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Tags : | Rock | 6.28 MB | Colab Request
Description : guitar loops used belonging to megapaul and ratty . thanks to them for those cool loops . if someone can add drum line (or other lines) to it , I'll be glad .
Tags : | Trap | 7.69 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : This is my first attempt at Trap/Dubstep but with my own touch of melodic stuff. Thanks to Megapaul for the guitar loop that inspired it. Check out to download this for $1
Description : A journey through the cosmic travels of life and drugs Thanks to: Megapaul Nightingale, and gmsp for the loops! Hope you can dig it and flow with the ride... I'd like to add drums to this, ultimately, before releasing it as a full track... if anyone has ideas, I'd welcome them openly!
Tags : | Soul | 3.18 MB | Featured
Description : Wrote this song using megapaul's cool "Do it in the proberaum" guitar loop. Soul/disco/rock-ish tune. Hope you enjoy it.
Tags : | Pop | 4.38 MB
Description : I've been playing around with some samples i downloaded from looperman.I used one in this song.Thanks to MegaPaul!
Tags : | Chill Out | 7.93 MB | Featured
Description : made this new chillout track today all with loops from this site.. thanks to Danke,, Megapaul and others... mixed in acid pro. just to get away from it all for a few minutes
Tags : | Chill Out | 6.21 MB
Description : This track contains only free loops from various Looperman artists. Enjoy! Applied loops (fully or partially): Techseeker: 1107241-0072767 (Remain Marimba), 1107241-0073135 (Insomnia - Sonic Bells), 1107241-0073867 (Rockin Dubstep Drums), REI4REAL: 0039029-0006786 (rei 2fancy06 E 100), 0039029-0006787 (rei 2fancy05 E 100), 0039029-0006768 (rei 2fancy04 E 100), DANKE: 0671112-0082018 (Digital synth), 0671112-0082284 (Snowie funeral), 0671112-0082894 (Gramophon), MEGAPAUL: 0448131-0059454 (D-C-130bpm-Crunched-Bass), SHORTBUSMUSIC: 0500098-0058203 (Delayed Harmonics in Dm-Am), THEHUMPS: 0308224-0052241 (Tubular Rimba 1 - 120 bpm)
Tags : | House | 9.77 MB
Description : First, thanks for the great loop, Megapaul! This loop gave me an instant inspiration... Futureanalysis, thanks for the upload. Really Cool! I hope you like it... COMMENTS ARE WELCOME
Tags : | Pop | 3.91 MB
Description : Acapella - Martingunnarsson-the-dream-of-my-life Samples: megapaul-remember-the-isolating-sho minor2go-guitar-gold-i-wanna-fly eshar-duorock-drums-2 skyrider-fuzzy-bear-90-bpm-d djmfl-for-us-strings mrdayton-forever-young-whistle mrdman-suspense-string-swells nilooy-nilooy-rock-solo-am
Tags : | Trip Hop | 5.83 MB
Description : Guitar by megapaul
Tags : | Breakbeat | 7.03 MB
Description : BRICS, the new economic powerhouse of emerging nations Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. In the struggle for economic dominance will cooperation prevail regarding climate change and other issues of global importance or will it be business as usual? This track is a heavily sampled break beat melange featuring Russian vocalist Doctyabrev and excerpts of speeches in languages of the other three countries including Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Marina Silva of Brazil. There's a whiff of Maceo's "Cross the Tracks" in there too. Much thanks to all the Looperman contributors including: Doctyabrev, fanto8bc, djnab, blueskies, buffalonugaluss, megapaul, and 7venth12. 100 bpm, key of E.
