Tags : | Acoustic | 3.46 MB

Description : Hey Guys.
This is a colab with matt beer aka onetruebrew from the site...you should check him out! hes pretty awesome!
Let me know what you think people :)

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  1. Punchinello
    Punchinello on Mon 29th Mar 2010 - 9 years ago

    yes, this IS gold. pure and beautiful.


    Reply by ChrisHall

    Thank you! me and matt are going to do another colab soon and we will be writing a lot of songs in the summer :)

    Thank you for the listen and review


  2. theonetruebrew
    theonetruebrew on Sun 28th Mar 2010 - 9 years ago

    jeese...this track sucks balls... :) haha love you chris! it was fun collabing on this :D

    Reply by ChrisHall

    I LOVE YOU MATT! We need to do it again soon man...we can both write something together...i have already started something new...remind me to send it to you man! =D



  3. NewProtocol
    NewProtocol on Mon 22nd Feb 2010 - 9 years ago

    I hate this kind of music, but this is nice, really nice! Good job man, you changed my view on music! Thats something to be proud of :)

    Reply by ChrisHall

    Dude i read this and i was completely shocked! haha Thank you man =D

    Thanks for the listen and review


  4. lofthouse
    lofthouse on Fri 12th Feb 2010 - 9 years ago

    Beautiful track.So much emotion and feeling.Love the vocals and guitar mix.I feel the chorus fits the song well but you could perhaps make it stand out a bit more.Overall a gr8 production and a def fav from me!

    Reply by ChrisHall

    Ye thats probs down to my voice..its not very strong! but i'm trying to get better!! Thank you for the fave =D

    Thanks for the listen and reviewwwww


  5. guitarjock
    guitarjock on Fri 12th Feb 2010 - 9 years ago

    Really nice song chrilsh. I can't say I hear anything that needs changed. I like it like it is! Fav'd.

    Reply by ChrisHall

    =D Thank you sooooo much for the fave!

    Thank you for listening and reviewing :)


  6. ImproveWithError
    ImproveWithError on Wed 13th Jan 2010 - 10 years ago

    How did I look over this song when I was checking out your songs earlier, this is great. Really talented, I don't really know what else to say, I am blown away.

    Reply by ChrisHall

    thanks mannn =D it means a lot when people say nice things about my music :)

    Thanks for the listen and review


  7. JohnnyHunter
    JohnnyHunter on Tue 5th Jan 2010 - 10 years ago

    wow im amazed. You done a great job man. Everything about it is just perfect.

    Reply by ChrisHall

    Arghh thanks man =D

    thanks for the listen and reviewwwwwww


  8. PapaChubbs
    PapaChubbs on Sat 10th Oct 2009 - 10 years ago

    I agree with Donnie vyros a nice sounding piano would sit snuggly in there. Double tracked vocals work really well. Some nice panning in the mix. love it. Snow patrol anyone?
    Ps Sounds good on my mac.

    Reply by ChrisHall

    haha i do listen to a lot of snow patrol i must admit haha..im looking forward to the new album actually :)

    Thanks for the listen and review buddy :)


  9. ClashContrast
    ClashContrast on Sun 6th Sep 2009 - 10 years ago

    found it to be exceptionally promising. i'm already visualising with the sounds and lyrics. quite beautiful poetry. it has a most gorgeous harmony, and the guitar is lovely. good luck to you.

    Reply by ChrisHall

    aww Tristin thanks!! thats a lovely comment!

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to have a listen i appreciate the comment and your lovely words! :)


  10. DjSpiderPL
    DjSpiderPL on Fri 28th Aug 2009 - 10 years ago

    Really good track! World need more songs like that! 5/5 ;)

    Reply by ChrisHall

    The song is for a girl...who gives me inspiration for these songs....shes a 5/5 too :p

    Thank you for the review and listen!


  11. BrownJenkins
    BrownJenkins on Thu 27th Aug 2009 - 10 years ago

    This is just a great song!Good to hear a simple acoustic track made with heart and soul,with great vocals and guitar strumming.I also prefer the verses than chorus,maybe not punchy enough but it's such a great track!.Faved!

    Reply by ChrisHall

    Ye thats what i think! haha

    Thanks for a polite review and cheers for listening!! and thanks for the fave!.and the review too! haha



    CONEYISLANDRECORDS on Thu 27th Aug 2009 - 10 years ago

    Hey man great track! I had to fav it. I would love to put some work into this myself. If you are cool with that let me know. Send the track to:

    Awesome track. One of my top favs on the site for sure. Love it all dude! Awesome shht!

    Reply by ChrisHall

    hey dude! im gonna have to get this recorded to a click before i send it! need to find the time to do it first though! but when iv done it i will send it over man!

    Thanks for the listen fave and review! cheers


  13. Rtdabombnetwork
    Rtdabombnetwork on Tue 18th Aug 2009 - 10 years ago

    nice tune maybe alittle more depth on ya soundz but cool tune
    maybe a live type drums and thatz a winner

    Reply by ChrisHall

    haha ye man im gonna defo do that sometime this weeeek..im getting theonetruebrew aka matt beer to put some piano and backing vocals over it...gonna stick some electric guitar and maybe some strings tooo!!! and drums haha :p

    Cheers for the review and listening buddddyyyy


  14. BigPete
    BigPete on Tue 18th Aug 2009 - 10 years ago

    great track again love your voice even if (oops its our secret, lol) love the structure this just flows, but I'm an honest guy and in my opinion there is a line in your first verse that does not flow like the rest of your text and its this one (the last on of the first verse) Theres an ocean between The lives were living But we think the same things, rythm wise this one just does not sound right like the rest of the track, maybe if your deliver it in a different way it won't clash, but even the words sound not right, to my hear, and this is one mans opinion, and I really think its the end of the phrase that is not right (But we think the same things) again maybe its in the way your deliver that part I think maybe there are to many syllable in that part I've just listen to it again and that part But we think the same things does not flow like the rest of the track for sure, but for the rest it a great love song you romantic fool, told you that voice will get you girls, lol.

