29th Mar 2024 22:35 - 3 months ago
Description : The forum is the best. Everyone is so amazingly friendly - Rather then tear me apart with the original version I got amazing feedback that I did my best to learn from. Hope this new version passes.

I would've liked a banjo in it. Leaving open for download and collabs because I know some folks like to play around. Play at your leisure.

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Baritone Ukulele

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If you have time take a listen and give spearcarrier some feedback.

2Sisters 1st Apr 2024 09:37 - 3 months ago
Vintage is absolutely right! I absolutely agree with him.
VintageNights 31st Mar 2024 11:18 - 3 months ago
Your Voice & Story together with a ukulele is enough to get the good vibes out. The basics are done and everything else comes with practice. I love it.
dimestop 31st Mar 2024 00:39 - 3 months ago
nice track very sweet too, you voice is nice but as mentioned needs fx to give it depth and warmth it also adds character.
to get the best results set yourself a processing chain and use bus channels, for vocals, reverbs, delays do everything on a separate channel and route each channel to its bus not the master, the buses are routed to the master.
if your unsure about bus channels YouTube it you'll be amazed how important it is, you have more control and your vocal sound will improve spearcarrier, try some EQ too cutting everything below 60hz and low end and dipping the high ends as it leaves.
it really is a case of practising and improving your engineering
2Sisters 30th Mar 2024 22:34 - 3 months ago
Well I think that a ukulele obviously doesn't have the sound range of a guitar. It may be that the ukulele suits your voice better. That's up to you to decide and it's purely a matter of taste.
Nevertheless, it seems to me that the microphone you used for recording is at least not in the correct position (height, distance, inclination...) to the sound body of the ukulele?
Well I think to really show off your voice, you'll probably have to experiment with effect chains. You have to find out what suits you for yourself. Like I said, I would start with echo and reverb.
spearcarrier replied 31st Mar 2024 - 3 months ago
I have a guitar. I just can't play it yet.

Anyway I've been poking at all the advice I've gotten here and am uploading what I hope is an improved version.
2Sisters 30th Mar 2024 21:12 - 3 months ago
Hello, Michael is right. The song itself is good in terms of composition and structure! But there is a lot to be done about the sound.
1. I don't know how you record the guitar. Do you just put a microphone in front of it? What kind of microphone? The guitar sounds a little harsh and harsh, either because the microphone is misplaced or the microphone can't handle the guitar's frequencies.
2. When you sang, you didn't hit the notes correctly at first. You're a little off the chords there. Later you sang well and steadily.
3. The whole song is too midrange-heavy in the mix, which is mainly due to point 1. Your voice is very beautiful, but a bit thin. I would try a "double" and a mix of light reverb and echo. This makes the expression a little stronger. But beware! Proceed very carefully, otherwise you will achieve exactly the opposite of what you want.
4. The guitar needs the same thing. The guitar can also use some reverb and echo.
All I can tell you is that everything is very simple in theory, but in practice it is completely different. You'll probably have to experiment. Instructions don't help. You have to find your own way!
Kind regards and happy Easter days
spearcarrier replied 30th Mar 2024 - 3 months ago
Ah, thank you! I've been playing with echo as I'd just discovered it. I'm not sure about midrange-heavy? I'm just trying to make it sound more clear.

That's not a guitar. It's a baritone ukulele. Acoustic. So I placed the mic on front of it in the way they did when I played on stage.

Baritones tend to be a bit higher in tone. Good for my voice. Always a surprise when people learn it's not a guitar. =^-^=

I've noticed my voice is thin on this microphone. It sounds fuller with the Snowball I have. I wonder what I'm doing wrong with this new microphone to be getting such a thin sound.
phantomproduction 30th Mar 2024 11:12 - 3 months ago
Beautiful song but I think your voice needs to be reworked a little, the tone seems right to me, maybe add a little effect to your voice, good job!
spearcarrier replied 30th Mar 2024 - 3 months ago
What kind of effect? I might try it.
secondnature1 30th Mar 2024 00:32 - 3 months ago
very sweet and lovely, good job spearcarrier!

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