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11th Jun 2016 08:55 - 8 years ago
Description : Got some spare time finally...just started on some random ideas basically (lets say kygo meets alan walker). A blend of dubstep,edm,downbeat,tropical etc.
It's still a work in progress, so i would appreciate your honest inputs. Thanks to all those whose loops I have used in here, sorry I don't have time to search them out.
Edit-added some more filthy sounds from my previous tracks and gave it some ending. Advice will be helpful.
20th Feb 2016 04:54 - 8 years ago
Description : A kinda random ur views. Uncertain about any future uploads, coz this was made some 7-9 months ago it seems.
160 bpm...and justifies the title :P
28th Jun 2015 07:40 - 8 years ago
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Description : just an idea.. tried to get into House/EDM. 128 bpm.credits to those who created some of the loops used here.
**update** removed dance-ish part in the end and continued with house music.
14th Jun 2015 09:14 - 9 years ago
Description : After i lost all my material due to technical faults,i have tried to start again with the help of all your loops.uncertain over future track uploads.
*tried to get into chill..but it's actually an electronic fusion track(135bpm).as it's incomplete,u can give your inputs to improvise this track.genre-chillout/edm* ^^update^^ uploaded pre-final stage.should i stop at this or should i add something different(i have something going on in my mind) like hard techno/dubstep??? Advice Needed.
25th May 2015 19:34 - 9 years ago
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Description : A raw cut..some 18 months old piece. i dont think i'll be workin on it plz listen and feel free to comment.
Genre-Dubstep/EDM/hip hop.
4th Apr 2014 10:30 - 10 years ago
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Description : I found some initial tracks made by me on a memory card.will upload them all..this is the first one.some mix of trance techno & dubstep.
16th Aug 2013 13:30 - 10 years ago
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Tracks (7)