Description : Here is my most recent musical endeavour. It is primarily vocal electronic, with heavy psychedelic trance and electro influences. It took quite some time to bring this to completion, but I think it turned out quite nice. Contains some unusual synthesis courtesy of my DIY modular, Korg DW-6000, Microkorg, and Casio HZ-600. Very effect heavy and throbbing. Please let me know what you think! Thank you for listening!

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  1. ELmoniTors
    ELmoniTors on Thu 23rd Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    i dig the vocals in this track nice

    Reply by Spivkurl

    That's very kind of you to say! They took many forms through the time I was working on the song, some of which are still represented in this final version. I appreciate you listening and leaving your words!

  2. DesignedImpression
    DesignedImpression on Fri 17th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    I got the change to hear this one on SC and I really enjoyed it there as here too. I thought you put some really cool ideas into this one. Vocally you keep surprising with the way you go about it. Thought it really adds great to the atmosphere of instruments. Your lyrics really stick in the head and mostly you've achieved this. Great psy work man I appreciate this. Thanks for sharing it, Keep going!! Peace.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thanks for leaving a comment here as well! Really much of the time that went into the song was practising to get the vocal part just how I wanted, and it's good enough. A lot of the recent time was spent getting accustomed to FL 12 though... had to figure out how to transition my unfinished stuff to the new version. Without saving as a zipped loop file, the project was totally jacked up. Once I did that, all went well to finish it though. Anyone who hears it lucky that it's only words I stuck in their head... it could be far more painful... heh. Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Onsi3
    Onsi3 on Mon 13th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    Love it well enjoyed, keep it up


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you for stopping by to listen and comment! I appreciate it!

  4. IceP
    IceP on Sun 12th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    I'm elderly and a total noob to EDM but this one really resonates. Excellent work -- keep 'em coming!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey no problem, I am starting to act elderly, and I don't really know what EDM means when it comes down to it. I mostly dance for animals or when I'm doing vocals, so the D in EDM doesn't quite make sense. I like EM for them most part. I really appreciate you leaving a comment after listening!

  5. Neomorpheus
    Neomorpheus on Sun 12th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    Spiv I love the energy and the aggressive nature here!
    I couldn't help but ditch the headphones and crank the volume on this baby! I don't go full tilt on many track samplings, but when I do, its on.
    Yeah you really packed some awesome "electro-synth-esis" into this. And I especially love how you drive it home there around 4:45.
    Your a 100% total electronic renaissance man.
    I'm definitely plugged in.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey NM, I really appreciate your words! I think that is one of the failings of my albums, is that different songs entice you to hear it in different ways... you know headphones vs hifi vs computer speakers etc... I take a different approac on most songs, so it makes sense. Notice the things I listed though, and phones are not mentioned... I have no way to test this playback, and hopefully will never... I'd rather not have a phone at all than have a computer in my pocket. Glad you cranked it loud, I try to make songs for exactly that setting, where you feel like turning a knob and rockin it. The outro vocals were very indulgent, and the track might not have ever been finished if it weren't for the need to make them right. Your words are very welcome, thank you!

  6. crucethus
    crucethus on Sat 11th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    Brilliant. I'd swear you from Sheffield.

    Captured early New Order, Vice Versa, This:
    Miss Kitten and the Hacker. Early Berlin (Sex I'm a)
    I was mixing this tune as I was listening to yours:
    Your really capturing an era nicely without I think realizing that. It's almost like your re-inventing the sound again. Great work a fav.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hi Cruce, thank you for giving your valuable feedback on this track! Totally prepared to admit a fondness for New Order... in fact their records and tapes are some of my prized possessions. Been listening to my "Brotherhood" tape since 1990. I have mixed feeling about their very early stuff, when still in mourning from Ian Curtis's death... it seemed like they were still trying to be Joy Division, and it's a bit sad... but then you could say the same thing about me. Even more frustrating is that Hook has left the band now... The other groups you mentioned, I only have a fleeting impression of their work, and do not own any of it. I think I do realize the capturing of an era you speak of, but I'm trying to take it in a different direction... Such as the musical results of performer who was meant to die in their 20's, but somehow arose from all the risky situations alive still. Borrowed time, borrowed money, freedom to do what shouldn't have been possible. I think you get it. Thank you again!

