1st Aug 2023 19:33 -  9 months ago
Description : The wonderful piano of the younger sister 2Sisters and my poems)

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If you have time take a listen and give Shaman77 some feedback.

2Sisters 4th Aug 2023 20:59 -  9 months ago
No, unfortunately it still doesn't work. I'll send you my email address tomorrow via the message service. Then you can send it by mail right?
Shaman77 replied 4th Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
It says there that the a cappella is still awaiting consideration, I wanted to offer you about the mail myself, but I was shy)
2Sisters 4th Aug 2023 10:34 -  9 months ago
Hi Alex, unfortunately the link doesn't work.
Shaman77 replied 4th Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
Hello Angelica. I read that the acapella was blocked because I mentioned you as the author of the music, and everything should be your own there, both the verses and the voice, it seems that I corrected everything, in the annotation I wrote that the verses are about nature)
2Sisters 3rd Aug 2023 09:44 -  9 months ago
Hello Alex
Nice! I think you inserted your voice wonderfully, very soulful, very expressive. Thanks! However, you made a small mistake in the transition at 1:04.
Nevertheless very very nice!
Based on the comments I've read here, I realize that there has been a development with the song. So thanks to everyone who gave tips here!
Sorry that I'm only getting in touch now, but things are going haywire with the 2 sisters at the moment. I'll be happy when Manuela is back next week.
I want to tell you, my dear friend, that I would be very happy if you continued to work on the piece. I can also play this improvisation new and in multiple verses. But then you would have to send me your singing as a wave? But it would take a while.
Greetings to all Angelica.
Shaman77 replied 3rd Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
Hello Angelica. I am very flattered that you liked my addition to your improvisation. For you, I posted the acapella of the song here, in turn I will give the source to my friend, a talented electronics engineer, and he will try to develop our joint song)
Best regards, Alexander
T576 3rd Aug 2023 04:23 -  9 months ago
Smooth track and vocal delivery. Nice piano work. I like. PEACE. T576 OUT.
Shaman77 replied 3rd Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
Thank you, great piano
Seelengold 2nd Aug 2023 21:24 -  9 months ago
Hello Shaman,

yes, now it sounds; and it finds together really beautifully. One listens with pleasure!

Thank you also for your - not necessarily expected by me so - friendly feedback.

Of course, this is not a political forum, but for once - you are Russian, I am German - I would like to say a few sentences about the current German-Russian situation, simply because it is very close to my heart:

It pains me! It pains me much because there has always been a close mental connection between these two countries - even with all historical contradictions - with which I also grew up (and I am not socialized in the GDR, but in West Germany !). The closeness to the USA after WW II was/is mainly political, an emotional closeness like to Russia, however, in my opinion, never developed to the USA, at least not nearly as close.

This is certainly also a major reason for significantly greater political irritation here with us than in other Western countries and it is very difficult to deal with it at all in the current overall circumstances.

I know my contribution probably seems a bit incoherent now, but the current overall situation touches me very much and I really wish from the bottom of my heart that we all get this back in order as it must be ethically and morally obligatory for rational beings.

Kind regards from Germany

Shaman77 replied 2nd Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
Hello, Seelengold the fact is that my grandfather was a Baltic German and what is happening in my country makes me feel disgusted and most of my compatriots seem crazy to me, it also hurts me to see it from the inside ((
Best wishes from Russia, Alexander Shamanaev.
dimestop 2nd Aug 2023 20:27 -  9 months ago
hi Alex, i listened early but didn't have time to comment, you have made some good changes, noticeable immediately. the vocal is quieter and more tender but the grumble the bass, or is it a synth, i think you know what i mean, just doesn't go with the vibe of the keys for me, its too rough, the keys are warm and tender. you could warm that up to sit more balanced with the keys.
i admire your work Alex, and always comment, i love your Russian vocal and think you have made massive improvements everywhere. i understand its different from your usually work. i actually like the track you've built around Angelicas keys and the lyric, but hey that's just my opinion and the only thing id change mate. you could try a brass or strings sustain or staccato in its place or run through the synth, just a thought bro, keep it the great work
Shaman77 replied 2nd Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
Thanks, I thought about this, if Angelicas likes it, I will give the source to my friend, a talented electronic musician, and he will continue the topic)
theHumps 2nd Aug 2023 04:28 -  9 months ago
Brings a new dimension to Angelica's tune, well done Alex!

I'm the king of stupid jokes, love 'em!

Shaman77 replied 2nd Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
Thank you, they are such jokes)
ClickbaitCabaret 1st Aug 2023 22:55 -  9 months ago
Great piano piece. Like at a bar. Good one.
Shaman77 replied 2nd Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
RitajustRita 1st Aug 2023 21:10 -  9 months ago
Well Shaman...i like it!!!
It could be my simple headphone but i think the volume of your voice is ok but im agree with Seelengold about the gurgling of the liquid. I would leave it away.
Shaman77 replied 2nd Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
Dear Rita, thank you, everything is fixed and the track is new)
Seelengold 1st Aug 2023 20:39 -  9 months ago
Oh no, not really...

I really like to hear Russian, but so right friend piano and vocals here now unfortunately not. The vocals are too loud, should be much more tender.

And don't be angry with me, of course a cliché, I know, but at the gurgling of the liquid is immediately vodka in front of my eyes. And it fits even much less to these cautious sounds.

But what I basically acknowledge: how fast you were with the editing. I wouldn't have been able to do that in such a short time.

Try to get more sensitive vocals. I trust you to do that!

Kind regards

Shaman77 replied 2nd Aug 2023 - 9 months ago
Thank you, Maestro Seelengold, I listened to your advice, they are all on the case and re-recorded and replaced the track file. Only it wasn't the bubbling of liquid or vodka, but the plug-in Sylenth1 01
Sincerely, Shamanaev Alexander

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