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Tags : | Electro | 8.46 MB

Description : ELECTRO MUSIC

Tags : | Dance | 4.19 MB

Description : Hardstyle based track, hope you enjoy jumping with the kick :D

Have a nice day! :)

Tags : | Reggae | 5.91 MB


Tags : | Electronic | 8.46 MB


Tags : | RnB | 9.22 MB

Description : This is our first gospel style track but it has a bit of a kick to it. I guess you'd call it R&B Gospel. We have returning members, Franco Q.- guitars and composition, Scott Burkholder-drums, percussion, arrangement and mixing, Dan Rosati on tenor sax, Mario Glez on bass, Marc Brouwer on piano, Dean on Hammond organ, and Patricia Edwards on vocals, and Shamozee with dialogue.

Tags : | Techno | 8.46 MB

Description : EDM MUSIC

Tags : | Trance | 2.78 MB

Description : Trance

Tags : | Rap | 5.39 MB | Featured

Description : a mellow r&b groove,slow tempo with a little kick to it

Description : HOLY **** !
This is my first collab track! A big thanks to Gore33 for writing a bad ass drop ! Took me longer than expected . Probably the most challenging part of this track was making the drums sound good on the drop. I wanted the track to have a hardcore breakdown type feel with the flooded cymbals and double kick on the drop instead of standard dubstep tempo. I also want to thank these three loopers for putting some awesome loops on this site that I sampled from . skeiz , r4vager , zsb410 !

Description : This beat I made.. (courtesy of samples and loops from here)Im not some crazy producer or anything like that.. I jus piece together sounds and they sound good.. this is beat is hip hop.. but not like your general mainstream hip hop beat... it is different but I like that.. and I want to have all my influences in what I make.. I like horror movies so some beats will have a dark ominous touch to it.. this one however has a Nine Inch Nail flare to it.. about halfway through there is a kick drum.. it is subtle but its there... who knows the beat may be in a limbo stage.. I might add more or someone else.. that's what I liked so I left it.. The way I write is more like writing chapters..i don't (or cant) write hooks verses or or stuff like that.. I jus write what comes to mind...and put it to a beat.. that's why the bests I make are structured the way they are... to allow for constant flow.. if anyone wants to go on this by all means...

sorry for going on so much.. ive had some great feedback on the tracks ive made so far... and its exciting to have total strangers to hear my music and give feedback.. also one more thing I have a beat here that I made (from loops from here) but its too big to upload.. hit me up wit your email address if your interested in hearing it..

Tags : | Rap | 8.23 MB


Tags : | Electro | 7.77 MB | Featured

Description : Basically, this track was made back in the day when I was a HUGE Electro House (Especially, Big Room) fan. I was inspired by the track LRAD by Knife Party but I ended up with this piece of poopie. I'm not even trying to produce EDM anymore but I just wanted to share this since I spent a lot of time on this. Positive/Negative comments are all welcome! Thanks!
(Every individual stem of this track can be found on my profile just in case you like the melody/drop/kick and want to play with them!)

Tags : | House | 2.83 MB

Description : quirky, kind of trap without a real kick.
plz post comment if you download, ore juse my melody.

Description : After a major uphill battle completing this song and turning it into what it is now, I feel some amount of satisfaction. It was like reality wanted me to give up or something. It's done... phew... Have updated this almost completely, from repatching the modular bass, playing some guitar parts, adding electric piano and synth lead, redoing and tuning the DW-6000 synth, of course adding my vocals, and mixing and mastering. It really has become pretty new wave, like much of my stuff does recently. Have added the lyrics as well. I am proud and happy with it, and I hope you all enjoy listening! UPDATE... woohoo just broke 1000 plays on this track here at looperman!
***original description***
Hey finally here with a new track! I'm not sure what to call this other than electronic, due to the high tempo. This is the first song finished using my interface which allows direct MIDI control of my modular synthesizer. The mid frequency bass part is all from that patch. There are tracks designed with my Zoom RT-123 drum machine, the microkorg, and the circuit bent KORG DW-6000. Other than that it is just a kick and snare drum sample, and a a quick vocal snippet. So I guess it's fairly minimal in that respect. Would like to hear the Looperman community's thoughts on this song! Thank you for listening

Tags : | Dubstep | 2.75 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : First song ever Posted! Enjoy!