  7. SeriouslyJoking
    SeriouslyJoking on Tue 7th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    Hey Spiv, this is super cool!
    The synth sound that comes in occasionally (in stereo?) made me believe that I accidently had some other song coming through in the background and I tried to locate it for a while, with no success.=D
    Unique and very you all together.
    There are some frequensis in there that hurt the ear a bit but it also adds to the feeling of the song, hearing and sensing at once.

    Cheers/ SJ =)

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Heh, you must be talking about the spontaneously performed circuit bent glitch synth, otherwise I wouldn't be sure.... Definitely is a very stereo aspect. Like someone else mentioned, it sounds "out of place." It was sort of like a time travel aspect, while remaining "in the same place"... which doesn't always mean the same thing. I've always been a fan of frequency therapy, and I guess I try to carry that into my songs. Every frequency has a significant effect, and if it hurt, it may reveal something within you... something you can remember. You really nailed it with "hearing and sensing at once" and I appreciate the meaningful comment, and of course your listen! Thank you!

  8. RenzWilde
    RenzWilde on Sun 5th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    That was the fastest 6 minute track ever.

    The biggest compliment I can give this track is it is all Spivkurl. I might be wrong but IMO, Spiv is one of those artists where there might not be a middle ground. He puts his stamp on everything from his distinct vocal style with his thought provoking lyrics to his true musicianship in the way he arranges his compositions. And of course, the true analogue instrumentation is brilliant. I'm a big fan!

    Thanks for this Pat. Really enjoyed it :)


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey RW, good to see you around here today! Your comment made me happy, especially since it read like some sort of zine review or something. I found it interesting that Gramo found some Renz influence in here, and I suppose I cannot deny the effect you and your work has had on me since you joined up here. It's awesome to get your opinions on this one, so thank you much! See you at your profile!

  9. Darklighter
    Darklighter on Sat 4th Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    sounds super good

    Reply by Spivkurl

    A simple comment, but it is positive so I will take it as such. Thank you!

  10. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Fri 3rd Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    I think its all been said Spiv....and by people much better informed to comment than this ol seem to have gained the uniqueness that many artists would strive for...and its the kind of thing that demands attention from those who absorb the intricicies of what you do...Its really interesting listening....a tip o the hat to you....Ed

    Reply by Spivkurl

    From you Ed, this comment was a pleasure to read! I feel like I'm only scratching the surface at this point, especially considering the rising tide of obstacles that I have been contending with. I chose this life long ago though, so who am I to complain. Either way, it made me happy to hear from you on this song, so thank you!

  11. OmarMuk
    OmarMuk on Wed 1st Jul 2015 - 8 years ago

    I like listening to your stuff spiv cuz its very different and unique. Like some of the previous comments said it sounds retro but I say more modernish retro. Really unique.

    The synths and sounds you got going are well played out and catchy but the glitchy synth that comes and goes at around the 1:09, 2:34, etc sounds out of place. But other than that you did an awesome job making all the synths work with each other in all ranges. It definitely sounds complete and the synth play/solo at the 3:01 mixes things up and keeps things interesting which is necessary for long tracks. You also got some cool transition synths going on but I didnt catch it until the 3rd or 4rth time of listening because it gets caught up behind the other synths (Yes this track has an usual addiction).

    The vocals are not that unusual. It really fits the lyrics which are quite interesting and uncertain yet somehow hopeful if that makes any sense haha Its what I got out of it. The "we are the future" vocals at 1:46 feels like it comes too soon. Maybe having it come in a sec or so later can solve that but then again that may be just me since no one said anything about it.

    Anyway Spiv I gotta hand it to you cuz overall this track is really really good, honestly listened to this countless times. Excuse my extra long review and critque but I just feel like if some areas in the track are improved it will be one of the most exceptional tracks on here because of your very unique style.


