti-zombie pills are provided. But please dance responsibly and if you lose your feet let someone else drive).
loops by David Borelli; cufool; Alen9r; kaynine; tevysound2-harmor; king_pin; baltesa and more
Tags : | Hip Hop | 5.00 MB
Description : Sorry try for hitting you guys ears with the kicks. I used my iPhone earpiece to make this beat. At a park with a budlight in a brown paper bag lol. But hey what y’all think?
Description : Not realty sure what this tell me hahah!
Tags : | Pop | 6.35 MB
Description : Stuff man just stuff, a lot of it
Description : Hey guys I come to you again with another Reggaeton beat.
I am a Mexican Producer(wannabe lol), heavily influenced by other hispanic cultures like PR and Colombia. So I tried making something Ozuna or someone like that would make. Enjoy!


Tags : | Dubstep | 2.96 MB | Featured
Description : LoL Mr. M You sly fox.

This was fun ;)
Description : Love doing this. Music is life/Life is music
Description : Beat I made in FL Studio 12. Feedback would be appreciated.
Description : rhyme type core elements, modern rap type shags beat :) drop a feedback? any comments critisisms always welcome.... salute...respect...
i clicked collab request if anyone wanna play, any track though doesnt have to be this one
Description : deeeeemo
Description : JusT a TracK
Tags : | Dance | 5.58 MB | Featured
Description : One of my oldest tracks (2003)
Tags : | Dance | 5.45 MB | Featured
Description : dance
Description : My attempt at Cyber Metal. Guitar rig 5 and synth vst Alieno..Industrial drum loop..
Tags : | Dance | 3.96 MB | Featured
Description : Happy dance combination with various artists and their loops.
Description : C'est un compo style electro posé, inspiré de petit biscuit entre autre...
Tags : | Trap | 3.12 MB | Colab Request
Tags : | Trap | 3.29 MB | Colab Request
Description : Yo guys,

I'm a producer out of Germany and i'm looking for vocalist rappers singers for this instrumental.

hit me up with a comment if you interested.
Description : Hi everyone, hope your doing great.. This is yet another chill out track for the real heads out there.. The sound and flow will describe it is kind of mistery or adventure track for my opinion...comment and give me some critics about this one as well...this one is going to be for purchase as others to come..if someone is prepared to collab hit me up here ---
For now Listen & Enjoy...and have a great day Peace.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 1.51 MB | Featured
Description : working on it ya digg!
comment below!!
Tags : | Cinematic | 1.13 MB | Featured
Description : On an Adventure!
Description : Rockin
Tags : | Trap | 6.80 MB | Colab Request
Description : Hello guys! I tried making this chill/emotional trap beat based on Bad Bunny and Ozuna. Please check it out and let me know. I made this using ElectraX and reNexus.

Thank you! Check out my SoundCloud and my youtube to hear more of my tracks and from me.


Tracks 1 - 25 of 103476
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