Tags : | House | 6.22 MB | Garageband

Description : For my part I promise to party. House party in this case ...

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  1. theSINGLOT
    theSINGLOT on Sat 26th Jun 2021 - 1 year ago

    hello colega (mate?)

    1 - good work

    2- sorry I haven't been here for some time and I've been very happy to see a work of his.

    3 - his stamp is on that guitar

    4 - sorry for mi inglish,
    ya sabe mi espaol es bueno pero mi ingles no (hahaha)

    PD: suena brutal amigo - saludos - namaste

  2. Mykael
    Mykael on Fri 25th Jun 2021 - 1 year ago

    First, I am a huge fan of Patricia's! Second, you are among a handful who has a clue about how to envelop her vocals with instrumentation...very impressive work!



  3. daydreamnightdream
    daydreamnightdream on Wed 23rd Jun 2021 - 1 year ago

    Very Groovy! I love the production that went into this!

    NDAPOCKET123 on Tue 18th Aug 2020 - 2 years ago


    Reply by Micky

    Thank you so much. This one took me a while because I wanted to meet the requirements of her awesome skills. But she is surely used to productions on way higher level than mine. But I had lots of fun anyway ...

    NDAPOCKET123 on Fri 7th Aug 2020 - 2 years ago

    This is for all your tracks, WOW. A beast. Much honor to you. Kinda rushing through right now. Will have to sit down and take my time. Peace.

  6. JoeFunktastic
    JoeFunktastic on Tue 23rd Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    yEs! I love this song Dr. Klinger. You certainly did some serious surgery to improve your sound there my friend. I tip my hat off to you, Michael. Well done. It is upbeat and not dreary like some of the songs here. Music should entertain and make you feel good and that is what you did here. Excellent song structure, mix, and production. I can see why you have been actively promoting this one for a while.

    Everything fits like a glove with this one, but you always put a lot of positive energy in all you do. As you are climbing the ladder of music success, I am coming down on the other side to give my horse and pony show a rest, lol. I would like to encourage you to keep on making amazing songs like this. Michael, I hope you are doing well.


    Reply by Micky

    Joe, it's so good to see a sign of life from you! Thank you for your flattering review of this song which is indeed one I thought was worth promoting for a while. The success I'm after is just to come forth with producing good music as I feel it, not in commercial sense. Your comments on my tracks took a big part in encouraging me to try and improve my skills.
    I hope your horse and pony will get back soon to join us here ... when they've had enough rest!

    All the best to you,


  7. theHumps
    theHumps on Sun 21st Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    I was impressed when the vocals came in, the sounded great. When the music started I instantly noticed the quality mix and cool song you put together. What's not to like about this? Radio friendly, pop song, always a winner in my ears!

    Well done to both you and Patricia!


  8. toddlove
    toddlove on Wed 17th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    Damn this thing moves! Nice driving track, certainly has a "party" vibe to it. Good arrangement and song structure too. Thanks for sharing this upbeat track!

    Reply by Micky

    Damn this comment lifts me up! Thank you toddlove

  9. swansea
    swansea on Wed 17th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    the groove on this is great! Vocals are amazing and you mixed them perfectly in this fun house track. Amazing work :)

    Reply by Micky

    Thank you so much swansea for the review and also for this new genre name you created fun house. Really aptly namend and not in the sense of that Stooges album ... ;)

  10. Arloph09
    Arloph09 on Wed 17th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    shehas been kllin it lately here

    Reply by Micky

    She has, of course, that's true ...

  11. TheFemiFactor
    TheFemiFactor on Tue 16th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    Her vocals are great, I also liked the disco going on with the production.

    Reply by Micky

    Thanks for listening and commenting. That means a lot to me!

  12. Hugheymusic
    Hugheymusic on Mon 15th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    Yes I definitely like the disco vibe and its mixed well with Patricia's vocals man, you always come through. I'm impressed with this!!

    Reply by Micky

    Thanks for listening and the flattering comment. I'm still experimenting with this instrumental track (No.1?) of your series ...

  13. crucethus
    crucethus on Mon 15th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    Cool, you made a completely upbeat version of this Pella. I had created a much darker version a few years ago, and is no longer available on this site, but this one is just full of joy. The opening drum salvo caught my ear as it reminded me ever so slightly of Armand van Helden's drum work on Sneaker Pimps Spin Spin Sugar Which to me is one of the all-time greatest garage minimalist mix ever produced. But you just injected this tune with some pleasant goodness which we all could use in these trying times. Nice work.

    Reply by Micky

    Cru - thank you so much for the review. I very much appreciate that. Just had a look at your fav album list - FOR YOUR PLEASURE is one of my alltime favs too (Bogus Man, my gosh).

  14. djphildrummin
    djphildrummin on Sun 14th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago


    Reply by Micky

    My thanks go out to Philly ... ;)

  15. Arloph09
    Arloph09 on Fri 12th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    is there any way to get in contact with the artist ??

    Reply by Micky

    I just used some accapella from her profile here on lm.

  16. Stereonomicon
    Stereonomicon on Fri 12th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    Always great music is what you propose, this song brings joy of life. It will add to your other tracks that I downloaded and listen to every day. The production is clear and clean, a real pleasure for the ears.
    Best wishes and see you soon

    Reply by Micky

    Every day, really? That is sooo flattering, Marco. What more can you ask for as a musician? Thank you so much and all the best to you,

  17. dvnmusic
    dvnmusic on Thu 11th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    Mehn I've listened to this track a thousand times and I still love it.

    Reply by Micky

    OOOhhh thanks a lot! Seems that my mojo keeps working ...

  18. dvnmusic
    dvnmusic on Thu 11th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago


  19. ronabo
    ronabo on Thu 11th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    Promises are hard to keep some times. Nice track. Patricia got that voice!

    Good job on the track.

  20. Arloph09
    Arloph09 on Wed 10th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    is there any way i can collab with hr..let me know?? plz

  21. lochovski
    lochovski on Wed 10th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    Funky funky great production here ,it got me dancing love it

    CINCOCENT on Wed 10th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    Exceptional work implementing the disco Vibe with her vocals. You the FUNKSTER LOL You got the fire funk creations.

  23. Jynxz
    Jynxz on Wed 10th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    As usual the mixing and arrangement flawless.
    It sounds like you and the vocalist are in the same room riffing off each other.
    Excellent track!

    Reply by Micky

    Thank you, Jynxz. Highly appreciated!

  24. bringerofDOOM
    bringerofDOOM on Wed 10th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    a nice and pleasant track, interesting use of guitar towards the end

    Reply by Micky

    You are the first and the only one here to recognize my favourite part in this: my guitar.
    Thank you for listening. Thank you for listening till the end.

  25. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Tue 9th Jun 2020 - 2 years ago

    Hello Micheal,
    Mate, you are a very high-class artist and a very competent musician.
    Patricia is a high-class vocalist between the two of you this is expected from you. Wow, mate wonderful track really well done to you and Patricia.
    Beautifully made.

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