Tags : | Rap | 3.50 MB | Adult Content

Description : Hello everyone! EYEDYE back again with a rap track! I think I outdid myself on this one. I tried a more modern style of vocals, stacking them up and adding my own style and I love it. A little short for my taste, but I've just got so many projects. Solo stuff, My metal Band, and providing vocals for other loopers. (I didnt forget about you Danke!!!) So, for now, take it as is and maybe I'll return to it one day. Let me know what you think!

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  1. srdjaaan
    srdjaaan on Sun 30th Apr 2023 - 11 months ago

    nice track, just keep going!

  2. noobking
    noobking on Sat 14th Nov 2020 - 3 years ago


  3. louisthees
    louisthees on Tue 31st Mar 2020 - 4 years ago

    good beat!!!

  4. Hitman4music
    Hitman4music on Wed 17th Apr 2019 - 5 years ago


    Reply by Emolyte

    hell yeaa

  5. Greylike
    Greylike on Tue 16th Apr 2019 - 5 years ago

    i like that beat.

    Reply by Emolyte

    me too

  6. nathvnbeats
    nathvnbeats on Mon 15th Apr 2019 - 5 years ago

    Very well made. Good job!!

    Reply by Emolyte


  7. MPOProduction
    MPOProduction on Sun 14th Apr 2019 - 5 years ago

    cool !

    Reply by Emolyte

    Much appreciated!

  8. akijovanovic
    akijovanovic on Sun 14th Apr 2019 - 5 years ago

    Nice track!

    Reply by Emolyte

    Thank you!

  9. mulaoff
    mulaoff on Fri 12th Apr 2019 - 5 years ago

    i get left boy vibes from this :)

    Reply by Emolyte

    Hell yea! Ill take it

    SPIROXXX on Fri 5th Apr 2019 - 5 years ago

    coool track ...thnkzzzz

    Reply by Emolyte


  11. DjLeeMFW
    DjLeeMFW on Mon 1st Apr 2019 - 5 years ago

    Awesome production! love it, Great Job! Keep It up!!!

    Reply by Emolyte

    Thank You!

  12. 3rdNippleMusic
    3rdNippleMusic on Thu 28th Mar 2019 - 5 years ago

    always dig your shit man, glad you allow downloads, got a few of em in rotation, tks! neal visher

    Reply by Emolyte

    Good to see you again! And of course, I appreciate the Downloads

  13. ROBERT1113
    ROBERT1113 on Wed 27th Mar 2019 - 5 years ago


    Reply by Emolyte


  14. Alien
    Alien on Mon 25th Mar 2019 - 5 years ago

    Trap will never die!! ;)
    Fun track.


    Reply by Emolyte


  15. HenryPascal
    HenryPascal on Mon 25th Mar 2019 - 5 years ago

    Great bassline, kills everything around!!!

    Reply by Emolyte

    Thank You!

  16. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Mon 25th Mar 2019 - 5 years ago

    Hello eyedye
    brilliant track mate.
    However, This is what I expect from you.
    Well done

    Reply by Emolyte

    haha i do try my best to keep expectations met

  17. nicetones101
    nicetones101 on Fri 12th Jan 2018 - 6 years ago

    Hey Eyedye I really like this track!sweet job mate!

    Reply by Emolyte

    Thanks so much!

  18. sheensheep
    sheensheep on Sat 5th Aug 2017 - 6 years ago

    Really like this song. The instrumentals are very interesting (love the electronic riffs) and so is your rap style.

    @BLEEP mentioned this - between 1:36 and 1:58 something doesn't sound right. To me it sounds like a mixing issue more than anything else. When it first hits, it sounds like the bass is missing. On top of that, the vocals sound more raw here than the other parts of the track.
    Though I can't really put my finger on exactly how to fix it. Maybe check to see if anything was accidentally deleted considering the rest of the song sounds fine imo.

    Anyways, great song. Hope to keep hearing more from you!

    Reply by Emolyte

    Damn Im late on this one lol, Thanks for the listen sheen, but yes I do agree with the middle,just something with mixing im sure. Anyways, hope to see you around for more!

  19. Saipsy
    Saipsy on Tue 4th Jul 2017 - 6 years ago

    fuck bass

  20. GeorgeBR2017
    GeorgeBR2017 on Tue 4th Jul 2017 - 6 years ago

    I like the opening rift.

  21. denascua
    denascua on Mon 3rd Jul 2017 - 6 years ago


  22. BLEEP
    BLEEP on Fri 16th Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    Hello eyedye
    brilliant song.
    Just a personal feeling about the part between 1:36 and 1:58 (same part at the end of the track): i'm not fan about the melt with instruments and the voice, there's something strange... i have words to explain it but in french... sorry lol

    No matter, there's high quality and technicity in this track



    Reply by Emolyte

    Something strange indeed as I myself can quite figure it out, but something does bug me. Maybe just needs re recording? Nonetheless glad you enjoyed!

