16th Feb 2017 00:26 -  7 years ago
Description : UPDATE: Intro now starts with piano instead of drums. There's a whole new section at the end. Please leave a comment letting me know your thought. Thanks x

Comments (16)

If you have time take a listen and give toastedavalanche some feedback.

Tumbleweed 15th Feb 2018 02:42 -  6 years ago
Your vocal is def the star the acoustic guitar you should do it more often...its one of those things you can just stick a mic in front of & play...does have a dark vibe...flowing mainly from that low/fat piano I think...I`m hearing really nice production values all the way...actually the whole thing is really well put together...placement (nice stage set from L to R & front to back)...I don`t mind the sudden end at that lazy fade that a lot of us (including me) use....I think its one of your best my friend....great job....Ed
crucethus 28th Feb 2017 07:09 -  7 years ago
Love that into. Your voice reminds me a little of David Sylvian on this one. 2:40 that sound section is brilliant. I can hear echoes of Bowie as well in this one and even a touch of Bauhaus. really cool stuff. great job
kriebel17 23rd Feb 2017 20:49 -  7 years ago
Great Job, I am one of those people who love those depressing songs so you got me at the start lol... If you don't mind would you check out my song The Pills They Kill? Thanks in advance.
toastedavalanche replied 28th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Thanks man. Glad you like it. Will check the track out now.

Burtsbluesboxes 23rd Feb 2017 02:10 -  7 years ago
Hey TA, funeral doom may not be your thing but I'm sure you can appreciate this ending :p
toastedavalanche replied 28th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
It's not bad. I listen to a lot of Cradle of Filth and Opeth (seen both of them live a couple of times), so I appreciate dark melodic metal.
The ending's kinda cool. Loving the solo at 3.27 more :)

StaticNomad 19th Feb 2017 11:47 -  7 years ago
I'm back. You may have noticed.

"Your input, however hurried, is highly valued"

Cool but don't forget to answer your older track comments. You have loads that remain unanswered.

Great title.

Anyway: intro has changed and is unspectacular but effective. Still not sure about kick drum choice. Too much treble, not quite the right tone with that piano.

0:52 subtle guitar is quite cool. Before then it's all about your vocal.

1:12 start of a pleasant little refrain section. Sounds a bit like mandolin but I guess it's guitar.

2:34 and now drums take off properly.

2:59 vocal sounds quite different. Different reverb? Lots of good panning on it.

Overall: good, effective slightly melancholy music that sounds very acoustic.
toastedavalanche replied 28th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Hi Statmad.

All responses have been answered. I try to keep up with things as best I can, my phone doesn't always show things in order.

Glad you like the title. I "appropriated" it from a 60's underground art film I saw at uni. I can't remember anything about the film itself, but its title really stuck with me.

Thanks for your review. I'm still working on the drum sound. Was sort of going for David Bowie's Cat People for the intro. Will keep messing around with it.


Burtsbluesboxes 19th Feb 2017 01:29 -  7 years ago
I like it better with the piano opening :p You have a guitar? How come we never hear you play it??!! Oh yeah, love how it develops further. The guitar is a nice addition, as you know how much I love guitar. No download :'( You forgot the disgusting SPLAT at the end, when your brains hit the wall and slowly slide down. Awesome TA!!!
toastedavalanche replied 28th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Sorry for not allowing download. There's still work to be done. I haven't even added the splat yet :p

And yes. The first instrument I ever learnt was guitar. I only play acoustic though (the lead to this was played on an acoustic guitar).

Orlando51 17th Feb 2017 23:31 -  7 years ago
Absolutely great work...has a bit of cinematic touch. Vocals and interpretation are splendid here and production truly shines !
Faving this is a must!:)

Compliments and respect_____Orlando
toastedavalanche replied 19th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Cheers for the warm response man :D

Glad you like it. Means a lot.