    Reply by ChrisHall

    shhhhh pete dont tell anyone the secretttt!!!!!

    I confess..i am a romantic fool...so lame haha :p

    Honesty is the best policy my friend and i apriciate this sooo muchhh!! im gonna have a mess about with the lyrics..i dont wanna change them to much coz its like personal to me and her but il have a lil mess and try and deliver it differently!!

    My voice sooo dont get me girls haha..shes the only one iv ever really sung for..i havn ever written any songs with vocals appart from her..sooo..other girls dont really know about the singing haha

    Thnk you for leaving some great feedbakc man!! i really apriciate it!! Cheers pete!


  15. StephanieKay
    StephanieKay on Mon 17th Aug 2009 - 10 years ago

    aww this is really sweet, I'm sure your significant other will love this, or already does. I would absolutely melt if somebody wrote something just for me. And it is not cheesy by any means. Soo awesome! :)

    Reply by ChrisHall

    I sent it to her yesterday..and she does loved it ..so much she showed her parents..and her mom figured out that i wrote it for her...now im really embarrassed haha
    But...it made her happy....shes first person iv ever sung for...shes great =D..im soo lame haha

    Thanks for the review and thanks for listening!!

    Lame Chris

  16. Reyer
    Reyer on Sat 15th Aug 2009 - 10 years ago

    This is an awesome tune. I would suggest uping the vocal volume just a bit, coz without the lyrics posted, it's a bit hard to understand what you're saying. But, I understand the style of the song so it fits nicely for this stripped version. Just for when you make it into a full band song it'll help a lot.

    Really can't wait until you make the band version.
    This is a hot one. Instant favorite.

    (UPDATE) Yeah, that sounds better. Can hear you more clearly now.


    Reply by ChrisHall

    Hey man thanks for the review!!..this is my second track we me singing..i did the same thing on the first one with the vocals being too low in the mix haha il put them up and upload it again now!

    Thanks for the feedback and listening buddy!! and the fav :p


  17. DonnieVyros
    DonnieVyros on Sat 15th Aug 2009 - 10 years ago

    What bitrate did you convert it at mate? I'm getting these buzzy pops mixed with fluxuating tone changes that come when it's too low. I kinda feel bad because I can't really give you the in-depth kind of feedback you were wanting for this.
    Though from what I can hear I really like the melody of the guitar here and am thinkin that it'd be really sweet if they had some accompanying piano (and if ya really wanna go epic with it some rich, sweeping strings too). As for the vocals, I'm thinkin that you could do 'em yourself, but what I'd recommend is that you record them separately from the mix so that way you can duplicate 'em (for extra volume & depth) and you can experiment with adding effects on some extra copies of 'em. For style and sound quality think of Jakob Dylan's style when he was with the Wallflowers, like Sixth Avenue Heartache maybe). And I'm thinkin that drums are completely optional for this type of track, but if ya do add 'em think of the Smashing Pumpkins' style on Tonight Tonight. And I'm outtie 5000. Later on!

    Naw, I'm still getting those sounds mate. Hmm, maybe it has to do with the frequency that you rendered this at (is it 44khz or...?). Coz these extra sounds shouldn't occur @ higher than 96 Kbps. And twastn't a problem for the other thing. Lates again!

    Reply by ChrisHall

    Hey man.....i think youv just solved my problem for me!! i was converting at 192 but iv just uploaded it again at 128...i dont know much about bit rate but that should be ok rite?
    Thanks for a really great review man i will defo look into all the things youv asked me too! youv been a great help!!..let me know if this track works properly please m8!!
    Thanks mate!!

    Hey man..ye its at 44khz....its wierd..my tracks have always done this wierd think with some people..and i have no idea why..it plays fine with some..then not soo fine with others.

    What software do you use to convert to mp3? il try getting that and see if that works


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EDIT: This track has been updated. I think I'm going to call it finished :)

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Applied loops (fully or partially) :

MIOTS: 0181980-0010316 (Acoustic Guitar - Bridge),
0181980-0010311 (Acoustic Guitar - Verse 1),
0181980-0010313 (Acoustic Guitar - Chorus 1),
0181980-0010318 (Acoustic Guitar - Ending),
DANKE: 0671112-0077214 (Dreamy piano),
0671112-0077853 (Underwater drums),
0671112-0078026 (Glimmer of the West),
IMPROVEWITHERROR: 0189474-0058173 (Downed), 0189474-0058172 (Acoustic pick),
ALIVIDLIFE: 0158799-0044036 (Eshar 88), 0158799-0044319 (Audiation Effect 182),
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ABLAZE7: 0287077-0036734 (Story Teller Guitar Loop 1),
ANCORAL: 0039735-0043882 (acp - Bells Attack 03),
SLAPJOHNSON: 0067443-0007086 (Skyrider Chiller in the lounge alto sax solo 2),
VIRIS: 0070681-0002758 (Blü Chill),
PSYCHOTROPIC_CIRCLE: 0071878-0004000 (Chill Out Drums 135),
MHYST: 0203623-0017218 (Soft Vib Flute And Piano Combo Part 1),
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Applied loops (fully or partially):
MINOR2GO: 0159051-0037491 (Guitar Gold - I wanna fly),
0159051-0071183 (Guitars Unlimited - Promise),
0159051-0071954 (Guitars Unlimited - A beautiful time 2),
0159051-0036006 (Guitaredition - Guitar Soundz 2 - High Notes),
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