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Description : Spring rain is falling. (you may find the tanslation of the song - in the same acapella)

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  1. techboymashup
    techboymashup on Thu 1st Dec 2022 - 1 year ago

    This is beautiful!

    Reply by Ratsouk

    Thank you!

  2. Kargalar
    Kargalar on Sun 17th Jan 2021 - 3 years ago

    Hey Ratsouk ! got here thanks to your collab with Manu, other looperman user.
    Very cool uploads you have here ! a super nice style, a type you dont find very often here, congrats on your work alla around!
    If you ever feel link getting an alternative rock track, hit me up ! i got you covered ;)

    Reply by Ratsouk

    Thank you for such warm words.)

  3. db4dub
    db4dub on Mon 20th Apr 2020 - 4 years ago

    Very nice, I assume that it is connected to the acapella spring rain is falling, ill use both to make a remix soon

    Reply by Ratsouk

    Ok waiting.).

  4. faximon
    faximon on Fri 30th Nov 2018 - 5 years ago


  5. Schawek
    Schawek on Tue 12th May 2015 - 8 years ago

    Loving it.

    Reply by Ratsouk


  6. SolidSkull
    SolidSkull on Thu 7th May 2015 - 8 years ago

    ! .

    Reply by Ratsouk

    ! ))) !

  7. Yellowjacket302
    Yellowjacket302 on Fri 27th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago


  8. DataHunter
    DataHunter on Thu 19th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago

    Very beautiful song!

    Reply by Ratsouk

    Thank you!)))

  9. Paperpiano
    Paperpiano on Sun 1st Feb 2015 - 9 years ago

    this is so cool

    Reply by Ratsouk

    Thank you!

    YFCBPEDT on Tue 27th Jan 2015 - 9 years ago


    Reply by Ratsouk


  11. tekreck
    tekreck on Tue 9th Dec 2014 - 9 years ago


    Reply by Ratsouk


  12. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Sun 7th Dec 2014 - 9 years ago

    hi. it is really hard to find classical music of such a good quality on this site and I am really happy to discover your work. It is excellent! Your composition definitely reminded me of Shostakovich's music - I played one piano piece from the 24 preludes and fugues and am familiar with the style, his 5th Symphony is my favourite. I am clasically trained musician and I can really appreciate this song. It is very nicely written and performed! Congratulations, Alex

    Reply by Ratsouk

    Thank you very much! Shostacovich is considered to be a very complicated composer - it isn't easy to play his works. And I like Prokofiev very much. But not all his works.

  13. deciBel
    deciBel on Sat 6th Dec 2014 - 9 years ago

    very good ,
    what U've sung has been so hard especially due to altration which happens at 32th second .
    & a bravo to your daughter who has underestood the concept of classical piano-forte & that's why her simple playing sounds suitable & perfect for this acapella.
    respects & regards.

    Reply by Ratsouk

    Thank you very much!

  14. Mykael
    Mykael on Fri 5th Dec 2014 - 9 years ago

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

    Love & Light,


    Reply by Ratsouk

    Thank you!

  15. ShortBusMusic
    ShortBusMusic on Fri 5th Dec 2014 - 9 years ago

    Absolutely incredible voice....no words to adequately describe your talents, so all I can do is stand and applaud.



    Reply by Ratsouk

    Thank you so much!

  16. bidalote
    bidalote on Thu 4th Dec 2014 - 9 years ago


    Reply by Ratsouk


  17. silverman
    silverman on Thu 4th Dec 2014 - 9 years ago

    Such a clean simple clear sound.
    This is another one I can hear playing far away coming in on the breeze on a dark warm night.

    Reply by Ratsouk

    Very poetical remark... Thank you. By the way - my daughter is playing.

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