Tags : | House | 4.02 MB
Description : I stumbled upon these amazing vocals provided by Foulds (sung by Thomas Daniel, nice voice) and decided to make a sort of mainstream house remix out of it. I really cranked up the automations for this one, not sure if I overdid it. Please let me know in the comments, any form of feedback is appreciated.

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  1. taurusboy
    taurusboy on Wed 22nd Feb 2017 - 4 weeks ago
    fantastic track. Great job
    ARPAGON on Thu 2nd Feb 2017 - 1 month ago
    bro, is so cool! XD
    ELOUDBEATS on Fri 20th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    You killed this track my dude. the synths were beautiful. I'm for sure gonna use this as inspiration!
    Reply by SharpNotes Thank you :D I'm glad that this inspired you!
    DJSLTUK on Thu 19th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    We should definitely collab soon .. we have similarities with dance music.

    I like this .. I would use less automations .. however that's just me as I think what I'd prefer when im on a dancefloor when creating a track or commercial edged number.

    These are great vocals and would bring them forward a tad.

    Try using:

    Valhalla DSP.com and pay $50 to get a plugin called Valhalla Shimmer .... it would bring the vocals to another dimension songs ... I wont add vocals without laying the vocal 4 times and using 2 different channels/track setting with Shimmer as like on the song "I'm Torn Apart". Shimmer makes the vocals really tight and big or it can be a long delayed harmonie/soundscape .. also works well on instruments/loops.

    I like this, welldone SharpNotes,

    Kindest Regards,

    Reply by SharpNotes Thank you for all the great feedback :D this is really something I can work with! I will take the tips on the automations and vocals, I'm curious what this Shimmer Plugin can do.

    No collab anytime soon, unfortunately I've been very busy and will be the next couple of weeks. When I have time and I feel like it then I'll see.
  5. Calthegoat12
    Calthegoat12 on Mon 16th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    BRILLIANT track
    Reply by SharpNotes Thanks ^^
  6. misticriver
    misticriver on Mon 16th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    boost really good need more kick
    Reply by SharpNotes Thank you :) I do agree on the kick part, I made most of this track with a bass boosted headphone, so the bass was a bit off.
  7. VirginiaSlimm
    VirginiaSlimm on Sat 14th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    The automations are cool. Well made track. Good job man! \m/
    Reply by SharpNotes Thank you :) I checked out your profile and you make some amazing acappellas with your sweet voice. I'm probably gonna use one of them some day (non-commercial ofc). Appreciate the feedback!
  8. wikkid
    wikkid on Fri 13th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    Here's info on the singer whose name is Thomas Daniel (not Foulds, I think he is the songwriter or the producer)


    Thomas is also on FACEBOOK and he has his own website:


    Good job on the music!
    Reply by SharpNotes Thanks for the feedback and the information. I found the acappella here on Looperman named "Foulds - Come Alive" by this guy named Fouldsmusic, so that's why I thought he was the singer too :P I will change the description, thanks again.
  9. MeIodicDreamer
    MeIodicDreamer on Thu 12th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    Very nice track! The drop had me grooving along. Nice melody and vocals.
    Reply by SharpNotes Thank you :D I listened to your tracks and they sound really cool too!
  10. BentonMcKenzie
    BentonMcKenzie on Thu 12th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    You my friend, are very creative. Most definitely. You made those synths your bitch forreal. I am happily impressed and also inspired at the same time. I would like to see you put some of your creativity into the vocals as well, the same way you did with the music. Peace & Blessings. Oh, and what program do you sequence in, you have an awesome technique and lush synth sounds.
    Reply by SharpNotes Thank you :D I'm very glad that it inspired you. Putting creativity in vocals is hard, as they're usually not mine, but I'll try, thanks. For sequencing I use FL Studio 12.1 and for the mainstream synths I like Nexus a lot. Pretty basic, but when layered they can give an awesome sound.
  11. toastedavalanche
    toastedavalanche on Thu 12th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    I was going to write a long detailed post about how good this track was. But I couldn't get to the point with you already on it.

    Reply by SharpNotes Haha, well said good sir. Thank you!
  12. TrippyHippyCrew
    TrippyHippyCrew on Wed 11th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    this is awesome! instrumental is intense and the vocals vibe very well actually! would love to make the drop harder if youd want :)
    Reply by SharpNotes Thank you ^^ I'm curious by what you mean with "harder", as in more punch, layers, or just volume? Feel free to download and remix / master it, and let me know when it's done!
  13. DinkyMixy
    DinkyMixy on Wed 11th Jan 2017 - 2 months ago
    Wow! I love it so full of energy! :)
    I love the gating/stutters and the uplifting leads!
    The piano is so beautiful, and the vocals sounds amazing with it.
    I can see this in clubs and people dancing to it, this would be amazing and I can even see it on big labels.
    If you think this is finished or when you've done everything you can, you should try sending it off to some labels! :)

    Great job, I'll be keeping an eye out for your new content!
    -Dinky Mixy
    Reply by SharpNotes Thanks for the feedback! Your positivity really brightened my day :D

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