26th Oct 2023 09:12 -  7 months ago
Description : It's the first mission I have to go on alone. My deserving, long-time companion, co-commander, navigator, on-board psychologist and brilliant astronaut Robbie was lost during our last one. I had received signals from the ice planet L115 indicating that he may have crashed there with his exploration ship. Follow my search for him there as I go from valley to valley, ice mountain to ice mountain, and have to leave the planet again without success. Looks like this could be a very long search...

Comments (16)

If you have time take a listen and give StarTravels some feedback.

BaoBou 11th Feb 2024 17:58 -  3 months ago
Still an amazing track my friend. It felt like part of an album (concetpt album?)... any more coming up?
Alien 25th Nov 2023 00:12 -  6 months ago
xstokes 23rd Nov 2023 17:24 -  6 months ago
icy, dark, searching, no fear (!), i can only hope robbie receives the beacon as you warp back into the black. you have amazing gifts, mickey!
StarTravels replied 24th Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
Hi Michael,

Thank you for listening and the nice comment. My beacon is constantly burning and I'm sure he's keeping an eye on it at all times... But at the moment it's really lonely out here... sniff. Thank goodness my supplies of soma are full...


theHumps 15th Nov 2023 04:49 -  6 months ago
Cool intro to begin with and when the groove kicked in I was putting on my earth shoes and transported back to the 70's funk/disco era. Roller skating music from when I was a teen. The cool guitar leads at the end was unexpected and much appreciated, took it to a new level.

Very cool track, nicely mixed!

Hope you find Rob!

StarTravels replied 20th Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
Hi Wayne, aha, roller disco... when I was younger I would have liked to go to a roller disco, but we didn't have one. Just the normal Euro Disco stuff, with the unspeakable clothes, hairstyles and so on. I heard some really cool disco in Ibiza. Back then they had a DJ from NY at Amnesia who pretty much had the first maxi singles and mixed them. That really impressed me, especially since he had managed to get people to tear their clothes off. But that wasn't a roller disco either. Anyway, thank you for the compliment and especially for the fav.
Zootman 12th Nov 2023 09:32 -  6 months ago
Buckled in ready for the trip....lift off into the funk yeah. Great track Micky, your musicianship is obviously outstanding but more to the point, your music is immensely pleasurable to listen to. Those two things don't always go together... Last track I listen to tonight, good to go out with the best. Hope Jynx joins us again one day. Kia ora from Down Under.
StarTravels replied 12th Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
Hi Chris, Yes, I also hope that Jynxz appears again at some point. But that probably won't happen for now - he has good reasons, I know that much. I created this background story so that it could be officially announced that this will be the last Star Travels track for the time being.
Thank you for your great compliment... and the nice greeting!
Peace from Neanderthal,
EricMilligan 5th Nov 2023 02:52 -  6 months ago
Decided to visit Looperman tonight before bedtime, after a frustrating evening of working on a track that just won't come together. And, found your track! Made my evening! Really great work. Very funky for sure. I thought the mix was excellent, including the bass! :) Wish I knew more about how you made the track because I'm sure there's a lot I could learn. But, I guess it's enough to just say, I really enjoyed it.

Regards from Ottawa

StarTravels replied 5th Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
Hello Eric, I'm really glad the track made your evening... I think that's actually the best compliment you can give a musician. Thank you for that!
Well, it's a thing with bass: there's a frequency range in bass where it's ultimately a matter of taste how much you add or not. If possible, I try not to let any of the instruments play the main role, at least not in tracks like this where a lot is happening in the background, so that all the elements stand out well and don't overlap or even obscure each other. But I'll still take a look at the track again to see if there isn't more that could be done in the low end.
How did the track come about.... First there was this wonderful, cold synth sound that appears at the beginning at 0:32. It comes from a synth that is part of the Logic/Garage Band equipment... it's called RetroSyn and the sound is called Stratosphere. I was playing around with it and it kind of made me feel really cold. That's how I came up with the idea of staging the whole thing on an ice planet for our StarTravels project. The beat that was supposed to convey this came from the so-called "virtual drummer", which is also integrated into Garage Band/Logic, and I edited and reduced it. Then it was about the bass lines. Once these were decided, I recorded all the keyboards (VST), where it took me quite a long time for the harmonies... Then my guitar interludes, the power chords. The rest was a decoration of the “landscape” with all sorts of cold effects. At the very end, I recorded the guitar for leaving the planet. I use Izotope's Visual Mixer to distribute the instruments in the room, and Izotope's Ozone to master them. That's actually it.
I was very happy that you liked the track, and if you have any questions... always let me know ;-)
Dennel 4th Nov 2023 15:06 -  6 months ago
Hey StarTravels, first: by the information you gave in the description this is obviously part of some continuous, ongoing Syfy epic you've created. Secondly: (my opinion) this track has a lot of "Funk & Swag" for a "Trip Hop" tune minus the low-end (bass). Not sure why I'm under the impression now that you must not like bass very much (lol), given your commentary in the last part of your column. "I would like to avoid such dominant bass here, because there are too many ice formations that could easily burst if there is too much bass, and that could be fatal, at least on this planet." Is this indeed your metaphor for no bass? Lol... to each their own I suppose, but I digress. The track as a whole is a wonderful tune and by the end I felt like I was in the club gettin' my groove on. The guitar solo that comes in around 4:33 really adds a nice touch to the tune. Great work and I enjoyed your track and faved.

