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Description : I decided to try to sing a Drum Bass track HamidBerhanu

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  1. 2Sisters
    2Sisters on Sat 2nd Mar 2024 - 1 month ago

    Hello Alex,
    I didn't say that science creates new things. I said that much has been proven and explained by science! New is the sum of the old coupled with its own evolution, creation and inclination. The perception of it is subjective rather than objective. So I agree with you! It doesn't matter whether you believe in the existence of a "God" of some sort or not. I'll say it again. There is no good without evil! Vice versa too. But we humans can decide which group we want to belong to.
    Kind regards and have a nice weekend

    Reply by Shaman77

    Hi Manuela, of course everything is relative and talking doesn't change anything, have a nice weekend.
    Best regards, Alexander.

  2. 2Sisters
    2Sisters on Wed 28th Feb 2024 - 1 month ago

    Hello Alex. This is a very philosophical view that ignores the existence of science. I think a lot of things have now been scientifically proven and explained. If we ignore this, we will catapult ourselves back into the deep Middle Ages. For centuries the church has denied and banned science. But today's modern man cannot seriously consider his own brain as a spiritual place. This makes one doubt one's own increased intelligence. Our actions are based on millennia-old experiences and not on any mysterious currents and waves. Of course, we have lost some of our reason. But that has nothing to do with mystical controls and more to do with greed. But on one point I agree with you. If evil did not exist, good would not be recognized. However, the other way around is also true!
    Kind regards, Manuela

    Reply by Shaman77

    Hi, Manuela.
    God forbid to ignore the existence of science) But science does not create anything, it studies what is and tries to put it at the service of man. I was pleased with the video where the Nobel laureates talked about the existence of God, you did not create anything, you only discovered the law that was and worked before you and will work after you, this is megalomania. The fact that everything is explained by science, I disagree with this a little bit: why do trees swing? As for the millennial experience, reading Shakespeare or other profound writers, I understand that a person lives in general with the same passions and emotions for all known millennia, only the scenery changes, but the essence remains unchanged, science has not changed anything here. And we are no different from the Middle Ages in this sense. And the church, yes, it is strong, Jesus fought against it, but could not win. And there is no good and evil, which is evil for one, good for the other. The churchmen called Jesus the devil, and he called them the sons of the devil, and everyone was right, Jesus was the devil for the scribes and Pharisees, because with the victory of his teaching, the world of the churchmen perished, and since victory did not happen, the world of Jesus perished. Well, this is my personal opinion, not obligatory for everyone))
    With respect, Alexander.

  3. 2Sisters
    2Sisters on Mon 26th Feb 2024 - 1 month ago

    Yes, you did! In some way the whole thing reminds me of the Glasperlenspiel! We are all looking for a path to self-discovery and always stumble over the fact that there is no result without a cause!
    Kind regards, Manuela

    Reply by Shaman77

    Good evening, Manuela
    Yes, but there is another version here, some researchers suggest that the human brain is just a receiver of thoughts and the result, as it were, pulls us towards it, and we see some reasons for this, instead of swimming joyfully towards the result. I also have my own version of the meaning of human existence: since there is nothing unnecessary and insignificant in the world (in the Amazon forests, they tried to lime a small spider crab, as a result, forests began to die, since this crab dug holes in the roots of trees and dragged algae and all sorts of other fertilizers there that nourished the trees), it means that the meaning of human existence should be)) I think this is the energy that a person releases, much more powerful than nuclear energy, and this energy feeds the stars, by the way, the most furious scoundrels are also needed, since their energy feeds the center of the earth, because no one has yet explained why the earth has not cooled down yet, and the center of the earth with red-hot magma is very similar to hell, where the souls of sinners in the fire, along with the devils, they heat the earth, which in general is a useful and necessary thing. I don't even know if I'm going to stop or continue))
    Best wishes, Alexander.

  4. 2Sisters
    2Sisters on Sun 25th Feb 2024 - 1 month ago

    Hello Alex, somehow I like the sometimes very drastic view of things that comes from your texts. I think humanity needs this language to finally wake up. It can't go on like this forever. In the meantime we have sacrificed too many lives. I think it's time to learn and put a smile on life again.
    Regarding your song, very quick and smooth construction. This mechanical music supports the text excellently. Good job!
    Kind regards, Manuela

    Reply by Shaman77

    Hello, Manuela.
    Of course, I agree that the ability to hear and understand each other is now, as always, very important. This view is absolutely not radical and follows from many philosophies, as I read a clever thought that if you saved a person, then you become responsible for all his further actions, because trials are given to us to realize something and change ourselves, and you deprived a person of this spiritual experience, and without it he can to cause a lot of trouble. And in general, I realized that happiness, as such, does not exist, or rather, this state is available to few, mostly for happiness they take a change in circumstances for the better, compared to the past, for example, if you are frozen, and they bring you to a warm room and give you coffee or whiskey, here you are you become happy, but if it weren't for the cold, there wouldn't be your happiness. I agree with Nietzsche here that happiness is understood most of all: soap bubbles and butterflies. I don't know if I managed to give you a smile)
    Sincerely, Alexander.

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