Description : Brutally honest and terribly contradictory, straight to the point by way of strange curving route between the river and the shopping mall. $5 minimum is a high price to pay for ignorance. I'll tolerate you when you've given in to my scare tactics. Couldn't have done the vocals the way they turned out without a certain ridiculous brainwashed fool, you know who you are. Go ahead, convince yourself that you're doing the right thing. This started out as a simple tech-house sort of instrumental, and then it blew up into what it is now. I used two looperman loops in composition for this track, firstly looperman-l-0630386-0060622-joefunktastic-funk-for-the-soul-drums1-95bpms, and secondly looperman-l-0711726-0058529-proecliptix-raw-loop-1. Thank you immensely to MrFunktastic and Proecliptix for the sweet energy. Beyond that, I want to thank RenzWilde for continuing my evolution as a guitarist... couldn't have done it without you. Guitar is played on my Jackson, which I finally got the floating tremolo set up properly on recently... ahhh intonation. Has a bit of atmospheric synth created on my microkorg, and a nice kick from the Zoom RT-123. Spot vocals and synthie vocals were recorded on my 100 proof mic. Here's what I've got, got anything of value to barter with?

Tags : | Dubstep | 9.57 MB

Description : A remix of 'Swing as F*$k' by Kiwistar and Josh & le Chat featuring Flechette, submitted as part of the remix competition here: Created using Logic Pro 9 using the ES2, Ultrabeat drum machine (using WhoAteDaMuffin's kick and kenzo409's snare) and the ESP Polyphonic synthesizer. Samples and audio files used were the stems provided by Kiwistar as well as Najka's reverse cymbal (cut from a collection) and growls from BigDaWayne and Skeiz. Download will be available here (MP3) and on Soundcloud (AAC) once the competition has ended.

Tags : | Dubstep | 8.83 MB

Description : !EXPORTED IN 160kbps! See my Soundcloud for a better quality version, there's no way I'm going to let you people suffer 160kbps.

Latest trance-techno-dubstep thing featuring new samples; cymbal bell and a growl courtesy of DoctorDrew, and some older samples; WhoAteDaMuffin's kick and kenzo409's snare, BigDaWayne's growl and two reverse cymbals, one of which from Najka on SoundCloud. Also utilises new techniques such as waveform modulation and side-chaining for the first time in Logic, as well as different compression methods for both the tracks and the master. Note: The structure is heavily based off Au5's 'Flower of Life', and the chord sequence is inspired by PhaseOne's 'Touching the Stars'


Description : This simply little track contains only loops from this site. UPDATE 2015.10.24.: improved audio quality - lower lows, higher highs. Now in 256kbps!

Applied loops (fully or partially) :

MHYST: 0203623-0017781 (Enter The Piano V5),
0203623-0017151 (Haunting Harmonica Melody),
0203623-0017148 (Gentle Piano Melody Part),
XXYOUNG: 0129499-0010601 (Christmassy),
ALXSIX: 0195097-0041114 (cloudy pad 4 - tail),
HELVEN: 0077137-0005688 (Groove 1 Strings),
DIGILOOPS: 0128867-0006233 (Fluctuating Ohh Vocals),
CHRISTOSPAROGLOU: 0128032-0023635 (Akoustic loop do i do),
BLACKPROJECT: 0189698-0010677 (Marbles in glass bowl),
INSANESMILIE: 0025227-0000408 (Insane Deep Piano Roll),
NGSBB: 0094137-0005307 (Filtered Drums and Kick Outta hell wav).

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 9.01 MB

Description : [Updated 24/11/14 - volume boosts, re-EQ'd kick and added a tremolo at the end, 'cos why not...] Knowing how popular RomyHarmony is, there is probably countless songs with the same title, but oh well. Creating in Logic Pro 9 using the ES2 Synthesizer, the Ultrabeat drum machine with a sampled kick from inklewinkle2's 'Liquid Drum and Bass Break' and kenzo409's snare, the ES E ensemble synth and of course, the 'New World' acapella by RomyHarmony, which was once again, a first class acapella.
Acapella downloaded from Looperman, made by

Tags : | Dubstep | 9.29 MB

Description : An instrumental bootleg remix of Basson's song:

This is my first track created in Logic Pro 9 (everything beforehand was Garageband 9), and utilises the Ultrabeat drum machine (into which I sampled kenzo409's snare and WhoAteDaMuffin's kick), the ES2 and EXS24 Sampler, into which I put a single loop of Skeiz' Reece bass and BigDaWayne's growl.
*Any issues with the original artist, please message me and discuss what you would like done* Updated 9/11/14 - Re-Mastered, cymbals should be clearer, sub bass and synths louder.

Tags : | House | 2.79 MB

Description : Teaser!!!

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.42 MB

Description : This is my take on what I heard. I'm sure a lot of you who have been doing this a lot longer will kick me into the long grass. But it's not about winning for me. Taking part and growing was why I entered. Be kind ;)

Tags : | Hardcore | 9.17 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Last and final improvement of this track's kick. Had to re-upload. I was finally able to eliminate a lot of the frequency clashing / interference between the kick and the lead. Lemme know if its any good.

Description : hey, i wanted to make something a little diffrent so i got this synth that sounded very weird and made a song out of it hope you like, looking for feedback :D, everything is mine btw, except for the kick and the build at the start.

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