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you for stopping by to leave a useful comment! The glitchy synth you speak of that "comes and goes" was not really intended to be rhythmic in orientation, and is meant to sound like another place/time, only as an atmosphere which pushes it's way through at times. So from your comment, I feel it does what was intended. The transitions were difficult in this, as the key changes back and forth a bit... but it seemed to work for the vibe the vocals were meant for. I actually gave the "we are the future" part a chance at different timings and different performances, but this way it accented on the beats which I intended. It's a bit of my style to vocalize a bit ahead of the beat lately. Not sure if I will be going back to change anything, as it took many months to achieve what I wanted with the track as is. It was hard enough keeping the emotion which led to the original composition/lyrics after so many months. I really appreciate the detailed review and your addicted listening! Thank you!

  12. silverman
    silverman on Tue 30th Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    Don't know how I missed this one!
    Clubbing and Factory records come to mind Manchester England 1979.
    Bands like Joy Division, New Order, Slaughter and the Dogs Iggy Pop and something that feels like Van Der Graff Generator in there.
    Thoroughly enjoyed.
    Took me to the Hacienda club Manchester ... all music drugs and guns ... very tense very high.
    All in the past.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey there, thank you for the kind comment and listen! I am a big fan of Joy Division and New Order, not so much the other artists you mention. Do love the scene from 77-81, especially in the UK. "all music drugs and guns"... interesting... to me music is everywhere you listen, drugs help people think in new ways and evolve... guns, I've only ever owned one gun, and that was as a youth, now I'm fighting with a neighbor who has killed many of my friends, and has discharged weapons at our property... not a big fan of guns unless they are taken up against a corrupt government. "Very tense very high." Now that is a good description of most of my music recently, thank you for that. Appreciate your words so much!

  13. 25DjTj
    25DjTj on Tue 30th Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    not much a fan of this genre..but you have delivered what you said in the description
    unusual vocals which actually work here..
    the synths and arps are catchy good
    good work

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Don't really know what genre this would be, since you mention genre... maybe post punk would be the closest? Not many people are a fan of this genre. I think you've had to feel a lot of anger and sadness from your surroundings to appreciate it. I didn't really go into trying to make a certain genre, just immersed myself in the feeling. I don't think you can be an unusual vocalist unless you're an unusual person, so there's that. I work very hard on my synthesizers, and try to communicate that on every track. Thank you for the comment!

  14. Emolyte
    Emolyte on Mon 29th Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    Very different haha but i like it, those synths are very catching.

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, always good to hear from you! I wanted a screen of attraction to have the words heard, so it should be catching. Thank you for listening and commenting!

  15. GramoChopin
    GramoChopin on Fri 26th Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    Nice one man. The synths are pretty crazy. Not liking this as much as some of you're other productions but still a innovative addition. Has a retro but futuristic sound to it at the same time. Almost a bit similar to some of Renz work lately with his retro type of endeavors. But this is still you're own work so I am in no way taking any credit away from the Spivkurl himself! You're an OG of the loop now man. lol Keep it going


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey thanks GC for the listen and comment! I find it interesting and humorous that you brought up Renz Wilde, as we have much in common and have done behind the scenes work a bit... can't deny the influences he has had on me in the last year. Don't worry, very few people like my more lyrically expressive songs as much as the more non offensive pop stuff. Futuristic?... the future is a myth. You don't have to credit me for this song, just respect the earth and it's non human citizens, this is for them. OG, you mean Old Guy? No he's my prick of a neighbor.... Have an instrumental in the mixing chamber at the moment, so stay tuned!

  16. Coopy
    Coopy on Fri 26th Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    if you are yellus just tell me. i didn't say anything or didn't do anything to you so why?