Tags : | Rap | 1.54 MB | Colab Request
Description : i'm looking for a collaboration on this one. i'd love some subtle piano work and a solid bass line. thanks for any help and advice on this one. loops from this site include:;mid=buffalonugaluss&keys=spooky&order=date&dir=d
Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Applied loops (fully or partially): MINOR2GO: 0159051-0030708 (Hiphop Guitar - Lift your voice - Steel), 0159051-0030707 (Hiphop Guitar - Lift your voice - Clean), 0159051-0052472 (Guitar Quality Gold - Only You 1), 0159051-0024252 (Guitar vs Piano), MEGAPAUL: 0448131-0067922 (Dark Times 65bpm A Pads), 0448131-0061745 (Bezoig van Pommelen Solo Git Eminor), 0448131-0072483 (Do not reanimate 90bpm E Guitar), 0448131-0072493 (Old Grapefruit 90bpm A Guitar Solo), INSANESMILE: 0025227-0024994 (Insane Aucustic Patterns Ending), 0025227-0025000 (Insane Aucustic Patterns 5), SERIALCHILLER: 0000003-0000074 (Chilla Cool Bass Loop 1), DUSTHILL: 0139050-0006639 (Melodic Bellz 4), DEXTDEE: 0116269-0048196 (strick and screetch bass), REALSTRINGS: 0175741-0009205 (Real Strings - 8), MARIOSH: 0840075-0060481 (Guitar Sample), HAVEN: 0302616-0023322 (half step bend and run variation), FERRYTERRY: 0747210-0059519 (140 bpm jazz guitar), ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0038693 (104 AM 120), BALANEL: 0034137-0000602 (Yo si Andrei), MRROBOT: 0082073-0005872 (Johnny Cash like Drums), SHSMUSIC: 0507837-0041500 (Well Day Blues with Mhyst laid back beat), SARAWUT: 0088060-0002487 (Jazzy beat 100 Bpm full 1), PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0005733 (DnB 124), DANKE: 0671112-0082847 (Shades of summer). Update 2015.12.22.: some minor fine tuning for the better balance.
Tags : | Funk | 6.96 MB
Description : Guitarloop by Megapaul, Saxophon samples taken from a loop by Reiko
Tags : | Funk | 4.40 MB | Has Lyrics | Featured
Description : This track is made up completely from loops and an acapella taken from looperman. Acapella by doktyabrev Guitar Loop by megapaul Drum Loop by dextdee Keyboard Loop by bdenney I love the finished sound. It has a summer feel to it. Thanks guys for the sounds
Tags : | Trap | 4.78 MB
Description : This song is my first attempt at trap(?) and was made ENTIRELY with Looperman loops in honor of this awesome site and also to demonstrate what you can do with Looperman loops :P. Compiled, edited/processed, mixed and roughly mastered in about 16 hours. I am collaborating with a Looperman rapper right now who will lay some verses on this and I will do the hook. In other words this is not a finished product just yet, but wanted y'alls opinions on it. ================ I was attempting to create a high-energy trap(?) beat with a blend of wubbiness. Let me know what you think.======================================================================================================================================================================================================== SPECIAL THANKS to MODUSMusic (, Spivkurl (, danke (, Eli426 - (, 7venth12 (,smokyleopard (, UltraCryptik ( and Megapaul ( and xXSniperXx ( There was one more guy who had the rise loop that I used but I couldn't find him anywhere when I went back to search for him. Anyhoo, thanks to him too :P =========================================================================================I will update this when the vocals get laid on the track and I remix/remaster it. Cheers!
