Description : This song is represents the final summation of Spivkurl's new album "HellLP." Wrote it with my own two legs and a brain, and composed it with the help of some of my robot friends. The message should be very clear, and if it is not, then you may want to unplug for a while.

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    MISTASBEATZ on Sat 19th Mar 2016 - 7 years ago

    That's a very creative track. Sounds nuthin like i could expect which is very positive !!! I like creativity in music that's far from mainstream "fashion" :) Keep up yo' good work !

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, thank you much for taking a listen and leaving some words on this track! I appreciate it!

  2. Burtsbluesboxes
    Burtsbluesboxes on Fri 18th Mar 2016 - 7 years ago

    We are never alone! That could be interpreted in a few ways too. Worse now with all the social media available at our fingertips. Love intelligent music that makes you think. Listened to this a few times earlier while working on my cookie tin guitar. Checking out your pics, my lab doesn't look like that yet but the way things are going it wont be long before it does!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey man, thank you for taking a listen and leaving your words! Honestly, the "You are never alone" line is mostly a complaint... with just a hint of positive affirmation. Living in a decent sized city, I feel that it is very hard to escape from all the BS which is present in modern life. Very happy that your builds have been going well! You mentioned my "pics," and I can't help but wonder which ones you mean. As far as I know, the only actual "lab" pic on the site is from about 10-12 years ago! Everything else is pretty much studio pics more recently. My actual electronic/design lab is pretty much shut down until I get the new room finished, which should be only a couple weeks. (which is what I've been saying for a couple of months!!) When my lab is consolidated, it's a mess of various lengths of wire, parts, salvaged gear, and vintage toys. I'll be sure to post new pictures when I get it all sorted... I'm on the fine sanding of the hardwood floor now, and will be testing the iron oxide stain later this week. Thanks again!

  3. BeatMaker4real
    BeatMaker4real on Sat 12th Mar 2016 - 7 years ago

    As always very original.I really enjoyed listening to the different elements and how they were sitting in the mix.great mix by the way..and the hook to me is the real winner here.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Timing dictated that I reply to both of your recent comments at the same time, and it makes sense, as I'm feeling very hip hop at the moment. This was a strange and hurried song, but I'm happy with the results. I'm honored that you dig the sounds! Please accept my deep praise for what you do musically!

  4. VicaMOOR
    VicaMOOR on Thu 10th Mar 2016 - 7 years ago

    i swear youre gettin better at this, dude. the electronics along with your voice reminds me of daft punk. now i gotta listen to the tape! lol

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey buddy! Hope all is well with you! It's nice of you to say that... I wonder if I'm getting better, or if I'm just getting more capable (which is often little to do with proficiency). It's hard to tell. I've actually never listened to a whole Daft Punk album, and couldn't name one of their songs to save my life. Seemed like they were popular in the late nineties... around that time, I had no TV, no computer, no radio, no phone... just a wife, a turntable and a slum to live in. So it's all kind of non-existent from that era. Since then I've tried to listen, but it never worked out. Maybe I should try again? You listen to tapes?! That's awesome! I've been digging out my old tapes and collecting more recently. I just love the experience and the tone. Thank you so much for always checking out my stuff!

  5. TeeGee1965
    TeeGee1965 on Thu 10th Mar 2016 - 7 years ago

    Not the music I am really into, but I gave it a listen and I must say I liked it. I know how much work goes into such a song, so well done!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you for taking a listen and leaving your words either way! I do appreciate it! Glad that you enjoyed listening! Have a good day!

  6. mrwolf14
    mrwolf14 on Mon 29th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    Hi Spiv,
    Good track man!
    Lot of "devo echoes" in the chorus.
    Liked it.
    Keep your "disturbing" music coming!
    You know that's what we want from you!
    Ciao, Domenico

    Reply by Spivkurl

    It does sound very devo-bot, does it not?! Honestly this seems like so long ago... but who am I to judge?! Thank you for the respect, my friend!

  7. RogueAi
    RogueAi on Thu 25th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    Interesting track! Of course your tracks always sound a bit disturbing and just off, in a good way. However I do feel some of the vocal verses could be bit tighter and I feel the mix needs a bit more low end.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you for taking a listen and leaving a comment. "Disturbing and just off, in a good way" is something I can get behind for sure! It seems that the songs of this album disturb exactly the right people, while the people who are already on the right track find it happy and refreshing. As far as the vocal verses go, I can give two excuses... 1) The vocal parts of this song were literally last minute, as I was facing the chance of jail time the following monday. 2) The song is not meant to be a radio friendly pop song, but more of a modern folk song. (I would place a big guess that you are not into Niel Young or Bob Dylan etc...) In regards to the low end, some of the bass parts are purposely mid frequency, and lifting into higher frequencies at times. It sounds considerably thumpin on all of the systems I've listened on... (five different headphones on different players, alesis monitors, computer speakers with sub, and my hi-fi with JBL three way speakers) I appreciate your advice of course, but since the song and album are only memories now, no changes will be made. Appreciate the comments!