CitizenMofo 17th Feb 2017 15:08 -  7 years ago
"Written and recorded in an afternoon" - that's the beauty of making songs, you can get that instant gratification. I really like the sound of this. Drew me in and held me. Love what's here but I feel it needs to be longer. Basically you seem to have one verse that's repeated. You could have two different verses, a chorus, and a musical bridge to develop the ideas and music and take us on a longer and deeper journey. Slow songs like to be longer. There's no shame in a 4 or 5 minute song, so long as the variation is there to carry the listener. Anyway, that's what my gut told me when I got to the end - "wait, that's it? But you're just starting!" One man's opinion - hope it helps.
toastedavalanche replied 17th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Your wish is my command.
My friend popped over and said "you're not ending that shit there!". He then picked up my guitar and... well, I'm updating the track now. Thanks man.

Tepelstreeltje 16th Feb 2017 21:08 -  7 years ago
Very nice done ! Great Dakness in it.You shouls start with piano alone,not drums indeed..I first tought about David Bowie's Blackstar..or Lazarus Lyrics
Fine mix also..
toastedavalanche replied 19th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Hi man. Thanks for your response. I have now started with the piano instead and agree that it works better.
As for the Bowie thing, I kind of get the Lazarus comparison. I believe the opening to my song is just half a step up from it. Thankfully I added the 7ths at the end :P

Spivkurl 16th Feb 2017 18:47 -  7 years ago
Even before the vocals began, I started thinking of more recent Depeche Mode works. Then as your vocal work began, the feeling just got deeper! They are one of my all time favorites, so this is comforting to me. The bass styling also brings to mind New Order or Joy Division, but not exactly Peter Hook... since New Order has proven that they can do it without him. I'm not in the state to pay deep attention, thank Jah, but still I could feel the conveyance of the piece, and I love it! Big Fave!
toastedavalanche replied 19th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
I love Depeche Mode as well. I've been listening to there album Delta Machine a lot recently, so I wouldn't be surprised if that worked it's way into my sound.
Glad you like that track. And thanks for your feedback.

ElenaSatine 16th Feb 2017 17:12 -  7 years ago
your voice is impressive .

this cinematic track really touches me .

very welldone .
toastedavalanche replied 19th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Hey ladyinred.

Thanks for listening and for your lovely comment.

Eighteen 16th Feb 2017 16:38 -  7 years ago
wow niiice, when the vocals started the awesomeness began, sounds like a band that u would hear on the radio or something.

Awesome job man!

toastedavalanche replied 17th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
High praise indeed! Thanks foe listening :D

kingmadi 16th Feb 2017 15:42 -  7 years ago
Hm.... It took a minute to grow on me but I like it. I think you should have more of a creeping or anticipating intro though. Still, it's good!
toastedavalanche replied 19th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Hi man. That's a fair point. Though I wanted to start the song as stri[[ed back as possible. To kind of set up the space, so that I could fill it as the song progresses. Glad you warmed to it though. Thanks for sticking through it and for your reply.

StaticNomad 16th Feb 2017 12:08 -  7 years ago
Toasted yos!

This is great stuff though maybe it would be better to begin simply with the piano rather than the sparse drumbeat.

It all comes together when you start singing. Soothing stuff that I don't hear as particularly dark. Mildly melancholy but that's fine.

I'm in a real rush now but will return to give my customary detail. This 1 minute review will still be longer than many you get.

toastedavalanche replied 17th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
I've changed the intro, thanks to your input. I've also extended it with a rocky outro. Your input, however hurried, is highly valued. Thanks man.

Danke 16th Feb 2017 10:09 -  7 years ago
great one TA as always...

o.k. it's not a happy song but Stabbing Westward neither and they sold over a million...sometimes we need these kinda sad songs...and you are the best choice...


handshake, Danke
toastedavalanche replied 17th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Cheers man. I'd put you down as best choice. So we'll agree to disagree.

Burtsbluesboxes 16th Feb 2017 03:34 -  7 years ago
Nice and dark, just the way I love my music :p Plz keep it up TA, this is great! No criticism from me. Exactly what I love so much about Looperman.
toastedavalanche replied 17th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago
Awww, shucks! Thanks for the vote of confidence :D


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