  23. mindhiest
    mindhiest on Fri 16th Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    oh by the way you impressed me yet again. fav

  24. mindhiest
    mindhiest on Fri 16th Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    are you kidding me? again I have to say I'm not a huge rap fan, but damn, this good. I love the melodies and the smoothness. great job.

    Reply by Emolyte

    Much appreciated man!

  25. Nodog
    Nodog on Mon 12th Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    EYEDYE, Im not all that much into rap but this is an excellent all round track everything fits and i really like the vocals very well put together arrangement good job best regards Robbie.

    Reply by Emolyte

    Glad I could reel ya in regardless!

  26. Mynde
    Mynde on Sun 11th Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    I love the track man keep it up don't wait for no one to blow up.

    Reply by Emolyte

    Working on it! :)

  27. MGproduct
    MGproduct on Sat 10th Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    Wow , a really and unique rap work
    The composition is well ... vocals are right on the track ...

    Reply by Emolyte

    Thank you!

    RIYAZAR on Sat 10th Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    Great sounds.

    Reply by Emolyte


  29. TRE24
    TRE24 on Thu 8th Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    Good job.
    An actual rap track with more than 2 words
    That you can actually listen to on here.
    First part I immediately thought em. Great job bro, I enjoyed it.

    Reply by Emolyte

    Hey thanks!

  30. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Tue 6th Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    Truly excellent job on this one...very creative and vocal parts are really a highlight !


    Reply by Emolyte

    Thanks so much Orlando!

  31. GoTyBeaTs
    GoTyBeaTs on Fri 2nd Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    Not a bad track at all ...!!! ;)

    Reply by Emolyte


  32. flonut7
    flonut7 on Thu 1st Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    such a fun arrangement. Haven't heard ur other stuff but i can see you are on ur grind and getting in your groundwork now to build up a real skill set eventually. Lyrically on par with hard working amateur hip hop artists or soundcloud rappers. But more then ur raps i really liked the beat. that whit was wonky as fuck. good job bro

    Reply by Emolyte

    Hey glad you liked! Very kind words!

  33. EazyBeatz
    EazyBeatz on Thu 1st Jun 2017 - 6 years ago

    Very interesting composition u have here EYEDYE, melody and transitions have been done with superb effort! As well as instrumentally inclined beat patterns. I enjoyed all this too well. Keep up the great work! never let your vocal pipes fade away! keep them lyrics coming! hope all is well - EazyBeatz :)

    Reply by Emolyte

    Thanks a lot! and I'll Always keep them coming!

  34. crucethus
    crucethus on Wed 31st May 2017 - 6 years ago

    This is good. awesome production on the vocals. You have been really improving over the last year ehh? Myself, not a fan of the hip hop genre, but I can appreciate the best of it. I know you do metal. I could hear in the chorus a full on metal explosion vocally and instrumentally. good tune.! Favd

    Reply by Emolyte

    I think I've been approving quite a bit as well. And I also thought about doing some screams in the chorus but thought it would be too much as the music has a lot going on that area already. Might get drowned out or have too much going at once. Maybe I will try in the future. Thanks for the listen!

  35. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Wed 31st May 2017 - 6 years ago

    Guess I have developed a habit since being around LM of listening to genres I never used to pay much attention to....so I blame creative guys like you for that...This ain`t your plain everyday hip hop/rap stuff....Its the kind of creativity that kicks it way up above the canned crowd...I am paying particular attention to the job you did on the composition & instrumentation...the arrangement has a structure that just makes musical sense...and I`m not ignoring the lyrics or vocal delivery....on time and on the money.....You nailed this one my friend...length was fine....great track...Ed

    Reply by Emolyte

    Hey thanks Ed! One of my goals when creating music is giving something that everyone can get into whether they listen to the said genre or not.. I strive for a style that incorporates many elements and to not be bound to one genre even within the same song.The musical aspect had been sitting for quite some time, and I had no idea what to do vocally. This song eventually forced me to create a new style of vocals for me, which I quite enjoyed and I'm glad you did as well!

  36. Danke
    Danke on Tue 30th May 2017 - 6 years ago

    uniqueness again...your creativity's got no end :-)
    I don't like rap, hip hop but this is too good musically...experts will tell you the truth, I only get my hand to shake it with yours :-)

    congrats, Danke

    Reply by Emolyte

    Thanks Danke! It's an honor to shake hands :)

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