All the best.

StarTravels replied 4th Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
Oh no, Dennel, I'm an absolute bass fan. If there really isn't enough bass on this track, tell me and I'll change it. That would make you the second person to feel that way. Cincocent meant that, but I don't know....he has extreme taste in bass. In his compositions this is 100 percent correct and appropriate. But, to be honest, that would be a bit too much for me.
Well, it's always a matter of choosing a genre here... I didn't find anything suitable and then in the end I just chose Trip Hop because I don't care anyway.
Thank you for your valued comments.
Kind regards.

mdeland1 3rd Nov 2023 02:53 -  6 months ago
This is sick! Catchy and trippy
StarTravels replied 3rd Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
Thank you so much for listening. Glad you enjoyed.
toeslap 2nd Nov 2023 23:27 -  6 months ago
That was an amazing journey, very funky and fun. I hope you find him :)
StarTravels replied 3rd Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
Oh, yes, I'm already looking. Thanks for listening and review.
Danke 2nd Nov 2023 20:01 -  6 months ago
what a brilliant tune ... crystal clear mix (master) and a progressive music making from the top league ...
hats off,
StarTravels replied 3rd Nov 2023 - 6 months ago
Thank you so much for listening and the nice words. Glad you liked the track.
bringerofDOOM 31st Oct 2023 08:38 -  6 months ago
Didn't expect to be skipping on the surface, great unexpected groove. I'm liking that square wave bass.

I like everything about it, even the swing values.

StarTravels replied 31st Oct 2023 - 6 months ago
Hello bringerofDOOM, good to see you're still in the game. Yes, the groove on this track is perhaps unexpected when you see the title. But for us (Star Travels) funky beats were always the fuel. I copied the concept a bit from the old heroes like Undisputed Truth (Spaced Out/Higher Than High) Funkadelic (Cosmic Slop etc.) or their splinter group (We Are The Funklords). Somehow I always thought that funk and space go well together. Well, with Kubrick it worked with classical music, but who can keep up with that, right? Thanks for listening and the kind words and the fav.
Cheers, Mickey
BaoBou 29th Oct 2023 18:32 -  7 months ago
Absolutely excellent. I love when an instrumental track has a strong story behind it and everything fits here. Excellent keyboard work, excellent soundscape.
I'm a fan! Fav'ed!
StarTravels replied 31st Oct 2023 - 6 months ago
Hello Baobou, nice to hear from you again. It's really like this: At first I only had a single sound that suggested an absolutely icy landscape. I based it all on that and just made sure to stay in style. I'm really glad you liked the track. Thanks for the Fav. Stay tuned!
ZoxoSonor 28th Oct 2023 12:20 -  7 months ago
Very clean and sparkling.
StarTravels replied 28th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
Thanks for listening and the review.
PatrickFox 27th Oct 2023 13:55 -  7 months ago
I really dig this track... It certainly gave me Gorillaz vibes. Awesome job. Well done.
StarTravels replied 28th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
I'm glad you like the track. Thank you for listening and the compliments.
dimestop 26th Oct 2023 20:21 -  7 months ago
nice work captain, this track as got bags of groovy going on, i heard Robbie had gone AWOL rumour has it he survived the crash landing and was immediately transported to the medical centre but he was caught trying to warm an ice Goddess, that carries a severe term in the penal colony so he done one, never said goodbye to anyone. remember the Motto when you signed up all them years ago
'never leave a fellow looper behind we consider that a crime'

go find him boss bring him home safely, his family are missing him, safe journey
and the bass was fine for me, it cuts through but some like it loud and grimy great work as always
StarTravels replied 27th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
Where the hell did you get this information? I hope your sources are safe, because these tips will of course be followed up immediately. Warming up an ice goddess...that does indeed look like my mate Robbie...poor guy. All engines at full power, warp drive....
CINCOCENT 26th Oct 2023 19:10 -  7 months ago
Electrical trip to the hop intro! Nice! The comment you made on my track thank you by the way you were talking about bass well this one needs base I have to say other than that good job I really like the intro
StarTravels replied 27th Oct 2023 - 7 months ago
Thank you for your review. I would like to avoid such dominant bass here, because there are too many ice formations that could easily burst if there is too much bass, and that could be fatal, at least on this planet. But thank you anyway for the tip.


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