Tags : | Jazz | 9.22 MB | Colab Request
Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. This one is especially sweet to me - i hope you will enjoy to listen it as much as me while making it. :) UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - lower lows, higher highs. Now in 256kbps! Applied loops (fully or partially): FERRYTERRY: 0747210-0054759 (90 bpm spacetrip single guitar), 0747210-0054758 (90 bpm spacetrip double guitar), 0747210-0055660 (120 swing drum 2), MIDISPARKS: 0479957-0059406 (bonang groove), 0479957-0047347 (sunrise percussion), 0479957-0047312 (sunrise riders), PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0005564 (Fat Fusion 120), 0071878-0002790 (Fusion 01), THEDREAMMERCHANT: 0431343-0040289 (Creepy Groan), 0431343-0040290 (Creepy Laugh), ELASTROTOM: 0878928-0059665 (ElastronicallyYours Bass), QWERTY12: 0460559-0058073 (101 Spacey Studio Kit), NIGHTINGALE: 0207475-0035862 (Doll Tears), VANTAGE: 0468737-0037624 (Vantage - Snow Drop Piano), DANB10: 1137042-0069663 (Wasser rauschen), THEPANTHERLAB: 0430930-0049010 (solo hats delay 2 - 100 bpm), NGSBB: 0094137-0047984 (Cmin9 Bossa Nova Nylon Guitar 120 bpm), SONICLEARNINGS: 0518158-0045674 (Above the sadness), TEXARCANA: 0434810-0053253 (A 21st Century IPCRESS sound), TONYRAY: 0481887-0039714 (Acrili choral over piano), ACRYLIC: 0170043-0009506 (Swingshift 3), SCOTTSIMS1970: 0867406-0057508 (Jazz Guitar), TRANCEFER: 0052497-0001017 (Rhodes Lounge), MEGAPAUL: 0448131-0065256 (Gorgonzola Burgers 80bpm Gm), CRAIGBLACKMOORE: 0593331-0057231 (ambient-drums-80bpm), - (unavaiable loop?)
Tags : | Chill Out | 3.24 MB | Featured
Description : The very first track that I upload to looperman, but since I've been using so many of your wonderful loops, I though I let you know here. I'll put in the links to the individual loops later. I've been playing around with loops in Dminor, all squeezed into 130 bpm. 12 Looperman loops plus 2 soundfiles from Freesound: Loops by Ozzi Megapaul Spivkurl Josephrodz Toloache codenet MaMaGBeats TheKakistocracy brycehoffpauir Sounds from Tec_Studio (Bell) and Naiara and Miriam (Avion) THANK YOU!!
Tags : | Rock | 3.32 MB
Description : thanks to megapaul for very fine guitar recordings
Tags : | Chill Out | 4.54 MB
Description : everything is right with my world ft ferryterry and leahcim (vocals). Sounds I used: looperman-l-0448131-0080204-megapaul-berni-marple-90bpm-a looperman-l-0747210-0069921-ferryterry-105-bpm-afrobeat looperman-l-0631933-0067146-mwratridge-les-paul-groove looperman-l-0848132-0064872-mrwolf14-sympathy-percs looperman-l-0747210-0069921-ferryterry-105-bpm-afrobeat
Tags : | Ambient | 8.45 MB
Description : Made from Danke, Megapaul, and Chrisneal samples thank you
Tags : | Fusion | 3.09 MB
Description : here's the list of sounds used for this project: looperman-l-0448131-0072492-megapaul-old-grapefruit-90bpm-a-bass looperman-l-0448131-0077208-megapaul-mouthdesert-solo-95bpm looperman-l-0498019-0068956-tumbleweed-motown-bass-3-110-a looperman-l-0747210-0057936-ferryterry-83-bpm-blue-tenor-sax looperman-l-0747210-0060077-ferryterry-100-bpm-percussion looperman-l-0747210-0069921-ferryterry-105-bpm-afrobeat looperman-l-1200302-0072529-djole94hns-funky-bassline-2 looperman-a-0150060-0006813-futureanalysis-ether looperman-a-0612845-0003484-jdashit-hallucinations-acapella looperman-l-0207475-0056117-nightingale-cryin
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.54 MB
Description : So here is a mix of loops from looperman. I got this guitar loop from megapaul. The voice/chorus parts are a mix from 40a and Minor2go. My piano and drums. Thanks to all who contributed. Here is another cool loop made from loops uploaded her on looperman. Listen,enjoy.
Tags : | Rock | 8.30 MB
Description : This is a song I wrote a few weeks ago. I started off with a nice guitar loop from Megapaul and then wrote the melody and lyrics.. my good friend Jay Gilman has recorded a great guitar solo for the ending.
Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.86 MB
Description : So I found some cool loops here on looperman and thru them together. Nice smooth sound hope you like it. Piano by bakobone. Guitar by megapaul. Strings by drmistersir. I made the drums. Thanks to these contributors here is a cool track. Have a listen
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