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Tags : | Electronic | 7.56 MB

Description : Latest tune from FootMuzik

Tags : | Hardcore | 4.18 MB

Description : Early Hardcore

Description : "Have you ever felt the need of keeping the flame in you, alive ?"
Acoustic piece, made in the middle of the night, i would like it with a bit more power but it has a tender feeling to it this way too.
Let me know what you guys think !
For contact:

Tags : | Electro | 4.32 MB

Description : A very old track. Is a track I made in January. Enjoy.

It's also on my SoundCloud account (which you should follow:

It's called High Life EP, because to me, EP stands for Energy Play.

Tags : | House | 6.87 MB

Description : My latest remix, check it out!

Tags : | Electronic | 6.75 MB

Description : Hey Guys , After A long time ( For ME ) ... Yesterday my city was rainy and I had to stay at home . So I started a new Project in 80 tempo ... I love vocal chopping and vocal chopped leads , therefore I began to work . It was hard ... I wrote a base melody and played a guitars . After 3 hours i had a demo . Finally render it and im gonna show you my new work in Electronic . I think the Acoustic version could be better if i not inerested in chopping :) Im trying to write lyrics with my friend ( Tamina ) and make vocal version ................... Hope U enjoy , With love and great Wishes , MG

Tags : | Country | 4.03 MB

Description : Here is a country song that I wrote and recorded. I played all the instruments and sang (not the best singer but its fun) as well, drums are from ezdrummer. If you like the track feel free to download it and thanks for listening.

Description : A New Song So you Guys Kno Am Alive . Feel Free To Comment

Tags : | Acoustic | 6.67 MB

Description : helo guys
this is last track I was work on it but still many things to work on
unfinished beat project
intro piano by fox
good or bad reviews will be apriciate it

Tags : | House | 8.21 MB | Colab Request

Description : Title did not let me put all the artists used for the track so I will add them here.

Steklo - If you can /
new5ense - Judgement /
Kamalimani - Lift me up /
Gieesixer/Lucas Mountain - Long Live Life /
Currybienchen - Now I'm Free /

Really had a lot of fun producing this track today. Haven't been on here in awhile and I am happy to see it is still alive and kicking and as strong as ever. Thank you for these positive acapellas.

Tags : | Electro | 7.30 MB

Description : Alive doing what I like the most

Description : Looking for a singer to collab with on this! Send them to:

Tags : | Dubstep | 5.10 MB | Featured

Description : .....

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.54 MB

Description : My first song in Looperman, hope you like!! Bye...
Everything used in this work is this site!

Description : We bury friends and family while we are alive. And when we die, someone else will bury us.
Motivational Cinematic chillout poetry.Enjoy. God bless. Composed in Magix.

Tags : | Electronic | 5.74 MB
Tags : | Rock | 4.02 MB

Description : Woke up this glorious morning, grateful for being alive. As every being awakes, the sun fills the sky. I fill myself with a beautiful feeling inside.

Tags : | Country | 9.88 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : I had a dream a few years ago that my Mom was still alive and she met my wife for the first time. This song is about that dream.
This should be classed as Country Rock or Southern Rock but those genres aren't available.
Using a fender Strat on the left, Gibson Les Paul on the right…intro lead is the LP and outro lead is the Strat. Drums written in MIDI. Harmonica, vocals, bass performed by yours truly.
Feedback is always welcome.

Description : Track 10 off the album 92 Til'

Tags : | Rock | 2.10 MB

Description : Time changes everything, and sweeps all behind. like a tidal wave, swallowing the surfer. Only one thing I can hold on to, and that is my breath. Its the only proof that I am alive.

Tags : | Cinematic | 4.23 MB | Featured

Description : Hey guys,

Another cinematic score wich I am really proud of. I had the idead of making one for the movie "Chappie" from neil bloomkamp. This one is called "I am alive, I want to live".

Have fun and leave a comment if you like or dislike :)

Greetings SBC

Description : After watching another picture film under the impression I decided to write a small track on any topic heroes))

Description : I wish I had more time to upload tracks to looperman

Tags : | Dance | 8.11 MB

Description : I wrote this tune a few weeks ago and I asked my fellow Musician My03 who is a Fantastic keyboard player to assist me on this.

I do not know for you listeners but every time he and I get together to collaborate on a song, Magic just happens.

Please leave us a comment so we will know if our hard work paid off.

Midiman007 - Guitars keyboard bass and mastering
My03 Awesome, Keyboards and Drums

Description : lyrics by Logic

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