  8. mudhoen
    mudhoen on Wed 24th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    Very creative track. Feels like an elektro punk track or something. The 8bit sounds work very well. The song never gets boring.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Electro punk sounds like a decent description... a lot of the new wave sort of stuff that I've listened to for a long time was combining electronic and punk aesthetics. Like New Order, The Cure (Got tickets to see them in June!!! First time in 20 years!), Gary Numan and stuff like that. I guess I never really thought of most of these sounds as 8bit, since generally they weren't from 8bit sources, nor were they recorded at 8bit... but I can definitely see why it would sound that way. I would agree about it not getting boring for sure, as even I still listen to it regularly. Thanks much for your listen and continued support!

  9. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Fri 19th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    I`m never sure how to describe your music Spiv...its definitely unique, original and always creative...and thats not something we expect from commercial sources any more..but then your instruments themselves often sound unique and you have that mad skill in the way you are able to use them...this mix seems a bit minimal, yet it has everything it needs...but most importantly its just good listening and carries some kind of feel good familiarity...probably PJB`s description fits it best....well done Spiv...keep on....Ed

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thanks for your continued support Ed! I think the idea that I'm not a commercial source makes a big difference. I react badly when money and art are co-mingled sometimes! This is quite sample based, but a lot of the samples were of instruments I built or modified. I've been doing a lot of work in my temporary second studio in the kitchen upstairs, and I don't have all of my instruments up there. Soon the hardwood floors will be done for the lab and studio B, so I can move a few instruments in there... and free up some space in my main studio, as it's getting mind blowing at the moment. I found ti pretty minimal as well, but groovy and deep enough to wok. I really appreciate you taking a listen!

  10. ScottB55
    ScottB55 on Fri 19th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    LOL... You really freed up your mind with this one. Super groovy track, I must say. Very interesting. Planetjazz hit the nail with his Captain Beefheart meets Devo description. Good job!


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey friend, thank you for the listen and kind words! The main idea was inspired by pre-dawn solo smoke sessions listening to Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley while writing... so it makes sense that it sounds like a mind freed! Until PJB mentioned Captain Beefheart, I can't say I'd ever heard an entire song of the group. Went out and heard some, and like the more recent stuff, and not so much the stuff from the seventies. I find most Devo pretty annoying, but maybe if I gave it more of a chance it would go better. I'm from the generation where "whip it" was a retro hit, and it got pretty annoying at the time... :) It's nice to hear that you enjoyed the listen. Hope you have picked up a download of the album. Thanks!

  11. andrewy0u
    andrewy0u on Fri 19th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    Great! Nice vocal, and music in general.
    "You are never alone" :)

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, thank you for the listen and leaving your words! I'm happy you like this one. It's funny, most people seem to take the words "You Are Never Alone" as either a positive reinforcement or an insult... originally I meant it as sort of a complaint about life as a human. I'm happy that everyone can interpret my songs in different ways though, as that's what art is all about. Appreciate it friend!

  12. bitronix
    bitronix on Fri 19th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    I don't even know how these sounds you make in the song works, it's like a unique thing for me to listen!
    Just as the past track you've published (where I thought of it as a track for the broken future of the humankind, where robots would take over and make the environment dark)
    It seems a very new genre to me but, It's damn too good and addicting to listen to!
    Your music is worth knowing well! Keep being awesome!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you for the very kind and expressive words! The sounds in the song would be an example of my more sample based, "spontaneous synchronized randomness" sort of composition, rather than MIDI controlled hardware sort of style which I do a lot. The vocals were a bit hurried out of necessity, but I still love how they turned out. I find that most of humankind is more akin to robots currently, or at least cybernetic organisms, rather than mammalian animals which they should be... but I understand what you mean, as I know that things will get worse before they get better. It's a good thing to me that this sounds like a new genre to your ears, as I have trouble separating it from things such as devo (who I don't like to listen to) and Gary Numan's Tubeway Army (who I've been appreciating more recently). I wasn't consciously trying to replicate anything, aside from emotion, so it is good that it sounds original to you. I hope you have picked up a copy of this album, if not some of my others. Thank you very much for listening and leaving a comment!

  13. GryllaQ
    GryllaQ on Fri 19th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    Awesome track given me inspiration for my next track thank you man :D

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Happy to hear that some amount of inspiration was transferred via this song! I appreciate you letting me know! I will try to watch your profile for new works. December seems like so long ago now, although I am living by my expressed beliefs even still. Have a good day!