    Reply by Spivkurl

    I'm not sure what "yellus" means, I can only interpret it as jealous, though I may be wrong. I am in no way jealous. Your "why" must be in reference to my comment on your track... it was not meant in any way personally, and I apologize if it was taken that way. I only commented my true feelings, like I do on every track I review. A comment on my track would not be the best way to communicate something like this, more so a private message on my profile. Your comment has no relevance to my track. Again, I apologize if I was offensive, it was not meant that way. I only meant that the sounds in the track sounded the same as the original except degraded, hence my idea that maybe it was taken from the already mixed version which Kevin released. You gave no credit or links to acapellas or remix packs, so I felt that it may have been done without permission. All of this was just my honest feelings, which I was I stated "correct me if I'm wrong." You did so, so let's leave it at that. I only listened to your song because it had the same title as one of my older tracks.

  17. ScottB55
    ScottB55 on Thu 25th Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    Very unusual piece and nicely done. Good job!


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hi Scott, thank you for your listen and kind words! It always makes me happy when you visit my page!

  18. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Thu 25th Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    This is just awesome, Spiv! Inventive and energetic as always,
    and yes, there is a bit of Bowie in the vocals...great! In the 'fav' it goes!:)


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hello Orlando! I've been quite pleased to receive so many compliments and support from you on my recent works, so thank you for that! Bowie has some of my favorite vocal tracks ever for sure, so it makes sense a bit of that would seep through eventually. Was worried that you decided not to favorite this track, as your name isn't there. Hope that is not the case! :)

  19. FrozenStick
    FrozenStick on Tue 23rd Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    Very nice and energetic!I love it!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey, appreciate the feedback and support! Thank you!

  20. WoozyBeats
    WoozyBeats on Tue 23rd Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    Nice i do love some Psy ;)
    It does sound influenced by it but different in it's own way, very original.
    I like the sounds you used through the track.
    As for the vocals although very interesting and i honestly like them specially the lyrics, in my humble opinion don't fit this particular kind of music, personally i would prefer the sound without it but that's just my opinion, having said that hats off to you for getting out of the norm to bring us something different and unexpected.
    Those synths you bring around 3:02 are amazing, very cool indeed and that Goa Trance type lead at 3:40 and again towards the end is really good.
    Overall is a tricky track with lots of interesting stuff going on.
    Well done


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey WB, thank you for the kind and thorough comment! I'm happy that you did indeed hear the psy/goa influence in this. I really enjoy doing vocals for musical styles that wouldn't normally have standard lyrical structures, such as psy or techno... I find it brings out an industrial aspect to things which wouldn't normally have it. In addition, those are the kinds of music I enjoy making, so if I have something to say, it only makes sense to say it this way. "Different and unexpected" are both great comments for me as a musician, so thank you for that! This was much appreciated!

  21. xXinFormalXxAJ
    xXinFormalXxAJ on Tue 23rd Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    This is awesome mate!! Track has energy. Good work!!

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey there, I really appreciate you listening and leaving a comment! I see you've only been around here for a week, and yet you've already done 43 track comments... you should be proud! All I can ask is that you stay active, and help this place be all it should be, and used to be! Happy that you enjoyed listening, and I'll be at your page in a moment!

  22. Mosaic
    Mosaic on Tue 23rd Jun 2015 - 8 years ago


    Mate this is amazing, very dancy piece, love the vocals, this very different for you my friend, totally loving this one, sounds like a galloping bass line?, under laying the piece, love it what ever it is, your vocals in this really do sound very much David Bowie sound, great synths, think I have just found my all time fav piece of yours my friend, brilliant vibe coming from this one, big statement as you know I really enjoy all your works but this one is a very special piece...Yep ALL TIME fav track mate...Mosaic...Rarely download mate but would download if available...Mos...

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey Mosaic, thank you for the extremely kind comment! I don't know exactly why I'm not allowing download, just felt right... but you have a copy now, so I won't worry about it. I really do appreciate your continued support and friendship. Hope you are doing okay!