  14. lechina
    lechina on Thu 18th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    Well whatever genre this track is doesn't matter.I appreciate the fact that the creator of this sound had an inspiration to share it with the LM community.Good use of various elements in the song and the quality is superb.Spivkurl you are well versed in creating music.keep it up!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    I appreciate the very kind words from a fellow musician who I have never encountered before! Like I've mentioned to others, I don't consider "electronic" to be a genre... it's more like a warning that the listener will hear electronic instruments in the composition. I'm happy hat you enjoyed the listen, and I'm glad that you left your words! Thank you!

  15. Rhodesy
    Rhodesy on Mon 15th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    Great out-there sounding composition.The vocal is the key ingredient for me.Enjoyed this .

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you Rhodesy for taking the time to listen and leave some words! Happy that the vocals seemed appropriate in this song. I had a lot of drive to complete them, and to do it in a way that conveyed the feelings/message. It seems that most people are hearing what I'm saying, and that means a lot to me. I appreciate the comment!

  16. crucethus
    crucethus on Mon 15th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    Brilliant in it's execution and your vocal delivery amazes me, you take on a few diffrernt voices. You have successfully translated Paranoid schizoid tendencies to synth based analogue sounding music. well done

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey Steve, thank you for your kind words regarding this song! It was an important one to me for sure. The vocal delivery is maybe not as spectacular as it could have been if I'd had more time to spend, but I am happy with it. I did not want the unfinished album sitting there waiting if I ended up in jail... fortunately that did not happen. Since one cannot predict the future (in many cases), it is best not to count on "luck" to smile upon us. The song does sound rather schizoid in it's focus shifting, and I guess it's appropriate that way. I really appreciate you listening!

  17. Planetjazzbass
    Planetjazzbass on Mon 15th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    Is this Spivkurl or the reincarnation of Captain Beefheart channelling Devo?...whatever it sounds crazy cool man!...when I hear grooves like this I get that Zen moment when you have to adapt your peripheral perceptions in order to fully appreciate the music, I call it ensemble awareness, you put yourself in the position of playing within the structure and feel it out that way, I think many people do this automatically and many gain inspiration from this technique, needless to say this doesn't happen with music that's unappealing to oneself...Music from the lingering soul of Fritz Lange's Metropolis....awesome and original!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey man, it's good to hear from you! I actually had to go and listen to some Captain Beefheart, as I really am completely unfamiliar with his music. I somewhat randomly landed on the video for "Ice Cream For Crow," and within less than a minute I had it "liked." Super cool stuff, which I identify with a lot! This kind of speaks to my intentional incorporation of folk, jazz, and blues influences into seemingly modern sounds. The comparison with Devo deepens the connection, and I am fully ready to admit that this is one of the more Devo sounding tracks I've ever made. That part was not intentional though, ha ha. The "ensemble awareness" idea you have proposed makes perfect sense to me, and I think I may have felt that while trying to complete this track. It fell into place, because it was meant to happen. I watched "Metropolis" a few times back in the day, and found it a bit disturbing, but at the same time influential. It's a big honor that you can find this song musical, as you are serious about your art. Thank you very much for your words!

  18. 3rdNippleMusic
    3rdNippleMusic on Sun 14th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    niiice bassline man... very poetic lyrics mate. kudos!!!

    weirdest interplay between sounds, how do you do it so well...

    Protect what is sown
    Collect what is grown
    Reject what is owned
    You are never alone

    tres cool mon frere

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey friend, thank you for listening to this and leaving a comment! This really is a pretty bass driven song composition wise, even if much of the bass work is very mid range. How do I do it so well? .... hmmm... I guess that in a song like this, taking my time with the composition and mixing is all important. The vocal part was done with time limitation, as it was the last recording for the album, with looming jury trial coming the next week. The lyrics were very influence by listening to Jimmy Cliff and smoking buds before sunrise, which have both been habits of mine almost since birth (one thing I can thank my father for). Kind of started as a rasta influenced ballad style, and then merged with anthem sort of vibe, which is common for my recent vocal based songs. I'm very happy that you liked the "chorus" lyrics, as they were important to convey for me. I appreciate you stopping by!

  19. smallearth
    smallearth on Sun 14th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    fresh sound..surprising track, keeps you guessing
    good work

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Firstly, welcome to the site! I really appreciate you listening to this and leaving your words! All of your impressions are pleasing to read, from "fresh" to "surprising," as well as "keeps you guessing." I am always "trying to try" new things, and it makes me happy that it comes across in some of my songs. Have a good day!

  20. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Sat 13th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago

    I'm just downloading your new album Spiv..."You Are Never Alone" forecasts that this will be very exciting listen and that it was well worth to wait for your new release ! Excellent!:)

    Compliments and respect_____Orlando

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you so much for listening and for going out of your way to download the album! It means a lot when someone else can appreciate something which I do primarily out of personal necessity. I often write songs to remind myself of important things, an if it can reach someone else, then all the better! Thanks so much!

  21. MGproduct
    MGproduct on Sat 13th Feb 2016 - 7 years ago


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you for the "fantastic" first comment on this song! I appreciate it!

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