  23. Planetjazzbass
    Planetjazzbass on Tue 23rd Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    Hey Pat...shades of Metropolis,Fritz Lang's not Superman's!...The trouble is many people would categorize this in the alternative pigeon hole whereas it sounds totally normal to me,being a big Faust fan since the early 70's I dig it,dripping with trans generational 'tude' and a thin veneer of angst but delivered with a stylish laissez-faire attitude amounts to very cool in my book....I like that busy termite action synth grooves,it bubbles along nicely without boiling over and putting the stove out...if you performed this with a suitable stage show you'd be a star in certain quarters....Back in the day the music was enough but now the artist has to be portrayed for visual shock value in conjunction with the music......original music rules in my book,I've lost my elephant stamp but for what it's worth you get my vote man!.....your the full package ....musician,singer,songwriter,lyricist,composer,arranger,instrument maker and producer!..phew,did I leave anything out..awesome! cheers Dave

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Ha ha, Metropolis! Used to really get into that movie, like 15 years ago. I'll have to look up Faust, as while I have heard of them, I can't really name a song. The attitude and angst is definitely there, and it is sad, but when creating songs on subjects I really care about, it seems natural to leave my care behind for the most part. In fact it is one reason I make lyrical music at all. The "termite action" you mention really hits home - during some of the later creation of this song I had carpenter ants trying to destroy the structure of the roof in my studio space. Freaked me out. I thought it was termites to begin with, but it got WAY too noisy to be little termites. Interesting you mention live performance, as I have been trying to work towards the ability to do slightly stripped down performances in the future, both by designing portable gear and practice. Aside from that, Iris-T-Shirt is getting all the pissed off energy we need to make a comeback. I am fully capable of the visual shock element, so that's the easy part... just ask the lady who gave us the eye when we got all excited about the rusty tire iron for $1 at the thrift shop!! (no we don't have a car) I appreciate your supportive list of my efforts there, I guess the only thing missing is performance art (sans music). Thank you so much for your listen and comment!

  24. joecramer
    joecramer on Mon 22nd Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    This is sound in a way i like it.
    Dynamic and powerfull and also a little bit agressive and hypnotic and on some places near to the border to -stop it, i cant handle it anymore- i love that a lot. Nice speed and extreme cool synth sounds around. I love this nerve, hypnotic one that goes close to mind blowing.
    Vocals fits good and i enjoyed the lyrics as well.
    In a way it has a kind of the 80s feeling to me and thats always something cool

    geiles teil!

    stay tuned

    Reply by Spivkurl

    Hey joe, thank you for the kind words on this piece! "Stop it, I can['t handle anymore" sort of sums up how I've been feeling in reaction to say many aspects of life lately, so I appreciate that it shows through. Aggressive and hypnotic were both part of what I was aiming for. I have trouble not bringing psy/goa trance influences into most things lately, I find that it makes the time spent working on the music more enjoyable as well as making it disappear as it happens. Very happy with how some of the hardware based recordings turned out on this. Happy that the lyrics were okay, they were mostly written in two sessions about nine months apart... influenced by different situations, but working together for the mood. I always dig 80s sounding stuff as well, so thank you for that comment. I appreciate all your support!

  25. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Mon 22nd Jun 2015 - 8 years ago

    hey. yes, it was very heavy-sounding to me at very first listening. I love the powerful synth drum sound in here but still 'there's a limit in my (our) mind'.

    'there's no amoooouuunt to my miiiiiiind' (lyrics by Oceanically) anyway.

    It is so different from my vision. I want more of an empty free space!

    Beside all that (which is a true looperman illusion) I enjoyed your creation!


    Reply by Spivkurl

    Thank you for being the first to listen and comment on this song! You can always be relied on for valuable feedback and continued interest. "I want more of an empty free space!" - regarding this, I feel exactly the same way. The "limit" I speak of relates to the limits we set for ourselves, plus the limits placed on us by society, laws, and expectations. Then there are the physical limitations of the organ we call the brain. The limits I speak of are greatly enhanced by the close quarters of the human condition in this ghetto we call the earth. We all have our little boxes with fences around them (if we're lucky, sadly) - we are placed in position which forces us to defend these things with our lives and honor. Since not all of us value the same things, there arises dispute, and the limits of law come into play. This is all in our mind, but is constantly reinforced by external circumstances (which are in other's minds). Hope that clarifies my position a little. I'm happy you enjoyed listening and I value your comments!

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